Need help with broken skin texture In a tera mod


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OK so, as the title says, i have this mod that's supposed to replace Castanic Female's black Cocktail Dress with a new costume that is only in ktera as of right now (the new wedding dresses) But, for some reason, the skin on the body is completely different from my castanic's face skin tone. So, I've done many things to try and fix this issue by using as many guides as i could find on google. I tried using UThelper to replace the Castanic_F_BaseBody_NonTattoo_diff in the Event_BaseBody.gpk file with another basebody i found in Naduron's guide's and tip's thinking that maybe my basebody was broken or corrupted or something but that didn't work, so i thought that maybe i just had to recolor the diff itself so i installed gimp and tried to recolor the diff file. Sadly, Finding my Castanic's actual skin tone and replicating it in gimp was way more work than i thought it would be... I tried for about an hour and a half using many gimp guides..until i eventually gave up. i am, wondering if anyone can just throw me a bone and explain to me what the hell i'm doing wrong.

P.S: I've attatched a screenshot and the actual mod files in a zip folder. Also, this mod was from Alqmia Tera Mods. I think you're supposed to give credit to the mod creator if you post his/her files onto another site so, there it is.


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Alright, i messed with mod a bit and found out that this problem doesn't just happen with the black cocktail dress. This issue will happen with any alternate color costume. So, to put it succinctly, Replacing a costume that is an "alternate color" version of the normal costume will bring about the broken skin tone. Here's an example. The correct skin tone is shown if i were to put on the white cock tail dress but if i put on the black cock tail dress, there is a skin tone mismatch between the head and body. So, what i have to do is somehow add in the alternate color diff, spec and norm into the modded gpk (I think, not entirely sure if this is the right way to do it). This might be a tricky task to figure out considering the fact that whenever i add or remove something via hex editor, the gpk straight up crashes the game.

P.S: I guess i can just rename PC_Event_diff/norm/spec into PC_Event_Black_ diff/norm/spec but, that would just crash the game too...
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After some more searching on google and messing with the gpks, I've finally realized that i may not be able to actually fix this issues. Apparently, the wedding costume itself didn't have an alternate color when it first came out which is why the skin that's supposed to be linked to the alternate color of the cocktail dress didn't exist in the gpk itself. The only way to remedy this is to add objects into the gpk which isn't possible since all gpks have a set size that shouldn't be changed. If the size of the gpk after editing is off by even a small MB, it'll crash the game entirely. So, I guess i have to just give up on trying unless there's a way edit a gpk without having to sacrifice anything else just to keep the size.

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