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Nov 14, 2023
Hello! I am posting this here to link my current Muse Dash Nude Mod which is currently hosted on LL (LoversLab).

LoversLab Page:

I have only contributed, partially, to a single piece of artwork. I am not an artist and I will never claim to be. All I have done is compiled the resources, updated them, and maintained them. All resources used should already be correctly credited and linked (if applicable) to their respective creators. If you find one that is not, please let me know and I will remedy it.

I am linking this here for now, but if there is enough interest in the mod, or there are those who wish to not use LL, but like this mod, I will recreate the page here, and update it regularly, as well. I am always happy to take more submissions for this project! I will help with what I can on the technical side of things, but again, this project would have never happened if it weren't for the amazing contributors (listed on LL page) that have submitted their artwork.

Finally, I am preemptively adding this page for the content LL will not allow. Anyone familiar with the site is aware they are inconsistent with their enforcement of loli content, and I understand that they are simply covering their own ass. Many of the characters would reasonably be considered loli in this game, and my ultimate goal is to have at least one nude texture for each character for the main, play, success, and fail screens. This mod will always stay available on LL, but I may host additional content here if LL does not want it hosted there. At request, I can also supply downloads for the mod with certain charaters removed for people residing in countries where stricter laws exist on loli content.

Modding is a short-time hobby for me, so there may be times where it takes me a week or two to get back to requests, so please be patient.

Thank you!

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