1. H

    Issue with Thicker Thighs skin hue

    Hello, this is my first time posting so apologies if i am formatting wrong. I am using the sby loader pack and am trying to use the thicker thighs mod. I am loading it through the moreclothing mod, and there is an issue with the color of the thighs. I load a character folder into the game, and...
  2. N

    Thicker Thighs compatibility for Pleated Micro Skirt

    Hello people, I was hoping that someone could mod this as well as this Pleated Micro Skirt from BrokenToaster to make it compatible with wonderful Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly's Thicker Thighs mod. Would be awesome if high waist version of these skirts can also be made. Thanks a lot!
  3. Vanilla Pantyhose Pattern - Bands

    Vanilla Pantyhose Pattern - Bands 1.0

    Made for use with the "Feet4Heels" / "Thicker Thighs" body mods
  4. Vanilla Pantyhose for Thicker Thighs

    Vanilla Pantyhose for Thicker Thighs 1.1

    Made for use with the "Feet4Heels" and "ThickerThighs" body mods
  5. Thicker Thighs

    Thicker Thighs 1.2

    [Skin Adjustable] I'll have a number 7 with extra booty, please.
  6. S

    is it at all possible to make a mod for thicker ass and legs but make them even thicker

    i like the thicker ass and legs mod but it would be cool for them to be even thicker than they are.
  7. Resource icon

    FLA files by PAT for Skinny, Thick, Eye, Squat, Fishnet Mods 2013

    FLA files by PAT for Skinny, Thick, Eye, Squat, Fishnet Mods
  8. Thicker-Ass Squat w/ Fishnets [LDR]

    Thicker-Ass Squat w/ Fishnets [LDR] 2013

    Thicker-Ass Squat w/ Fishnets [LDR] by PAT
  9. Chubby Body Mod v1 (Old)

    Chubby Body Mod v1 (Old) 2012

    Chubby Body Mod v1 (Old) by Rufferto
  10. Thicker Jeans

    Thicker Jeans 2013

    Thicker Jeans by Pat
  11. Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Clothing Template

    Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Clothing Template 2013

    Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Clothing Template by Pat
  12. Thicker Ass 'n Legs

    Thicker Ass 'n Legs 2013

    Thicker Ass 'n Legs by Pat
  13. Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Garter Belt

    Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Garter Belt 2013

    Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Garter Belt by Pat
  14. Thicker-Legs Fishnet v.II

    Thicker-Legs Fishnet v.II 2013

    Thicker-Legs Fishnet v.II by Pat
  15. Thicker-Legs Fishnet v.I

    Thicker-Legs Fishnet v.I 2013

    Thicker-Legs Fishnet v.I by Pat
  16. Patrice

    Pat's Imports 9/22: vanilla squat mod canceled

    Thicker Jeans (9/2/13) Thicker-Legs Fishnet II (9/1/13) Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Garter Belt (8/24/13) Arm Tattoo (8/18/13) Thicker-Ass 'n Legs (8/3/13) Template for Clothes to Thicker-Ass 'n Legs (8/3/13) Thicker-Legs Fishnet I (7/27/13) Skinny-Legs Fishnet (7/27/13)...
  17. Patrice

    Pat's loader imports (7/27 - Skinny-Legs Fishnet (four of a kind)

    Important Note: (rev. 7/20/13) Changed-Iris Target Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Size 1 Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Size 2 Thicker-Legs Fishnet *Update: all four skin tones for SDT vanilla Skinny-Legs Fishnet *Update: four-of-a-kind fishnets for SDT vanilla Thicker-Ass Squat Skinny-Legs Squat...

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