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Sep 10, 2015
Disclaimer for friends exploring after the merger: This thread was migrated from the Ryonani branch. Now I love ya, game modders and... er, super deep throat-ers, but please be aware of what you're going into.

Hey everybody!

A while back I saw a story I thought was really good here, but upon further examination found out was written several years ago and was never continued. So here I am. To write at least one more story along those lines, and maybe others down the line if the fancy strikes me. Whoo.

Warning: Not "light" ryona. Heavy, kinky ryona.

Chapter 1: Bladed Cage (You Are Here)
Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles
Chapter 3: I'm Your Boogeyman
Chapter 4: Making A Splash!
Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta
Chapter 6: Suffering Sappho!
Chapter 7: Evil By Moonlight
Chapter 8: Another M
Chapter 9: Roy G. Biv Sends His Regards
Chapter 10: Rocks Fall
Chapter 11: Written By The Winners

Chapter 1: Bladed Cage

She did not understand why she was here. She knew why, but didn't understand why.

As Juri Han slunk through corridors, her mind couldn't help but wander. Was it a game? A tournament? Were there "winners"? Or was it more of a meat grinder; a blood sport where the participants bleed and die for untouchable onlookers?

She knew that they were being watched by someone. There were all sorts of hints for anybody paying enough attention; glints from lenses of survelliance cameras in dark corners, passageways that opened and sealed shut at just the right moments, and the toys... by god, the toys. Whoever had sprung for this place must have been loaded. Nothing ever stayed the same from "arena" to "arena". So far she had traveled through a forest, an office building, the edge of a volcano... some tech-y stuff which she thought was supposed to look like the inside of a spaceship or something... and the only recurring theme were these drab basic corridors used to lead the winner to the next zone.
Was there a winner? Was anyone truly making it out of here? Juri was no idiot; she had been paying attention to the "competition" she had carved through, and the only consistency she could spot was that some sick bastard out there would probably pay good money to watch them die. Including herself. But that's the thing-

Hold that thought. Juri had finally made her way out of the passageway and into the light of a new area. It... looked like something had already ruined the place. Fine specks of ash danced through the air and covered the ground in a light layer of grime. There may have been a castle or shrine here some time ago, judging by the elaborate pedestals and stone carvings of dragons, but only fragments of any former glory remained. But down a hill, in a small, flat clearing, Juri finally spotted what she was looking for: A woman. Waiting. For her.

Juri did not know how she got here. She did not understand most of what was happening. She did not even know if there was a way to "win" in all of this madness. But that's the thing:

As long as she was here, Juri Han was the true winner.

All of these tender morsels delivered straight to her. One after the other in a neverending stream. For all she cared it could go on forever.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Juri Han descended upon her next plaything.


Juri Han couldn't help but appreciate the location her target chose for this confrontation; sporting a decent amount of stone floor tiling left intact and a few stone pillars flanking the sides, it could almost pass as an actual arena. But what undoubtedly excited Juri the most of all was the woman herself.
This one was definitely going to be interesting. She was dressed in bordering-on-ceremonial military fatigues, complete with a dog-tag necklace. What obviously was not ceremonial, though, were the strange mechanical gauntlets covering the backs of her hands and most of her forearms. Although the woman was facing her, Juri could spot the edges of a long, braided ponytail behind her as she shifted her weight in preparation for a confrontation. Her icy blue eyes, lined with the starting hints of crow's feet, narrowed in concentration as she also looked her opponent over.

"Well well well...", Juri began, "It looks like this one has a bit of experience under her belt. It'll be a nice change of pace to crack open an old bird."

Juri's opponent let out an exasperated sigh before replying.

"Great, another one of these types. I really needed another one in my life. But I guess it doesn't matter too much..."

The woman brought up her hands and balled them into fists, assuming a combat-ready stance.

"You won't be around for long. The name's Sonya Blade, General of the Earthrealm Special Forces. And you're a speedbump."

Juri started off with a charge to close the remaining distance between them, while Sonya stood her ground. Juri leaped into the air on the final step and started a foward flip, intending to bring the heel of her foot down onto Sonya's skull. The general saw this coming, however, and had a trick of her own to answer with. Before the blow could land Sonya had pulled a metal cord from one of her gauntlets -- usually utilized as a garrote -- and tangeled Juri's leg with it as it descended. She then used the momentum of Juri's jump against her to slam her onto the ground behind Sonya.

Recovering quickly, Juri pushed off the floor with her hands back into a standing position and began to circle the officer. This crone is tougher than I expected, Juri thought to herself. Good. I like it rough.

Trying a different tactic, Juri harnessed a fragment of the power of her Feng Shui engine to "kick" a burst of purple fire at her target. Sonya managed to step out of the way of the blast, however, and replied with two shots of purple plasma from her gauntlets. Juri quickly realized that this was going to go nowhere fast; although she was easily nimble enough to dance through all of Sonya's blasts, her own energy was lacking in both the range and speed to blindside this opponent. Clearly, a mix-up was in order.

During the next volley of energy blasts, Juri flipped over them and once more closed in on Sonya. The officer, seeing Juri approach, drew out her garrote wire again and prepared to catch the fist that Juri was drawing back.

A fist which never came, as it was only a feint to cover her leg sweep.

Caught by surprise and unprepared, Sonya's garrote withdrew back into her gauntlet as she was swept onto her back. And, sufficiently jostled, she had no time to avoid the following foot which stomped onto her stomach and left her gasping for air.

"I have to give it to ya, Granny..." Juri chided, leaning over Sonya to pull off and toss away her cap. "...You gave me a bit of trouble for a little while there. Pity that you just couldn't keep up."

"You're the one lagging, freakshow.", jeered a voice behind Juri, accompanied by the feeling of a barrel on the back of her head

In any normal fight, this would be the end. But of all the things Juri could be called, "normal" was not one of them.

Even with the aid of the Feng Shui engine, though, it was a close call. As Juri moved her head to the side she was slightly singed by the gunpowder explosion and her cheekbone recieved a shallow cut from the passing bullet. After that moment, though, Juri was off and dancing about the entire arena.

"Damn it, Cassie..." Sonya wheezed, "Don't warn them before you shoot. This isn't one of your father's movies."

"You're welcome for the save, Ma." Cassie replied, as she stepped over Sonya and shot off a few more rounds at their opponent.

Juri was bleeding, temporarily deaf in one ear, and worst of all furious. She couldn't believe that she had been blindsided by such a basic trick. That dusty hag chose this location because of all the columns her little brat could hide behind until the best moment to strike. It took all of her willpower to not rush the mouthy catsuited twerp right away, handguns be damned.

It seemed like ages before until she ran dry, at which point Juri leapt in before she could reload. To the kid's credit, though, she didn't even try; quickly holstering the pistols and drawing a baton instead.

Cassie was actually not too bad all things considered, but she was still not quite up to snuff with what the Feng Shui Engine could muster. Cassie swept her baton low in an attempt to take one of Juri's knees out of commission, but only scored a glancing blow as Juri grabbed her arm and cartwheeled over it. Still holding the arm, she used her momentum to swing back under and smack the top of one of her feet against Cassie's face before pulling the brat down to her knees with the full force of her body.

Rolling aside and standing back up, Juri stood in front of the dazed Cassie as her mind tried to parse what just happened. After a moment she shakily reached up and removed the battered frames of her now shattered aviators from her face.

"Those were fifty dollar glasses." Cassie mumbled.

"I'd worry more about the plastic surgery." Juri replied, right before grabbing Cassie by the back of her head and slamming her knee into the brat's nose with a satisfying crunch.

Juri would have been just fine with keeping that up all day, but she was suddenly pulled away by a cord around her neck. Turned out that Sonya had finally gotten her literal second wind back, and was more than ready to put her garrote to good use.

Juri had little time to lose here. All the power she had would do nothing to help brain starvation, and Sonya had made herself damn near impossible to remove in time by wrapping her legs around Juri's torso. Thinking fast, Juri decided that if Sonya wanted to commit so hard to this tactic she might as well pay for it.

Drawing as much power from her Feng Shui engine as she could, Juri leapt backwards into one of the surrounding stone columns. Juri was pleased by how the column shook and the grunt of pain from her attacker, but the garrote's stranglehold still held fast. Juri drew forward and slammed her back into the column over and over; her augmented strength creating a widening crater in the stone and doing god knows how much damage to Sonya's insides. Gradually Sonya's grip began to loosen, and when Juri finally got enough leeway she untangled the garrote from around her neck and let out one more superhuman kick back into the torso of Sonya Blade.

As Juri caught her breath back, she could hear Sonya slide down into a sitting position behind her. Interested in the damage Juri reached down, grabbed Sonya's feet, and pulled her through her legs so that the general was now lying flat in front of her.

If Juri hadn't already killed most of the S.I.N. scientists by now, she probably would have thanked them. After all, who else could do this without power tools? Or a truck? Sonya was still alive, but it was clearly a matter of time until the inevitable. The lower half of her torso was a mess; dripping with blood and fragments of lower ribs which simply couldn't take the stress. Her upper torso was not as bad -- in the sense that it was still there -- but the fragments of bone which were visible lower down had obviously done a good enough job pureeing the organs hidden within. Sonya herself was astonishingly still conscious. Drooling blood, but conscious.

