1. A

    Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer

    requesting a hair of this cutie <3 Please and thanks
  2. ds14048

    Mr Meeseeks 1.0

    Mr Meeseeks Mr Meeseeks male replacer For Mr Meeseeks without breasts, set breasts to minimum 0. Mr Meeseeks is breast slider adjustable. Mr Meeseeks can be color changed, under custom, tint, His Skin. More Previews With chrome I have to right click on "More Previews" and select open link in...
  3. P

    Link (TLoZ BotW) Static Hair 2019-01-13

  4. P

    Jobix Static Hair 1.0

    Jobix belongs to Obix Character code: charName:SD...
  5. Perdition

    Male+Female Tattoo 1+1

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a the male and female symbols linked together. Uses the armwear slot and secondary RGB slider.
  6. Xenosphere

    Male Inkling hair 2 - Pink 2018-09-02

    Both this and the old blue male inkling hair will be replaced with Zip files containing multiple of the same hair with different colours.
  7. P

    Alexis Roth Static Hair 2018-06-30

    Preview: Preview with no hairband and hairclip: No hairband and hairclip version: charName:SD...
  8. ds14048

    Morty Smith 1.1

    Morty Smith from Rick and Morty Male Replacer More pics can be found here Loader Imports ds14048
  9. ds14048

    Morty Smith 1.0

    My static hair for Morty Smith from Rick and Morty.
  10. ds14048

    Rick Sanchez 1.1

    This is my Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty some more pics can be found here Loader Imports ds14048
  11. P

    Astolfo (Fate/Grand Order) Static Hair 2018-03-03

    Character Code...
  12. L

    Predator/Yautja Request

    What i want is a Yautja (from the Predator franchise) for the male. And the "armor" they use for females.
  13. Xenosphere

    Male Inkling Hair - Blue 2018-02-04

    Doing Requests.
  14. Hank East

    added arm and leg cuffs to the guy.

    So I don't know how long ago I saw this, but I remember there being a mod that added arm and leg cuffs to the guy similar to the default ones you can put on the girl, however I can't seem to find it anywhere after searching for it. I saddly don't have any screenshots of the mod. If anyone has...
  15. doomguyalt

    Link (The legend of Zelda) Hair and clothes for her

    Hello I wanted to make some her requests regarding TLoZ Link, hopefully someone is willing to make them a reality. -OoT Adult Link outfit (multiple pieces if possible) (Tunic, gloves and boots, maybe hat)
  16. yiggityyo

    "him" replacer for canine and horse penises

    i found horse and canine dick replacers but no furry or animal replacers for him, i think this is a lil weird.. just having a perfectly normal him with a dog penis. if anybody had the time to make a replacer that is a dog/horse that would be appreciated. anybody else interested in this?
  17. stuntcock

    Him Sizer 0.1

    This mod adds a slider to the top of the "Him" pane, within the "Scene" tab of the in-game menu. It also adds a "himScale:###" parameter to any charcodes generated by the game. This mod requires the SDT Loader. It cannot be used with the vanilla game. Known Issues: size updates will not...
  18. P

    Adrien Agreste Static Hair 2.0

    Version 1 Version 2 Chat Noir Static Hair...
  19. P

    Gladion (Pokemon Sun and Moon) Static Hair 2017-10-25

    Gladion Hair (Without earrings) charName:SD...
  20. P

    Valvatorez Static Hair 2017-10-10

    Valvatorez's hair from Disgaea 4. I used the Little Fangs mod by dantethedarkprince in the preview, but Fangs also work too. Happy Halloween! charName:SD...
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