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Post-Ever After Part IV

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Apple and Raven rushed to Dr. Good King's office, only to find his door closed. "What the hell?" Raven said. "He never closes his door unless he is in session or out of the office, and he hardly ever closes it when he leaves."
    Just then, the door opened, and Ashlynn bumped into Raven. "Sorry about this morning." Ashlynn said softly as she continued walking.
    The doctor walked to the doorway. "I think I know why you two are here," he started. "She confessed she had gone off her meds feeling that she did not need them, only to snap in a fight. Apple, I need to talk to Raven alone for a minute."
    "Sure thing, Grandfather." Apple turned to Raven. "See you back at my place."
    "Yeah. See you at your place." Raven returned. Raven stepped into her father's office as the door closed behind her. "Dad, what did you want to talk about?" Raven asked, standing.
    "Lay on the couch," Dr. Good King said as he took his place behind the headrest.
    Raven lay down on the couch. "Dad, I am fine. You do not need to do this."
    "Actually, I do." The doctor returned as he grabbed his sketchpad. "Ashlynn said that after the fog cleared, she remembered you drew Blood Fang. I was not aware you could wield a zweihander, much less control Blood Fang. I find this disturbing."
    "Dad, I can wield a zweihander and control Blood Fang, but opt to not do so for safety reasons. A zweihander cuts my speed to much to defend effectively, and Blood Fang should be obvious." Raven answered.
    "I can understand your hesitance to use Blood Fang, yet you did." Her father stated.
    "I had no choice. Ashlynn was crazed beyond belief. I had to use Blood Fang, otherwise Hunter would not have forfeited the match." Raven was beginning to lose her hold on her sanity. Her father handed her a low dose of a mild tranquilizer.
    "Are you taking your meds?" Dr. Good King asked.
    "I do not need them all the time, Dad." Raven said.
    "Normally, but I was reading your mind." Her father said.
    "YOU WHAT!?" Raven shrieked as she rose from the couch and turned to face her father.
    "I am sorry, Raven, but a full psychiatric exam is required after using Blood Fang to ensure that the taint does not infect the wielder." He explained. "I did happen to notice that some of your schizophrenia symptoms were not properly locked down."
    "They were not bothering me." Raven said as she lay back down on the couch.
    "You damn near took my head off!" Dr. Good King exclaimed.
    "Yeah, for damn good reason: you violated my privacy without my permission!" Raven countered. "I am out of here. I will do you a favor and run by the apartment to take a Klonapin, but I have a friend to check on." With that, Raven was gone.
    "You had damn well better take an anti-psychotic!" Her father called after her.
    When Raven returned to the apartment, Dexter was home in between classes. She grabbed him and dragged him into their bathroom. Raven proceeded to strip her dress off. Dexter knew what was coming next and stripped as well. Raven stood over the dead center of the toilet as Dexter came over, wrapped his arms around her, and shoved his boner deep into Raven's snatch. Dexter nestled into his fiancée's cleavage, breathing in her beautiful scent. Dexter continued to inhale Raven's essence as he thrusted into her vagina. Raven caressed her future husband's head as tears streamed down her face. Raven knew her father's assessment was true, but she was trying to ignore it. Raven pulled Dexter's face from between her tits and raised his head. She leaned down and kissed him. Their tongues turned their mouths into a miniature washing machine. Raven felt Dexter tense up as he neared climax. Raven pulled her fiancée's hips closer, forcing his cock to breach her uterine plain. Dexter forcefully shot his load deep into Raven's uterus, bouncing off her uterine wall. Raven thought she could feel some of it splash into her fallopian tubes. "Why did you let me do that?" Dexter asked in surprise.
    "Break me." Raven said in answer to her future husband's question.