Juri had to cut the inspection short, however, as she was punched in the jaw and thrown aside.


Juri scrambled to her feet, and was met with two more lightning fast blows to her face before she could raise her guard.


Still reeling and unsure of what was happening, a straight kick to her stomach left her gasping.


One more blow to the jaw -- an uppercut this time -- sent her flying into the air and rolling on the ground.

Given a moment of respite, Juri finally got a grip on what the hell was happening. Sonya's ratty child had gotten back up for another go, and something major had happened since Juri had broken the twerp's nose. She was positively radiating with some sort of bizarre green energy which made her hard to look at; every one of her now absurdly fast motions leaving behind a neon afterimage.

"You're going to pay for everything you've done and more, you slutty circus clown."

Before Juri could reply, Cassie was on top of her and hoisting her up by the chest. Letting go and allowing Juri stand shakily on her own, Cassie then split her legs to drop down and deliver a bone-shattering punch to Juri's groin.

Juri was seeing stars and barely hanging on to consciousness at this point, but knew that her life depended on acting fast and decisively right now. Through her haze of pain, she watched as Cassie unsheathed her pistols and...

...held them by the barrels?

As Cassie drew her arms back and apart, Juri figured it out: Always the flashy type, this idiot was going to beat her with the gun handles. Elaborate. Crowd-pleasing. Impractical. Slow.

Cassie was still too fast to outpace, but speed meant nothing if you already knew where they're going. As the showoff brought her arms together, meaning to crack Juri's skull with her pistols, Juri already had her hands up to catch Cassie's forearms. And with the brief moment that she had Cassie blindsided Juri hopped onto the child's shoulders and pushed back on them until two heavy pops echoed across the arena.

Juri stumbled backwards as Cassie sat there; gaping dumbfoundedly as her green glow faded, her now-useless arms fell to her sides, and her pistols skittered across the ground.

Then the shock wore off.

That's when the screams began.

Although Juri could have listened to the shrieks for days, there was still unfinished business to take care of. With a sharp kick to the chest, Juri knocked Cassie flat on her back.

"Now don't you worry, kitten..." Juri purred.

"...I'm not the type of girl to leave you..." she continued, firmly wrapping an arm around each of Cassie's thighs

"...Without a..."

Juri placed one foot on Cassie's crotch, bent at the knee.


With a sudden jerk, Juri pulled back and straightened her knee, causing another set of pops to ring out alongside the now redoubled screams.


Satisfied with her work, and sure that the kid was absolutely helpless at this point, Juri sauntered back to the top half of Cassie and grabbed her by the back of her catsuit's collar.

"Now don't pass out on me, brat...", she continued, as she began to drag the fallen agent. "...We still have to check up on mommy."

Juri was pleasantly surprised to find Sonya Blade still alive and aware. She was wheezing, coughing up blood, and beginning to turn deathly pale, but that was still more than almost anyone else could manage in the same condition. She was a tough old bird, no doubt about it.

Juri, ever the considerate one, threw the helpless Cassie on top of the dying Sonya so they could have a final face-to-face talk.

"Mom..." Cassie sobbed, staring into her mother's eyes. "...I couldn't do it. I'm..."

"You shouldn't...", Sonya sputtered, "have warned her... about the shot..."

"Shut up, Mom!" Cassie spat, her despair now overtaken by anger. "She dodged a point-blank bullet! Who can do that?"

"You know... at least three people... who c-"

"Is this really the time for this? Really?"

"Aww..." Juri cooed, hunched over the two with one foot resting lightly on the back of Cassie's head. "This was really supposed to be a touching moment. Maybe I should help you two kiss and make up!"

With that Juri pressed down on Cassie's head, forcing her and Sonya's faces to lock in a full kiss. Juri could feel Cassie's frantic thrashing underneath her, but she was much more interested in observing Sonya's reaction. Juri watched with joyous hunger as Sonya's eyes blazed with rage and disgust, only for it all to slowly drain away as her grievous wounds finally finished their jobs. Juri got a front-row seat to witnessing Sonya Blade -- professional military woman, hardened survivor, and general of the Earthrealm Special Forces -- die tasting only blood and the panicking tongue of her own daughter.

Once Sonya was truly gone, and Juri had her fill of the spectacle, she turned her attention to Cassie. Easing up on her foot, waiting for the plentiful profanities and slurs the child must undoubtedly have ready at this point, Juri was surprised to be greeted by only sputters and a few whooping breaths.

Juri clutched Cassie by what little hair she had and lifted her up slightly for inspection, curious as to what was going on.

The revelation came to her as soon as she saw Cassie's swollen, broken nose once more. She could only breathe out of her mouth! As fun as that last bit was, Juri almost spent her other toy too soon just by blocking it up!



"Yooou... biiitch..." Cassie moaned, finally starting to come-to again. "You... beehive... haircut... biitch..."

"Now now," Juri chided, "language. What would your Mommy think?"

"She'd give me a medal, you carnie slu... what are you doing?"

Juri had begun to pull down the zipper on Sonya's jacket, completely undoing it and pushing the edges aside.

"I think baby's cranky.", Juri mused.

Juri once again raised her hand to the top of Sonya's chest; catching the top of her shirt with her fingernail, and pulling downwards to tear it the whole way.

"And what do we give cranky babies?"

All that was left was a black bra, simple and plain. With a skillful flick Juri tore through the fabric in the middle and brushed away the cups; leaving behind Sonya's bare, unmoving breasts covered in cooling sweat

"Please..." Cassie begged, the horror of what was about to happen dawning on her. "You can't. Anything but this. Anything but-"

"Drink up, baby!" Juri cheered, as she pushed Cassie's face into one of her dead mother's mounds.

Try as she might -- and boy did she try -- Cassie had no power to raise her head or prevent her mouth from being completely enveloped by Sonya's breast. And with her nose swollen shut, this completely cut off her supply of air as well. As Cassie grew weaker and weaker, she could feel Juri shift positions on top of her. The spidery bitch was now laying on top of her; it would almost be akin to cradling if her hands were not occupied with smothering her. As the spots in her vision grew larger, and she began to fade away for the last time, she was accompanied by the sensations of her mother's cold, sweaty teat on her lips and a psychopath grinding against her ass.


Juri lay there a while, long after she was sure that both of the women were dead. Feeling the heat leech away from their bodies and watching the ash begin to settle on their unblinking eyes. After a time -- a long, blissful time -- she rose to her feet again and chose a direction to walk in. She knew that eventually she would find another passage, which led to another area, which led to another morsel.

She did not understand why she was here. But she embraced it with all her heart just the same.

Hey, congrats on making it to the end of a chapter! I've noticed that these stories get a lot more readers than responses or feedback; as diligent as a couple "regulars" here are, I doubt that they have viewed this topic over three thousand times between them.

After thinking about that a bit, it came to me that some people may enjoy/cannot look away from twisted shit like mine but also do not want to go through creating an account which would be tied to said twisted shit. Hell, I was much the same way before I actually convinced myself to start writing this stuff. Just in case, here's a possible compromise for ya.

Want to send me comments, suggestions, or vitriol? Drop an email privately and anonymously at
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Nicely done Sickerton you mangae to perfictly capture Juri's evily sadistic nature.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.


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Chapter 1: Bladed Cage
Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles (You Are Here)
Chapter 3: I'm Your Boogeyman
Chapter 4: Making A Splash!
Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta
Chapter 6: Suffering Sappho!
Chapter 7: Evil By Moonlight
Chapter 8: Another M
Chapter 9: Roy G. Biv Sends His Regards
Chapter 10: Rocks Fall
Chapter 11: Written By The Winners

Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles

"YOU'RE LATE FOR CLASS!" Professor Fitzgibbon screamed to no one in particular, as Juliet brought the chainsaw down on his head.

Well, technically no. Mr. Fitzgibbon was long dead, turned by zombies. This rambling, decayed form probably wasn't even what used to be him, as Juliet had already fought and triumphed against his shambling husk before. But a zombie resembling Fitzgibbon was here, in a place that looked like his old classroom, speaking and attacking in the same ways that Fitzgibbon did. Some people would pause to give this more thought, but one of the perks of being a natural-born zombie hunter is that things tend to stay relatively simple.



As Mr. Fitzgibbon's body fell to either side of Juliet, and she let her precious bejewled chainsaw wind down, she was then able to hear a slow, somehow aggressively sarcastic clapping behind her. as she turned she saw a rather odd looking woman leaning back against the wall next to the classroom entrance.


"So...", Juri began, " this how you treat all your teachers? Or just the ones who won't agree to an after-school cram session?"

"Eeeew, no!", Juliet replied, her brow furrowing with disgust. "Mister Fitzgibbons was a zombie!"

"Zombie?" Juri asked, with a tinge of surprise to her voice. "These are zombies? I just thought this was supposed to be a... uh, specialty school."

"I know they're a teensy weensy bit different from the ones you'd usually see in movies, but it isn't that bad."

