1. Zhu Li (Bride) Avatar Legend of Korra Static Hair

    Zhu Li (Bride) Avatar Legend of Korra Static Hair 2014

    Zhu Li (Bride) Avatar Legend of Korra Static Hair by DeadReaver
  2. Wedding Dress + Wedding Veil

    Wedding Dress + Wedding Veil 2015

    Short Wedding Dress (with breasts slider support) and Wedding Veil by KIR
  3. Lesbian bride tricked with real cock

    Lesbian bride tricked with real cock 1.0

    A lesbian bride goes on a game show to win the dream wedding for her and her fiance.
  4. Wedding Tux

    Wedding Tux 1.0

    A formal tuxedo jacket for the male character. Does not include shirt or pants.
  5. K

    Need help with broken skin texture In a tera mod

    OK so, as the title says, i have this mod that's supposed to replace Castanic Female's black Cocktail Dress with a new costume that is only in ktera as of right now (the new wedding dresses) But, for some reason, the skin on the body is completely different from my castanic's face skin tone. So...
  6. Wedding Dress - Top Down

    Wedding Dress - Top Down 1.0

    Wedding dress with the top down for Her
  7. Wedding Dress

    Wedding Dress 1.0

    Wedding dress for Her
  8. White veil

    White veil 2017-01-28

    A sheer white veil, suitable attire for a bride's wedding day
  9. White veil with hair

    White veil with hair 2017-01-28

    A white veil worn over brunette hair
  10. White birdcage veil

    White birdcage veil 2017-01-28

    A veil for the upper part of the face, sometimes called "birdcage"
  11. Ring (no tux)

    Ring (no tux) 2016-06-29

    Ring without the tuxedo for him
  12. Tux (no ring)

    Tux (no ring) 2016-06-29

    Wedding tuxedo without the ring

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