    Dexter dressed Raven, then himself. The pair left their apartment and slunk through the campus to the shed that was Raven's dungeon. Raven unlocked the door and let Dexter in, watching for followers. Raven followed Dexter inside the dark room and led him down the stairs. Dexter slapped at the light switch as he crossed the inner threshold into Raven's playground. Raven and Dexter walked to the rack. Dexter stretched Raven farther than her body allowed. Dexter hopped up on top of Raven and proceeded to stomp on her limbs, carefully avoiding her pelvis and upper ribs.
    About the same time they entered, Dr. Good King received a worried phone call from his wife. He rushed over to the apartment to find Evil Queen placing frantic calls to everyone she thought Raven would have confided in. The Evil Queen's calls bore no fruit. Raven and Dexter were no where to be found.
    The doctor snapped his fingers in enlightenment. "The dungeon!" He shouted in frantic triumph. "Follow me, and hurry!" They rushed out of Raven and Dexter's apartment, raced through the school grounds, and Dr. Good King kicked open the door to a ratty looking shed. The staircase was dimly lit, but the light meant that Dr. Good King had guessed correctly. He jumped off the top stair and flew down to the body, landing on one knee. He ran over the inner threshold to the rack to see Dexter landing on the floor. Dr. Good King shoved Dexter aside, and he fell to the floor. Dr. Good King began checking Raven for any internal bleeding, while the Evil Queen prepared to lock Dexter in the Iron Maiden.
    "How is she?" The Evil Queen asked, the fear in her voice palpable.
    "Thankfully nothing too serious. We were lucky." The doctor replied.
    "No, we were not lucky." Dexter said. "It all was planned. I was asked to break her, so I broke her. I only broke what I deemed necessary: a few of her lower ribs broken away from her internal organs, all four limbs, both feet completely, both hands completely, her tailbone, and the first two vertebrae starting at the top of her tailbone."
    The doctor turned away from immobilizing the breaks to face Dexter. "In the past you broke her pelvis in such a way that it elongated as it healed."
    "Such a break was difficult to set up, and after an incident in that bathroom, I decided the risks of setting up such a break outweighed the advantages." Dexter answered.
    "What "incident"?" The Evil Queen asked, voice naked, cold steel.
    Dexter knew his future mother-in-law's tone meant she would brook no nonsense, so he decided it best to just tell the truth rather than try to skirt the issue. "We were making love, and she let me, you know, deeper than normal."
    "I do not know what "you know" is." The Evil Queen said, her eyes narrowing and voice still the same.
    Dr. Good King mopped his face in frustration. "I do." He turned back to Dexter, "are you prepared to face the consequences of your actions should they arise?"
    "Wild Boy, I determined and weighed the risks and decided if they were worth it when I asked Raven to marry me. I will face the consequences of my decision should they arise."
    "It is Good King, and I accept your pledge to stand beside Raven should the consequences of your actions arise. I do understand; however, that you were in no position to resist either. I imagine that Raven's schizophrenia symptoms were pushing ten."
    "I had originally evaluated her symptom level at 8.5-95." Dexter explained. "After forcing me to, you know, I reevaluated her symptoms at 10+ there was no way I could resist. At anything over 9.5 but less than 10, she at least will listen to me when I tell her to take one of her emergency lithium carbonate, but I cannot control her actions and make her take one. I am just thankful that Raven's symptoms had not broken 15. With her personalities running amok, only Daring and Sparrow together have the sheer physical strength to stop her."
    "No, I can do it." The Evil Queen said, her voice colder and sharper still. Dexter shivered uncontrollably as his breath steamed in the chill air.
    The doctor stopped his work again. "Dexter, her symptoms are over 30. Raven's personalities are so out of control that the lithium would barely put a dent her symptoms. I will have to keep her sedated until I can get to the infirmary and dope her up on IV anti-psychotics." Dr. Good King gently lifted his daughter and carried her up the stairs. The Evil Queen slung Dexter over her shoulder and followed Dr. Good King out, hitting the lights on her way out the inner threshold and up the stairs.
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