Juri's rebuttal was wordless, but weighty. She merely pointed behind her with the thumb on her right hand, to the classroom windows looking out into the school hallway. Behind her, with his face and hands pressed up against the glass, was a zombified student.

"I WANT YOUR LEG MEAT!" he screeched, making the window pane vibrate slightly.

"...Alright," Juliet sceded, "They can be a little silly. but that's the trap! They seem harmless, but they're actually pretty dangerous if you let your guard down!"

Her right hand still pointing at the zombie, Juri extended her left arm out in a slow, sweeping motion; eventually ending in an open-palm gesture to the doorway beside her. The doorway lacking an actual door. The doorway this zombie was ignoring in favor of licking glass like a confused puppy.

"I'm so scared."

"To be fair, Beavis was always like that", quipped a voice from somewhere nearby.

"Who was that?" Asked Juri, leaving the wall and approaching the center of the classroom as she scanned back and forth for this mysterious newcomer.

"That's my boyfriend, Nick!" Juliet giggled with amusement. Noticing Juri's continued befuddlement, Juliet turned to one side and shot out her hip to better show him off.



"Hey spider lady", Nick said with a deadpan.

Juri took a moment to mentally order all of the many, many questions she now had, and then promptly threw them all away. This was clearly a situation which would only get dumber the further you went in.

"Your boyfriend's... a little on the short side."

"He wasn't always like this", Juliet said with a tinge of embarrassment. "Nick was bit by a zombie, and I had to keep the venom from reaching his brain."

"She preserved my head with some type of voodoo magic."

"Silly Nick; voodoo is for scary crazy people."

"Yeah. Voodoo."

Juri realized with dawning horror that this would probably go on forever if she let it, and decided to take initiative. With a few short steps and a hop, Juri landed a rising knee into Juliet's throat. As Juliet was still recoiling from the surprise strike Juri followed up with one step back and a stiff kick to Juliet's chest, sending her tumbling over what remained of the class desks.

"What's... happening?" Juliet mumbled on the ground; sprawled, dazed and with a line of drool leaking onto the floor.

"I don't think she's here to help!" chimed in Nick from her waist. "Look out!"

Juliet had enough sense back to roll to one side, barely avoiding a jumping stomp which left a spiderweb of cracks in the floor. Scrambling for cover, she managed to get a pile of trash that once was Fitzgibbon's desk between them.

"What do we do, Nick?" Juliet asked, mirroring Juri's movements to make sure that they stayed on opposite ends of the obstruction.

"We? I'm a keychain. You're a zombie hunter."

"But she's not a zombie, though!"

"Juliet. Sweetie. Anything you do that would kill a zombie will still work on a person. Trust me."

"...Alright." Juliet responded, building up resolve. "It seems a lot simpler when you put it like that. Thanks, Nick!"

"Sure, babe. Sure."


All things considered, Juri was a little dissapointed. This one looked like she'd be able to put up a good fight -- with her lean but muscled frame and that glittery abomination of a weapon -- but it seemed like she just wasn't the type who could mentally handle a good row. Juri had seen people like that before, but you usually didn't walk in on them bisecting someone while smiling.

Oh well, she thought. That just means it'll be more fun to play with her after the fight.

Deciding that she had given the cheerleader enough time to believe that cowering behind furniture could actually work, Juri got down to dashing the little hope she had left. Harnessing a small amount of energy from the Feng Shui engine, she hit the desk remains with a short, concentrated blast of energy to flash-burn the pile. And as it crumbled into ashes Juri leapt through the resulting puff of smoke and straight into...

A set of pom-poms?


Juri stood still; wondering what was even happening anymore as the frilly balls continued to connect against her body and head with silly little paffs. Sure, it stung a bit. And it was a little hard to tell what was going on with these things in your face. Probably would have won any pillow fight. But come on. Come o-


Juliet turned suddenly, and with a powerful bounce slammed her backside up against Juri's face which snapped her head back.


Looking skyward due to the whipping motion from the last blow, Juri caught a glimpse of the cheerleader leapfrogging over her.


What came next was a flash of light, courtesy of the concussion Juliet gave her as she extended both legs right into the back of Juri's head.


The next thing Juri knew, she was lying in a pile of broken school desks. And above her, descending quickly, was the leaping Juliet with her chainsaw raised for the killing blow.



It all seemed to move so slow.

It was partially because of adrenaline, of course, but also because as a panicked reaction Juri had kicked the Feng Shui engine into overdrive. What she had now were a few brief moments of what seemed to be time standing still. Granted, her eye would be next to useless and hurt like all hell for at least a few hours after this, but that was something for later.

Was there anything she could work with here? Even with her reflexes pushed to the limit, she knew it was too late to move out of the way of the chainsaw's arc. She could shoot a blast of energy upwards, or greet Juliet's descent with a supercharged kick that might go right through the cheerleader's torso, but those options would merely turn this straight loss into mutually assured destruction. There had to be something. There had to be...


Lying next to one of her hands, amidst the debris, was a small length of metal. Probably a fragment of one of the desk legs. Now granted, Juliet's beast of a saw could undoubtably cleave through such junk without so much as a hitch, the chain wasn't what she was thinking about. There was a small, heart shaped hole inside Juliet's blade. Maybe -- just maybe -- something could be done here.

And then, Juri thought, settling her gaze on another target of interest, we go for the real nasty trick...


From Juliet's point of view what came next was a split second of blur, followed by her chainsaw's descent stopping abrubtly. Amazingly, her opponent had apparently used a piece of nearby scrap to "thread the needle" through her chainsaw and hold it off by mere inches.

"How?" Juliet asked, genuinely bewildered.

Juri looked up at her with an odd squint, and said with a smile: "I've got an eye for this."

Juri then shot her legs upwards, and with the leverage of her "grip" on the chainsaw managed to flip Juliet up above her. Juri had to let go of the scrap piece to finish this motion however; allowing Juliet to rebound back to her feet, notice the outline of a head on the edge of her vision, and gracefully pirouette to slice it in two.

A head.

But not Juri's.

Too late did she notice the lightness on her waist. Too late did she realize why Juri had let go of such an advantageous grip. Too late had she seen that the head she swung at was being presented for the blow like a grisly offering.

Too late had she seen Nick's face; now vacant and splattered with his own brains.

Two objects clattered to the floor; the first being Juliet's chainsaw as she lost her grip in despair, and the second being what was left of Nick as Juri let it fall from her fingers with a chuckle.

"No." Juliet whispered, as she slowly dropped to her knees. "It can't... I can't."

Juri observed in silence; temporarily forgotten, and not wanting to spoil the moment.

Hitching with sobs, and her makeup already streaming down her face alongside the tears, Juliet Starling crawled over to Nick's head and scooped it up. Slowly, mechanically, she began to use her free hand to pick up pieces of nearby brain matter and drop them back into the skull she was cradling.

"It's okay, Nick." Juliet whispered. "I can save you. I saved you once already. I can... I can..."

Finally noticing the shadow looming over her, Juliet looked up and remembered that she was not alone. Juri remained silent as the pitiful form -- face streaming with tears and snot -- struggled to speak

"Please..." Juliet pleaded. "Help."

Although she could only see out of one eye, and was nursing one hell of a headache, Juri couldn't help but beam.



The first blow did not hit Juliet, but very well may have wounded her the worst, launching what remained of Nick out of Juliet's grasp and into a remote corner. Juliet's wail of despair was cut short though by the next flurry of kicks; raining down on her shoulders, chest, and stomach. Juliet grunted and mewled as she took each blow full-on, not even attempting to defend herself. Eventually, with the series of strike preventing her body from slumping forwards, her upper body arched backwards and she sat there staring vacantly at the ceiling.

Juri relented for a moment, sizing up the situation. Her original hunch about this girl being easy to break mentally was pretty much spot on, but this caused another problem: How was she going to have her victory lap with someone this far gone? Sure, it was rewarding at first, but after a while it was basically hitting a bag of potatos with a pretty face. Clearly it was time to up the ante.

And, hearing pounding in the silence, Juri knew just the thing.

Juri kicked Juliet in the crotch so that she was fully laid out on her back, then reached down to grab her ankles and dragged her towards the hallway windows.

What did Nick call this zombie? Beaver? Beatty? Whatever his name was, he apparently had a friend now. The two of them watched with hungry eyes as Juri approached with her cargo in tow.

"DINNER AND A SHOW!", The newer zombie boomed, apparently the quicker to catch on of the duo.

"Hold on boys", Juri chided as she slid up the window pane and pushed them away. "We need a little bit to prepare."

The zombies, being zombies, stumbled and flopped ungracefully on their backs. Good. Juri should have more than enough time to set everything up before they were back up again.

Gripping Juliet by the legs Juri guided her through the windowsill, until she was hanging halfway into the hall, her body facing upward. Legs and lower torso outside with them, everything else in with her. Perfect.

Satisfied with the positioning, Juri grabbed hold of the windowsill once more and jerked it down, eliciting a groan of pain from Juliet as it slammed into her stomach.

Juri could hear the duo beginning to rise to their feet in the hallway, but they weren't quite ready yet. With her free moment, Juri bent down and examined Juliet's pretty little face.

