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Looking for Resources for large project! Help me on collecting anime characters and clothes please!


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Nov 2, 2017

In order to fullfill requests to include your favourite anime-characters in my large project:
Super18 Dialogue Project
I've been singling out a few anime's that I will be using to some extent.
For me, programming mods, coding dialogue and writing the whole thing is A LOT of work!
So I'm posting a request for anyone out there willing to help gathering these resources!
For helping out I will be sure to notice you of it's releasedate, and I will grant you the opportunity to
play "beta" version, with intended testing purposes in mind offcourse.

Anyone who is familiar with any of these series knows what I am talking about, and so it is suggested you only look for the things you're familiar with first!

You can look through the downloads on the forums, or look through the long list of mods on the resource manager. That's all up to you! But If you find anything, please post the links in this thread.
I will open an extra post below this one to summarize all your findings, so others can use these resources as well! So basicly you're organizing a bit of the forums content at the same time :)

If you have any suggestions on Anime's I should really look into for my project, then you can leave that suggestion here in the thread as well, but if you do so... please provide some threads of related SDT content if you were able to find it, or else I might not consider it worth my time to look into the series and write interesting dialogue for it.
So if you really want to see your favourite anume included, help me out as much as you can by collecting all the resources available for it. If you then decide you're really missing out on one or two particular things you couldn't find that really belong with the series, you can describe them, or leave links to pictures outside the forum. Perhaps I will decide to request an artist to draw them..

The Animes I'm currently looking for;
- Dragonball
- Pokemon
- Sailor Moon
- Prison School
- One Piece
- Naruto

Obviously I will pick anime's with the girls in mind. But I will take "freaky" and "special" things/exceptions into consideration. Just explain your reason why you want an anime picked for this project, and remember to post some links to already existing content on this forum! (Or AT LEAST provide copy-pastable reference images that aritsts can use for cut-outs,, you might wnat to dig around using google/deviantart etc. for those!)

Thanks for helping out if you do! And you will be credited for your ideas if they make it into the game!

Good Hunting!


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Nov 2, 2017
Edit: if you need character specific dialog for girls from naruto (mainly sakura or hinata) i may be able to help with that too

Actually, I'd like that, because although Naruto is pretty popular. I'm not really a viewer... Still stuck hallfway on One Piece... and more
of a Dragonball fan (obvious). So yeah, even if you could just point me to tsome of the more specific details on character relations that are most interesting, by perhaps referring to specific episodes, I could already consider that of great help! But just try to stick with the most fascinating stuff. (Believe there was ninjitsu that turned a guy into a girl for instance) That ckind of unique stuff that really trademarks the series is what I'll probably consider using!

IF you are still thing about writing the dialogue, Consider I'd probably have to do it all over myself anyway, but you're welcome to do so.
I'm basicly going to implement a lot of (new) game-mechanics to this project, so you wouldn't know what to do with that..
And I wouldn't know how to explain you in the first place :P

But be my guest! I'll read it... that I will promise, because I need inspiration on this topic!
I liked the ninjitsu theme.. so I put that on the list... bit your allways open to suggest me any other ninjitsu stuff that's more interesting.
(Immediatly Taimaninn Asagi pops to mind... Very great artists... consider me a fan)

Thanks for adding some resources btw :)


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Nov 7, 2017
im not sure how to PM, so you should hit me with one of those if youre interested in this :
ive compiled some info about naruto characters (specifically the ones i linked mods for a few days ago). basically ive made a summary of the kinds of encounters which sakura , hinata, and ino would be okay with, their personal limits of deepthroating, and my thoughts on possible secret fetishes they may have( all of which remains realistic when it comes to the show and their personalities) and lil bits of info that are unique to the show like "sexy jutsu"
also i can delete this message if its in a bad place, though this would maybe be the most relevant place for it?
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