kanna from maid dragon



could some one make a hair / body for kanna from miss kobayashi maid dragon
and reasons to do it is kanna eats anything so i know she would love the taste of cock and cum

heres some soure




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Jun 5, 2012
could some one make a hair / body for kanna from miss kobayashi maid dragon
Please take a look at the Request Rules. It's a good idea to specify the type of hair mod that you're looking for, so that someone doesn't waste time by creating the wrong type. It's a good idea in general to list your requirements and expectations, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

As for body mods: you'll need to be more specific. If you want a tail then that should be do-able (we would need proper reference images, though). If you want horns then just write out your request properly (so that a modder knows whether or not they should include horns in the hair mod). If you're expecting changes in facial features (larger eyes, smaller mouth, etc) then that would be quite difficult; most of the face-related behavior is hardcoded and brittle. Smaller ears are available as an option in the vanilla SDT game; no modding is needed there.

If you want a smaller body then there are technical challenges; the SDT anatomy and animation system isn't designed for child-sized bodies. There are a few mods available (example) which alter the character's proportions, but please remember that these mods may not work properly with custom sexual positions (or may not work at all, in the case of the older loli mods which haven't been updated in years).

heres some soure
I would encourage you to find better reference images. These shots show good side views, but the images are very small and some details (such as the color gradients in the hair) aren't apparent. Try to find high-resolution images (or take screen-captures while watching the show in HD) and use those instead. Please remember to rehost your images instead of hotlinking or attaching them. And please don't bother cropping them; it's a waste of time.

If you have a JPEG image, cropping it and then resaving in PNG format does not improve its quality. The quality is lost as soon as the image has been saved in JPEG format.

Finally: please remember that some Undertow members are not comfortable dealing with underaged characters. You're welcome to approach artists and ask them to consider your request, but please be tactful about it and respect their wishes if they say "no."
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