"Nick..." Juliet whispered, barely audible.

"Aw, poor girl." Juri spoke soothingly. "You didn't need that silly old head. If you really need someone, I'll be your boyfriend tonight."

Not waiting for a reply, Juri rose to her feet, stepped forward so that she was practically on top of Juliet, and trapped the cheerleader's upturned face between her thighs. It was not enough to smother her, but it was close. Juri settled in, rested her arms on Juliet's abdomen, and enjoyed the movements of her struggles as she turned her attention back to the window.

The undead duo were up and about again, examining the curiosity before them now. At first a few reactive kicks knocked them away, but after a few blows to Juliet's toned stomach in retaliation by Juri they diminished to weak jerks.

Now the zombies had all that they needed to go to town, and go to town they did.

As the unliving couple began to bite and tear at Juliet, Juri could not hear her screams. It was so much better: She could feel them. As her thrashings became more and more frantic, and her shrieks more and more desperate, Juri couldn't help but buck up and down on her captive plaything. Why it was almost like riding a bull. Tons more fun, too.

But all good things must eventually come to an end, and as Juliet's struggles began to wane and the window became completely obscured with blood Juri prepared for the final moment. Delicately, she lowered her head down onto Juliet's chest and listened.

There it was. The heartbeat. Still present, but just barely.

Th... thump.

That was it. The end of Juliet Starling. Or, at least, the end of her life.

Dismounting Juliet's face, Juri once again crouched down to get another look at it. Such a pretty little thing she was. Honestly, the running makeup, snot, and drool only made her cuter.

Turning away, she scanned the room and quickly found what she was looking for. That silly, overdesigned chainsaw.

Juri had a plan for her almost as soon as they met. That's why she left the face alone.


Juri sat in the middle of yet another bland corridor, resting in an attempt to regather some strength.

"Well, that was quite a day. My eye is more blood than not right now, I'm nursing a migraine, and I still had to make my way out of that infested hellhole afterwards. But I still think it all turned out alright."

Reaching down to her side, Juri picked up an object next to her and held it in front of her face.

"Isn't that right, Juliet?"

Juliet's relaxed face remained silent; slack-jawed and staring off into nothing. The whole process was actually surprisingly easy. Juri was expecting some complications; but that crazy chainsaw handled just fine for the needed task, the little head holder fit her perfectly after Juri popped Nick out of it, and Juliet's zombie hunter blood apparently protected her enough from the venom to prevent zombification in this scenario. The head was even still a little warm; the preservation spell apparently being linked to the head holding device, making it keep Juliet's cranium from deteriorating just as well as it kept Nick's from dying... of blood loss...

Feeling revitalized, Juri rose to her feet and clipped Juliet's head to the waist of her pants. The weight was... assuring. As she began her trek to the next confrontation, Juri mused that Juliet may have actually been onto something here.

Granted, her head didn't talk.

Thank God for small favors.

Hey, congrats on making it to the end of a chapter! I've noticed that these stories get a lot more readers than responses or feedback; as diligent as a couple "regulars" here are, I doubt that they have viewed this topic over three thousand times between them.

After thinking about that a bit, it came to me that some people may enjoy/cannot look away from twisted shit like mine but also do not want to go through creating an account which would be tied to said twisted shit. Hell, I was much the same way before I actually convinced myself to start writing this stuff. Just in case, here's a possible compromise for ya.

Want to send me comments, suggestions, or links to your youtube SF4 playlist where you do nothing but go into ranked, choose Juri, then throw the match? Drop me an email privately and anonymously at
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Well done Sickerton nice and sadistic :-)

At lest Juliet died a happy girl, after all most women love to be EATEN.


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Another character has been chosen, and I'm still hashing out the specifics of making a satisfactory story while taking into account some... differences said character has from previous ones, so here's a clue to tide you over until it's all ready:

Bumping off bumps in the night


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Another character has been chosen, and I'm still hashing out the specifics of making a satisfactory story while taking into account some... differences said character has from previous ones, so here's a clue to tide you over until it's all ready:

Bumping off bumps in the night

Sounds good, I look forward to it.


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Chapter 1: Bladed Cage
Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles
Chapter 3: I'm Your Boogeyman (You Are Here)
Chapter 4: Making A Splash!
Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta
Chapter 6: Suffering Sappho!
Chapter 7: Evil By Moonlight
Chapter 8: Another M
Chapter 9: Roy G. Biv Sends His Regards
Chapter 10: Rocks Fall
Chapter 11: Written By The Winners

Chapter 3: I'm Your Boogeyman

Juri tread lightly down the beaten path, watching the woods around her for any signs of movement.

This place was not nearly the most outlandish setting she'd wandered into here, but it still managed to be the the most unsettling so far. The only source of light was a full moon; filtered through a canopy of twisted, gnarled tree limbs, then reflected off a thick layer of fog enveloping the dirt road which was itself forcefully carved through wicked looking brambles. Every moment was one with bated breath; seemingly waiting for an inevitable masked maniac to lurch out of the haze.

Joke's on them, Juri thought to herself. The only monster here is me.

She had no way to pinpoint exactly where she was in this forest, but also had no worries of getting lost. After all, this was the only road so far. If there was anybody here, she'd stumble onto them eventually. And the mere fact that she was dropped off in this place meant that someone was around.

Well speak of the devil; as the road in front of her began to widen, she also managed to make out the hint of a new light source up ahead. Moving to the edge of the road and slinking down onto all fours so to better conceal her silhouette, Juri cautiously approached what was surely her new plaything.

The first thing made clear through the fog was the source of light itself: Apparently, her prey had taken the path opening as a good enough reason to make a campfire. The second item of note was was the subject herself, her form outlined against the blaze.

She was facing away from Juri, and wearing some sort of cloak which hid most of her physique to boot, but she could still make out a few interesting details. For one, this person was small. Just, in general. Taking the inherent bulkiness of her choice of clothing into account, Juri had seen more imposing preteens. On top of that she was using the campfire to roast a marshmellow on a stick, and her head bobbed back and forth as if listening to a catchy tune.

Was this a child? Like a legitimate, barely-out-of-training-pants kid?

wanting to know more, Juri slowly circled the campsite to get a view of her from the front.

Now with the fire highlighting her features instead of reducing her to a black outline, Juri could get a much better picture. This almost undoubtedly was a kid, her unmistakably youthful features radiating cheer as she quietly hummed a song to herself. Her glimmering blue eyes were focused entirely on the crisping marshmellow in front of her, while the golden blonde hair which was obscured from the back by her red hood bobbed with the rhythm of...


Red hood?

Was this-

Juri's line of thought was cut off as a shrill bark rang through the campsite. A moment too late Juri noticed the tiny, scruffy dog which was previously lying next to a picnic basket at the girl's feet, but now was hopping in place excitedly while yapping at this new intruder.

With a glance back up she confirmed it: The girl had most definitely seen her now as well.

"Omygosh.", the little lass said, as she let her marshmellow drop into the campfire.

Now Juri could have been on them both in an instant. It wouldn't have been hard at all. But all of this together -- the forest, the girl, and most strikingly that hood -- had left her craving to know more. Had she actually just entered a fairy tale here?

"Ohmygosh.", the girl in the red riding hood repeated, as she rose to her feet.

Juri took this moment to stand up as well; her concealment no longer important.

"Omygosh ohmygosh ohmyGOSH!" the girl chanted, as she pranced around the campfire and excitedly grasped Juri's hands. "I am so happy to see you!"


"Happy... to see... me?" Juri asked, staring down into the hooded girl's glimmering eyes.

"Well, not you in particular. But someone like you." she replied, almost hopping with giddiness. "This is such a spooky place, and we all need everyone we can get!"

"We all?" Juri parroted, trying hard to keep up.

"Yes, all of us!" the girl in red cheered. "I was here as a lookout, but everyone else is at Grandma's place."

Quickly, several gears in Juri's head began to turn.

Up until this point, she had only encountered people who were -- in some way or another -- fighters. That would make sense, because someone not willing to kill in this system would last just long enough to be stumbled upon by someone who did.

But what if nobody of that sort found them? What if, instead, they met up with another non-fighter? Then another? Then another? What would it be if, eventually, someone like her finally found what was now a colony of 'noncombatants'?

Juri knew what to call it.

A jackpot.

"Everyone would so love to meet you!", missis Hood continued, as Juri bit her lip with anticipation."

"I think... I think I would like to meet them too."


Juri trailed slightly behind the girl as she pranced down the path, trying not to gag at the overbearing cuteness as the tiny dog danced around the girl and her oversized basket swayed on her arm. Even though she was almost too much to bear, Juri had to appreciate having her for a guide; they had already come across several forks in the road as they wandered deeper into the forest, and Juri herself knew that she would have had no idea which way led where on her own. At one point Juri actually suggested wandering off into the brush to scout a slightly less bramble-infested area, but her little guide was adamant about never leaving the path. It was very dangerous out there!

Oh, if only she knew.

"So..." Juri started, seeking anything to stop the hooded girl's incessant humming. "Should I just call you Red or what?"

"My name's Baby." the girl replied, not missing a beat.

"Baby? Your parents actually named you that?"

"It's a good name!", Baby retorted, looking back at Juri with a pout. "But you can also call me Bonnie if you waaAAAH!"

Her gaze cast back at Juri, B.B. apparently hadn't noticed a partially-unearthed root in the path. With a shout and much flailing she fell forward in a clumsy mess.

"Whoops", Juri quipped, her smile not faltering one bit.

B.B. sat there a few moments, nursing her ankle and whimpering. Although Juri was at first just fine with the show, she eventually grew impatient with this delay to her feast.

"You getting up any time soon?" she asked.

"I... I don't think I can." B.B. said between sniffles. Looking up at Juri with her adorable, teary eyes, she continued:

"C-could you... Maybe... Carry me?"

Juri glared right back down at B.B., making it clear how little she cared for this proposition. But, as time ticked on, it was obvious that B.B. was not faltering one bit. And she was still the only one who knew where this cabin was.

Well... damn.

Without a word, Juri begrudgingly helped B.B. up and allowed the girl to climb onto her back. The hooded girl now firmly secure, with her tiny arms wrapped around Juri's neck and her legs clutching Juri's torso, they once again set off.

The things I do for jollies, Juri thought to herself.


"This is the place, right?"


The cabin, located on a small hill in a clearing, was not much of a looker. True to the form of the rest of this place, it still seemed slightly ominous; the trail up the hill was far more twisty than woud appear practical, all of the materials the house was made out of seemed slightly warped, and at the end of the day it was still a cabin in the heart of some godforsaken forest. But at the same time, the warm glow pouring out of its frosted windows was an overwhelmingly welcome sight.

"About time.", Juri sighed, as she twisted the knob and pulled open the front door. "I just can't wait to-"

The first thing that hit her was the heat. This was no fireplace warmth. The place was a sauna. Or, more accurately, a smokehouse.

The second thing which hit her was the smell. A putrid sweetness of things gone all sorts of wrong. Juri could pick out quite a few all-too familliar stenches, amongst a couple even she had not yet known the horrors of.
Lastly, but certianly not least, were the bodies. Strung up by their legs and hung upside-down from the ceiling, the cabin was absolutely stuffed with silent, swaying corpses. Some were relatively fresh, while others were in varied stages of shriveling and mummifying in the contained heat. Some showed obvious signs of struggle, while some were almost untouched, but across every last one of them there were two constants:

Their faces were frozen in stifled screams of pure terror.
And their throats had been slashed open like livestock, to allow their blood to drain out onto the floor.

"I'm so glad that you could make it." , said B.B., her voice having now dropped the saccarine tinge completely.

Still slightly in shock, Juri glanced down at the dainty arms wrapped around her to now find a pair of large, wicked knives criss-crossing her throat.

"They've all been dying for you to join them, Juri Han."


The first movement Juri Han made was a good choice -- perhaps the only good choice given the circumstances -- but that did not make it any less instinctual. Recoiling from the blades, the back of Juri's head collided with B.B.'s chest. This rattling shook B.B's hold, sending the knives clattering to the floor and forcing her to dismount.

Whirling around, Juri assumed a combat stance and sized up her "guide" with new eyes.


Although the girl still appeared young as ever, the facade of innocence had been torn away; leaving behind a toothy sneer and an intense, hungry gaze Juri was intimately familiar with. She shifted her weight from foot to foot in a sinister echo of the joyful energy from before; her twisted ankle revealed to be just as much a deception as everything else up to this point. Though apparently unarmed now, having nothing on-hand besides that cartoonish basket, she seemed unworried and confident.

"Who are you, really?" Juri asked.

"Stupid girl", B.B. growled, "I already told you. I'm Baby Bonnie Hood. What you never asked, though, is what I do."

Juri watched as B.B. reached into her basket with one hand, curious of the contents. Was she maybe going to have another try with a kni...

...B.B. had pulled out a shotgun. A full-length, pump action shotgun. Juri saw it happen and she still had no idea how that worked.

She had little time to chew on this impossibility, however, as B.B. leveled the weapon in her direction.

"I hunt monsters."

Juri frantically leapt aside as the first shot boomed through the sweltering cabin. Now Juri could avoid bullets with a little help from her Feng Shui engine, but maneuvering through a cloud of pellets would be a whole other level of impossibility. And at this distance avoiding the entire spread was tricky business by itself. Deciding to hedge her bets, Juri allowed herself to land flat on the floor and rolled back into the "forest" of bodies for cover. It may not do much as a shield, but B.B. would have to come find her first and that would buy her time to come up with a plan.

"...Granted, the monsters I usually hunt are usually moreso on the outside..." B.B. continued as if nothing had changed, advancing into the rows of corpses herself.

"And hey, some still were!", she carried on, pushing aside the body of an overly large she-creature who's four arms dragged on the floor. "You wouldn't believe how much Shokan hearts sell for."

"But I soon figured out that the really good game around here were the average-looking psychos who just kept flowing in. So many people sporting huge, juicy bounties! Take for example that clown-tramp you're hiding behind-"

B.B. spun and blew through the cadaver of a corseted woman in whiteface, a mere moment after Juri had scrambled to another location.

"- she's worth a cool half mil. Not for anything special about her; she just pissed off that many people back home. But I'm preaching to the choir here, aren't I Han?"

There was no reply from Juri, as she was currently attempting to maneuver between the carcasses of a white-haired woman in flame-decal'd leather and some sort of skimpy nurse with bizarre red eyes as silently as possible.

"You, Juri Han, have so many people out for your head I don't even know who I'll take it to yet. There's the FBI, CIA, Delta Red... hell, even Shadaloo and S.I.N. are pretty good options. I'm thinking that with the payout I get from you I'm going to finally snag one of those experimental laser-sword-thingies I've seen floating around on the black market. Vwoom vwoom, yeah!"

As much as she wished the girl would just shut up, it at least gave Juri a good gauge of what areas she should give a wide berth. Not that she intended to stay here much longer. As B.B. continued to ramble and search the corpses, Juri had completed circling around back to the front and had just exited the "maze" to creep off via the entryway.

The entryway, she discovered to her dismay, being occupied by a familiar scraggly dog.

Once again the air was filled with shrill yaps, and Juri broke into a run as she heard the shotgun begin to tear through bodies behind her.

She wished that she could have stopped to punt that mutt like a football -- so very, very much -- but now it was a race between her making it out the door and B.B. carving a large enough hole through the mass between them to line up a shot on her. As she leapt through the doorway and curled herself into a ball midair to get a nice rolling start down the hill upon landing, she could feel the breeze of a deadly cloud passing through the spot which just previously housed her upper torso.

Landing with as much grace as she could could currently afford, Juri broke into a full sprint back to the woods. Let's see that tiny twit try to hedge her in now.


B.B. Hood, having freed herself from the tangle of bodies, watched from the doorway as Juri retreated down the hill. She was already too far for Hood's shotgun to actually do anything, but B.B. emptied the remaining shells in her direction for intimidation purposes if nothing else.

Satisfied with the current state of matters, B.B. unhooked her basket from her arm and set it down on the ground. Then, taking only a moment to scratch Harry behind his fluffy little ears, began to prepare for the next stage.

These were quite possibly the most important choices she would make tonight; although she normally would be fine with carrying her whole armory at once, it was clear now that her current target was simply too fast to waste time rifling around for... well, rifles. She would have to decide what was absolutely essential to take with her into battle.

First up was one of her favorite cigars, which she lit and took a deep drag off of. Absolutely essential.

Second was an old camera; not quite antique status, but still one of those dinosaurs which you shook the printed photos to help them develop faster. B.B. had taken pains to preserve the bodies of the victims she would want to claim later, but it never hurt to also have some photo documentation to go along with it. She had taken a habit to snapping two mugshots of each target: One before and one... after. The less scrupulous bounty takers would surely get a kick out of them. She clipped the camera to the "belt" of her apron, keeping it on hand for the right moment.

Third was a bandolier, choosing three grenades to hang from it. Two for suppression. The third -- if all went well enough -- to force feed. One has to have fun with their job every now and again. Speaking of which...

Pausing for a moment and cocking an ear, she waited in anticipation for something. A weighty boom was carried to her ears from somewhere in the distance. Sated, she turned back to her preparations.

Fourth was a single one of her trusty uzis. She normally would go for both at once, but accurate shots would count a lot more here than spray-and-pray.

Standing up to retrieve and resheath her favorite knives, B.B. Hood felt happy about her choices. But still... it felt like she was lacking a little oomph...

Humming to herself again, B.B. hood returned to her basket. She knew just the thing to fix that.


Juri worked her way through the bramble thickets, not caring about the nicks and scratches. She knew that the manipulative child was going to soon give chase, and also knew that she stuck to the pathways, which opened up every other part of the forest as her personal playground. Although it was slow going, all she would need is one good ambush point in order to-

Lost in thoughts of vengeance, Juri almost missed the tiny click as she placed her foot down in a seemingly normal patch of ground. But notice she did, which gave her just enough forewarning to figure out what the cylinder which shot up nearby actually was.

Diving down into the thorns, Juri barely avoided the full brunt of the Bouncing Betty. It's payload -- a scythe of shrapnel shot out at roughly waist height to cut victims in two -- instead tore small chunks out of Juri's back as she tried pressing herself even further into the brambles. Afterwards Juri shakily rose back up, her ears still ringing from the deafening blast and her back oozing blood.

Goddamn that kid. She said that it was dangerous off the path. She just left out why.

Juri's gaze darted around the forest, now recognizing it as the field of deathtraps it actually was. After a moment of consideration, Juri reached above her and hoisted herself up into the tree branches. It would have been harder for that brat to seed surprises up here. And, just maybe, she wouldn't be ready for a strike from above.


B.B. Hood scanned the treetops as she walked down a forest path, waiting for the inevitable strike from above. She knew that Juri had come across of one of her surprises, but also gave her enough credit to assume that it didn't kill her. The logical step from there would be to ascend up the tree branches, since that would allow her to keep the options she wanted with far less a chance of stumbling into a trap.

Well, a normal trap at least.

B.B. took another puff of the cigar clenched between her teeth, knowing that the red cherry of embers at its tip must stand out for ages in this darkness. That was the idea. Why hunt when you can bait? And it was also a good focus point, increasing the chance of... oversights...

Harry began to bark and backed away; a sure sign that he had caught whiff of her target's blood somewhere nearby. Confident, B.B. shifted the bulk of her cargo into a more comfortable position and stood her ground.


Damn that dog. Damn that dog! She was going to have to cook up something special for the mutt after she was done with it's master.

The element of surprise lost, Juri began her descent, hoping to land a diving kick directly on her opponent's smug little face. But on the way down the twerp had managed to pinpoint her location, and aimed upwards her...


Uh oh.

Grabbing hold of a passing branch and swinging back upwards, Juri just barely avoided plunging directly into a plume of hot death from B.B.'s flamethrower. As B.B. Hood got to work at hosing down the surrounding area, and the dry ancient trees began to alight, the rising flames better illuminated the fuel canister on her back and nozzle in her grasp that were previously lost in fog and shadow.

This... was a problem. Previously thought to be an optimal position, it was now only a matter of time until flames crept far enough up to roast her if she stayed still for too long. Now dripping with sweat from the surrounding inferno, Juri danced from limb to limb in search of safety.

Giggling with joy, B.B. Hood finished up the last of her fuel and then shouldered off the bulky device. Making sure not to let up one bit, she seized a grenade in each hand and threw them after giddily pulling the pins out with her teeth.

Mid-leap, Juri watched in dismay as the tree she was sailing towards lurched and began to bend due to the explosions at its trunk. As Juri landed her suspicions were confirmed: It was no longer able to hold her weight. Although Juri spun around the trunk to make sure that she was on top as it fell, the force sent through her body as she landed with it still rattled her teeth.

Hastily scrambling back to her feet, Juri once again picked out her "victim" silhouetted by flames. Sporting a jeering smile that showed many teeth and no remorse, she had just finished loading her freshly drawn uzi with a smooth motion.



Fully activating her Feng Shui engine, Juri charged the girl in red with a bestial roar of rage. B.B. had begun to fire as she raised her uzi -- an impromptu deterrence against a direct attack -- but Juri no longer cared. The leg Juri brought forward in a roundhouse kicked was peppered with bullets as it slammed into the gun; the force and energy behind the blow exploding it into shrapnel which tore at Bonnie and Juri alike.

Juri's leg was out of commission, but that still left her with one left, which she used as a spring to tackle Bonnie to the ground. Perched on her tiny chest, Juri finally had her.

Almost alight with energy from the Feng Shui engine, Juri began to pound away on the petite form pinned underneath her. Gone for now was the idea of playthings, gone for now was the air of aloof smugness, she had been pushed too far. All that remained was the desire to mash and mangle and bite and tear. She had to pay.

Too small to break the pin, and no match for the speed and strength of the Feng Shui engine fully unleashed, Baby Bonnie Hood twitched and quivered under the brutal assault. Her cries of pain were quickly muffled by the pulping and swelling of her face, and her back involuntarily arched with every massive blow struck against her forehead. Blood, spittle, sweat, and teeth flew and congealed in puddles as Juri raged on.

Eventually, as Bonnie reacted less and less to each strike, tear and gash, Juri slowed her assault; eventually ending with a final, definitive axe-handle strike to Bonnie's fluttering chest.

Finally calming, Juri took a deep, slow breath while arching her back. Coming back down from that she turned her gaze down on her victim; licking the blood off the fingers of one of her hands while drawing a heart on Bonnie's splattered blouse with the other.

"I really, really needed that. Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

"Y.... ..... ....t"

"What?" Juri asked playfully, lowering herself closer to Baby's ruined face. It was amazing that she was still conscious. Perhaps not quite as amazing as the cigar still clamped between her her remaining teeth, but amazing nonetheless.

"Yo.... g..... ....t"

"One more time, love" Juri cooed, now down far enough for their foreheads to touch.

"You goddamned idiot."

With that said B.B. raised her head and shifted her lips, shoving her cigar straight into Juri's left eye.

Pain surged through Juri's body, followed by waves of vicious energy feedback as the already taxed Feng Shui engine began to malfunction and misfire. Juri fell off to the side and curled up into a ball shrieking, clutching her eye as she crackled and spasmed with energy.

"You goddamn, goddamn idiot." Baby Bonnie Hood repeated, as she shakily rose.

"You think I didn't know about the gizmo dat replaced yer peeper?" she asked, tapping the side of her less swollen eye for emphasis. "I did my homework. Have you?"

Bonnie wandered out of sight for a moment, leaving Juri to writhe in agony alone. But soon she reappeared, dragging something behind her.

"I bet you didn't even know how dat thing isn't nat'ral. I don't mean 'growing out of the ground' nat'ral; I mean it shouldn't even exist."

With a heave B.B. brought forward her cargo, a smoldering branch covered in flaming leaves, broken off of one of the fallen trees.

"Those perks it gives you? Yer lab guys figgered that out by examining how things outside yer little world did stuff like dat. 'orrible, ancient things."

B.B. held her lit branch by the as-of-yet unburned base, and with a grunt managed to lift it off the ground.

"But how did dey do dat? Simple."

B.B. dropped the branch onto the convulsing Juri, her screams redoubling as she began to burn alive alongside the feedback she was recieving.

"They called people like me. We go out and kill those basteds so yer eggheads can poke around in der corpses."

Her priorities now shifted, Juri began to crawl and roll to escape her fiery prison. After a few moments of agony she managed to writhe free, but cinders dotting her body still burned on.

"Yer crutch is an im'tation of tings I kill every day. Dey were older den you. Dey were smarter den you. Dey were faster, tougher, and stronger den you."

Juri had pooled her energy to drag herself to standing, leaning against a tree trunk, and turned so to maybe scrape off the embers on her back. Upon facing around she was met by Bonnie, who stabbed her two knives through Juri's shoulders and pinned her against the tree.

"But I still got dem in the end.", B.B. Hood finished, as Juri pawed weakly at her chest.

Stumbling back a few dozen steps, in order to get a decent shot. B.B. Hood unclipped the camera on her waist and began to compose a good scene.

"Smile fer da camera."

After taking the picture, B.B. took hold of the photo and let the device itself drop to the ground. Shaking the photograph, she impatiently waited for it to develop.

Ah. There we go. It looked perfect. Juri even managed to smile a little bit, with her one weakly raised hand showing off... the ring... around her finger.

B.B. Hood's bloodshot, swollen eyes widened; remembering the final grenade strapped to her chest.



It pained Juri to look away at what happened next, but she was too close for comfort to the blast anyway without taking some precaution. But as soon as the explosion was over she turned back, eager to verify the aftermath.

Yes. Oh yes!

As the smoked cleared, a pitiful, tattered form melted into view. B.B. Hood's face, -- what was left of it after all of this -- looked down in dazed shock at the yawning chasm that was now her torso. What little was left in there was still closer in appearance to ground burger meat than anything else, and her entire body was now as bright red as the tattered, torn cloak you could now see straight through to.

"That's what you get!" Juri cheered with malice. "That's what happens when... you..."

Juri began to realize: B.B. Hood was still standing. Juri watched with horror as Bonnie's ravaged form looked back up to her and took a shaky, uncertain step.

"No", Juri gasped.

Another step.

"No. No no no."

Another step, as Juri struggled to pry the knives free.

"Die. Just die!"

More steps. Woozy, but consistent.

"Why won't you fall? Why won't you just..."

B.B. Hood was upon Juri now, the labored breaths made by whatever was left of her lungs highlighted as puffs of mist in the fog. Wordless, soundless, she crumpled against Juri's abdomen.

Realizing now that there was no threat left, Juri shakily raised her arms to embrace the trembling remains of her foe. She felt the hitching breaths against her stomach slow and slow, until finally there was no more.

It was now just her in this aftermath of hell. Her and the corpse of a worthy opponent.

Well; her, the corpse, and a tiny mutt gnawing at her pants leg.

When I get down you are so next, Juri dreamily thought to herself.


Everything hurt. Everything hurt so, so much.

But, sitting in front of the campfire which started all of this, she couldn't help but feel at peace.

Sure, it would be a good while before she would fully recuperate from today. And sure, things got more than a little out of hand. But, looking back, it was an experience she wouldn't trade for anything else.

Today tested her limits. Today measured her abilities. Today made her feel many things that she thought her blackened heart had been completely shut off from. And hey, she even snagged a few goodies along the way.

By her feet rested a familiar picnic basket. Still utterly baffled, she had gone back to check it out once she was well enough to do so. She learned -- well -- absolutely nothing about how it worked, but that didn't mean it couldn't be put to good use.

Juri had meticulously emptied it of all its weaponry, as she had no use for such... impersonal tools. What she did need, though, was a good way to carry around anything she wanted to keep in this madhouse. As of right now it was fairly empty -- containing only two knives wrapped in a tattered red hood -- but she was sure that it could be filled over time.

With a grunt of pain, Juri leaned over the campfire to better examine the meat she had cooking. It still needed a little more time; not all of the fur had burned off yet.

The perfect end to a perfect day, as far as she was concerned.

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After thinking about that a bit, it came to me that some people may enjoy/cannot look away from twisted shit like mine but also do not want to go through creating an account which would be tied to said twisted shit. Hell, I was much the same way before I actually convinced myself to start writing this stuff. Just in case, here's a possible compromise for ya.

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Nicely done Sickerton the set up was nicely done I had no idea that you had made B.B. a bounty hunter and the fight was fast and intense which is good al though I would have liked it to have been more drawn out but f it was your intention to have a short, fast and intense fight between the gals then you did a good job of it.


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Mar 3, 2012
Even I more into one side beating have to admit this was pretty cool no just like a ryona fic but as a crossover on general to bad B.B have to die a want to know how other people she kill, awesome chapter

By away what happens whit Julie head?


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Just in case there's any confusion, "B.B." was not an original character of mine nor my take on the Red Riding Hood story. She's an actual character from a series you can look up. Granted, it's a series that hasn't got a new installment in ages, but whaddyagonnado.

By away what happens whit Julie head?
It's still present, but just not brought up specifically. It probably won't be mentioned often unless there's a reason to draw attention to it, but you can safely assume that Juri still has it either on her or in the storage basket at any given moment.

Chapter 1: Bladed Cage
Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles
Chapter 3: I'm Your Boogeyman
Chapter 4: Making A Splash! (You are Here)
Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta
Chapter 6: Suffering Sappho!
Chapter 7: Evil By Moonlight
Chapter 8: Another M
Chapter 9: Roy G. Biv Sends His Regards
Chapter 10: Rocks Fall
Chapter 11: Written By The Winners

Chapter 4: Making a Splash!

Well. This was something.

No idea what, but it was surely something.

Slowly rotating around in what she assumed must be the "Middle", Juri tried to take the whole place in. She was standing in an indoor area on a raised circular platform, obviously designed to resemble a red and white symbol Juri was not familiar with. This platform was raised to offer a spot of dry land in the surrounding water. Barring four narrow, one-person-wide footpaths -- obviously present only to allow access to the central platform without going for a swim -- this room was essentially housing for a giant pool.

But to be fair, perhaps just calling it a "pool" was a bit of an undersell. Whoever designed it apparently had unique specifications and a hefty wallet. While the edges where one would hoist themselves in and out were fairly shallow, the depth sharply increased as it approached center until Juri could not even see a bottom despite how clear the waters were. The contained liquid quietly lapped against the pool walls, a hidden system ensuring ocean-like waves in this man-made enclosure. New reserves were apparently cycled in via stone artificial waterfalls in the four corners; each adorned with intricate carvings of strange, exaggerated aquatic life. And finally the left and right walls were almost completely filled by a huge video screen each, leaving just enough space above and below them to allow a line of speakers.

That last part struck her as particularly odd. Juri had seen cameras in these places before -- how else would whatever forces who set this up get their show? -- but never speakers. It wasn't like there were announcements or anything. Unless...

"I know you're here", Juri spoke to the seemingly empty room.

"Go away!", a shaky voice shouted through the speakers.

Bingo. This was some type of stadium, meant for a competition Juri neither knew nor cared about. The problem was that her prey had holed herself up in the control room for it, and she had no idea where that was.

"You're only making this harder on yourself" Juri replied, hoping to rope her unseen target into a conversation. The more she talked the more Juri could discover about her, and the more likely she was to slip up and reveal her location in some way.

"You're the one wanting trouble!", the broadcasted voice replied. It had tinges of aggression to it; but in a desperate, panicked way. Like a scrappy but knowingly outmatched dog cornered in an alleyway.

As an unconscious reflex, Juri licked her lips. Her prey was already scared, trying not to show it, and failing badly. This was going to be a good day.

"I don't want anything", Juri bluffed, "but by the way you're acting I think you already know how this goes. There aren't any exits from here until you come out."

"I'm warning you", the voice continued, "Leave now. I don't want to see you get hurt."

Juri didn't even honor that with a reply, instead crossing her arms and standing her ground.

"....You don't care, do you?" the voice finally followed up, low and sad. "Alright then."

Wow. That was easy.


Juri once again spun in place to try to take in everything at once as the arena underwent a small transformation. The lighting -- originally set to a soothing dimness in order for reflections off the water's ripples to play on the walls and ceiling -- rose up to full brightness. The monitors sprung to life, and Juri bemusedly watched a magnified image of herself come to be as they apparently got to work at displaying "cinematic" perspectives of whatever was in the room. The arena, in effect, had awoken and was now ready. Ready for what, Juri had no idea, but-

"Water Pulse!"

Confused by the meaningless exclamation, Juri was knocked a few steps forward as a small geyser of liquid hit her square in the back. Largely uninjured, but greatly annoyed, Juri turned around to find nothing.

Another blast of water came from the side, this time hitting an ankle and pushing one of Juri's feet out from underneath her. Descending to one knee and outstretching both of her arms to land lightly in a crouching stance, Juri looked back up to finally come face-to-face with her unknown attacker.

It was a cat... fox... fish... thing.


Largely blue in tint, the dog-sized animal seemed to have fins all over the place. Stygian, featureless eyes added a slightly unnerving touch to what was otherwise a generically cute visage. It looked like something the Loch Ness Monster would take on "walkies" at beachside.

Roughly half a second passed while they both sized each other up. Then the creature opened it's mouth and expelled another torrent of pressurized water directly into Juri's face.

Having quite enough of this nonsense, Juri swung her upended foot back around; intending a scything blow to the creature's neck which would put it out of commission if not outright decapitate it.

And decapitate it did.

For a moment, at least.

Juri watched in increasing bafflement as her foot connected with water; the head and neck of her foe somehow melting into liquid right before her blow landed. It flowed around her limb as it passed through the beast's form, and as her kick slowed to a halt on the other side the creature's head had already re-solidified into its previous state without so much as a scratch.

Growing in frustration Juri did not miss a beat, swinging back her outstretched leg to smash her heel into it's skull on the return.

The creature pulled it's liquification trick again, but this time doing so with the entire body. Seemingly "grabbing hold" of Juri's foot as it passed, the liquid which comprised it flowed up Juri's leg and body, eventually rebounding off of her head and re-solidifying into the original creature. Still using the inertia from it's push-off, the airborne monster brought it's finned tail to strike Juri in the chest with enough force to topple her off the platform and into the surrounding 'pool'.

Juri found, to her ever-rising annoyance, that the pool's contents was comprised of salt water for an authentic ocean feel. Closing her eyes to the stinging depths, she righted herself and began to swim for the surface.

During this lull in the action, Juri had a little time to wonder. As infuriating as this whole ordeal was, she wasn't really any worse for wear and the little nuisance she was dealing with was just that: A nuisance. What kind of strategy was this? The girl and her pet couldn't have been hoping to annoy her off, since they clearly knew that no one could just up and leave even if they wanted. What was their game plan? What were they even trying to accomplish?

...Why was it taking so long to reach air?

Opening her eyes to a painful squint, Juri found to her surprise that she had descended even further than she was when she first fell in. Through the rippling depths she could just make out the upper body of that strange creature (the lower half apparently melding perfectly with the water) swimming rapidly in a circle on the surface. The downwards current of this impromptu whirlpool was pushing her away from fresh air and downwards into what could soon be a watery grave.

Ah. Everything made a lot more sense now.

Her chest beginning to burn, Juri began to swim parallel to the surface in order to diminish the whirlpool's influence instead of futilely fighting against it. Focusing her blurring gaze on one of the pool walls, she pushed her way on to possible salvation. She only hoped that the water-cat-thing didn't catch on too fast; she was pretty sure that it would be completely invisible if it paid her a visit down here, and even if she could see the creature she wasn't sure if she could do anything about it.

There. Although her vision was starting to darken, Juri could feel the smooth wall of the pool brush up against the fingertips of an outstretched hand and her feet find purchase on similar floor. Vying for what little grip there was, Juri "climbed" the underwater wall with as much haste her increasingly lethargic muscles could manage.

Just before it could all go dark -- leaving her with only the sounds of her slowing heartbeat -- Juri broke the surface. She slumped against the pool's side lip, hands clutching the ground for dear life as she took in gasp after gasp of precious air.

"She's escaped!" that familiar voice rang through the stadium, the previous unease in her tone now almost completely submerged by new waves of hope. "Get her!"

Knowing that her moment of rest was over, Juri begrudgingly hoisted herself up the lip and out of the pool. While steadying herself on her feet she happened to look up, and was greeted by an almost comically enlarged video feed of her own face.

So she had come back up next to one of these monitors, huh? Maybe... maybe something could be done here...

Hearing the telltale sounds of splashing behind her, Juri turned just in time to see the aquatic creature finish it's leap onto land. Juri took a step back to gain some distance from it, and felt the smooth surface of the video screen brush up against her back.

There would be only one shot at this.

And even if it all worked out, it still was going to suck.

Juri leaned forwards and thrust out her left hand, mimicking the start of an attempted strike on the creature. The creature responded by meeting her halfway; enveloping her hand in it's liquid form to once again do it's fancy acrobatic strikes.


Leaning back, her left arm now completely enveloped in the creature, Juri thrust her right elbow backwards to punch a hole through the monitor and into it's inner workings.

The following surge of electricity the monitor put forth before it shorted out did Juri no favors. Her Feng Shui engine did not play nice with such jolts, she was only just recovering from almost drowning, and she was absolutely drenched in saltwater. But it was even worse for the creature, being completely made of so ever conductive liquid.

It was even worse for the creature as it's shocked body reverted back into it's solid form, only to realize too late that there was now a good length of arm where several rather important parts were supposed to be.

Juri must of blacked out on her feet for a fraction of an instant, as she lost track of time, but when it all flowed back she was greeted by two sets of screams. One was by the thing, now impaled on her arm and flailing in agony. The other, more surprisingly, was the girl from the speakers.

"Stop!", the voice pleaded, all previous haughtiness drained away to leave anguish and terror. "Please! It doesn't deserve this!"

So Juri's prey considered creatures like this to be more than tools. That was good information. It, in fact, made them incredibly useful tools to Juri.

"Deserve doesn't mean a thing here." Juri spoke to her hidden company, as she took hold of the wounded beast with her free hand. "You sent it out to fight in your place. Simple as that."

With a quick, violent motion Juri pulled her arm out through the rest of the creature and let it flop pitifully to the floor. It writhed with the little energy it had left, far too crippled for any more formshifting shenanigans.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...", the voice babbled between sobs.

"You should be." Juri replied, laying it on thick. As if it was an afterthought, she placed one foot lightly on the neck of the finned creature.

"Please. Don't. Have mercy."

Juri thought about it for a moment.


Juri stomped and then twisted her heel, as if snuffing out a small fire. Which, in a way, she was.


Juri gave the girl on the speakers quite a length of time to weep uninterrupted. It was actually in her favor to do so. The girl had played her hand and failed, and every passing moment that the cost of her attempt sank in would only strengthen Juri's counter-strategy.

Finally, she decided that the time was right.

"The way I see things...", Juri began, stepping over the slain creature as she walked back to the center platform, " have two options."

"Option 1: You keep throwing these weird pets of yours at me, and I carve through them until you have none left. Then I'll have all the time in the world to find out where you are and wrap everything up."

"Or Option 2: You come out and face me yourself. Then it'd be just you and me; and no matter how it plays out, whatever little animal buddies you have left don't have to be part of it."

Juri waited, the silence deafening. She had thrown out her lure, custom made and specially baited for one specific target. Now she could only hope for the bite.

"...What do you mean 'however it plays out'?"

Juri grinned, an image of fishes on strings flashing through her mind. "Kiddo, don't sell yourself short here! You sound like a fiery type. Who knows what you're really capable of?"

Another pause. But one with far less tension, as the hook had already been swallowed.

"Do you really think I might have a chance?"

"Certainly.", Juri lied through her teeth.

"And you promise not to hurt anyone else here?"

"If you come out, I won't have to.", Juri danced around the question with the skill of a capoerista.

Another pause. Then a deep, slow, resigned sigh.

"Okay. I'm... I'm ready."


Juri felt the platform begin to shift underneath her and quickly stepped onto one of the connecting pathways. As she left it the logo rotated, and the two halves pulled back to reveal an elevator shaft descending into darkness. All this time and Juri's target was right under her feet. She had to admit, the setup was pretty clever.

Juri looked on with barely restrained anticipation as her next plaything rose from the darkness and took her place on the resealing platform.


The girl must have been in the realm of early teens; her small, lithe body just beginning to fully develop and fill out. Not that she had dallied in discovering some rather interesting ways to highlight her form. A set of daisy dukes hugged her already fairly impressive hips, and a connected pair of red suspenders were all that held in place a shortened yellow tank top. These were necessary, because it was obvious from the cut of the top's arm and neck holes that nothing else lurked underneath. Her chest was apparently not quite ready for even a training bra.

Moving upwards, her face was set in an expression that she undoubtedly thought was one of stoic determination, but under Juri's seasoned gaze was judged to be more of an adorable pout. Her eyes, saddling the line between blue and green just like the ocean itself, shimmered slightly with held back tears of worry. Her almost imperceptibly shaking hands were white at the knuckles as she gripped her... fishing rod?

"Seriously?" Juri asked, motioning to the tool. Sure, it looked like a good pole -- with a reinforced frame, metal wire for string, and a hardy looking hook -- but the girl was wielding it in front of her like a sword.

"I- I don't have any w-weapons..." the girl stammered out. "...I-I didn't want to fight anyone..."

"Aw, that's okay. I don't have any either." Juri cooed, technically not telling a lie. "What's your name, kid?"

The girl pulled her eyes away from her 'weapon' and finally managed to meet gazes with her 'opponent'. "M-Misty. I'm Misty."

"Weeell, Misty..." Juri sighed, stetching her arms above her head. "For being such a good sport about this, I'm going to do you a favor. First hit's on me. You have until I get to ten."


"One." Juri began to count, her outstretched arms lowering and settling behind her neck.


Juri watched on in glee as quiet panic spread across Misty's body, the opportunity thrown upon her filling her system with adrenaline while simultaneously paralyzing her with indecision.

"Three. Four."

Misty, having apparently come to a decision, took a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm her nerves and lessen her shivers.


With as much resolve as he could muster Misty raised the pole above and behind her head, as if preparing for a major cast--

-- and let it fall through her slackening grip as she crumpled against Juri's knee, the breath blown out of her.

"Ten.", Juri whispered into Misty's ear.


Juri stepped back and let Misty collapse to the floor, retching as her body simultaneously tried filling it's lungs and emptying it's stomach. The end result was about half-and-half. Misty had just finished coughing up what was left of her riceba-er-donut lunch when she was forced to make acquaintance with it again, courtesy of Juri's foot coming down on her head.

"Now don't you worry, kid." Juri purred, slowly twisting her leg to grind Misty's face more. "I know this is your first time. I'll go nice and slow."

Releasing her foothold on Misty, the redhead's resistance to the previous force sprung her up to a sitting position before she could correct her momentum. This earned her a sharp kick in the throat and more gagging as she clutched her windpipe.

Juri watched hungrily, but somewhat concerned. Not for the redhead of course, or at least not directly. This plaything was so small, so fragile, Juri would have to be extra careful not to go too far and utterly break her before she had her fill. This must be how huge meatheads like Zangief feel in their fights.

Huh. That was a thought.

Wanting to try something out, Juri gave Misty a good kick to the stomach to get her to lower her arms. Then she leaned down and wrapped her right hand around Misty's throat.

Juri took a moment to meet Misty's pleading gaze and flash her a smile as she made sure that her Feng Shui engine was totally powered down. Now for the moment of truth.

Slowly, and with surprisingly little effort, Juri lifted Misty entirely off the ground via the throathold.

Misty gurgled and weakly pawed at her captor's arm as Juri examined her handiwork. The girl was so light! This was almost nothing!

Her malicious grin managing to grow even wider, Juri now understood what this called for. Her mind raced to drag up every grandstanding attack half remembered from trashy performance-fight shows and beefcake showdowns.

The first one was a given, considering the moment of realization. With a hint of a flourish, Juri further raised her chokehold and then brutally slammed Misty to the ground. Her fragile frame bounced with an audible thud on impact, which was fairly impressive considering her weight and Juri's intentional lack of assistance. Although Misty's body involuntarily arched due to the trauma to her spine, she was quickly forced back down again as Juri's elbow plunged into her bare stomach.

Juri paused briefly to relax on Misty's quivering form before moving upwards and grabbing hold of the redhead's scraggly ponytail. Standing up, and dragging Misty along with her, she took a moment to adjust her hold so she now clutched the front of Misty's shirt with one hand and the waist of her shorts with the other.

"Ready for a ride, twerp?"

With a heave Juri lifted Misty above her head; her arms and legs flailing pitifully as she realized what was to come. And, after a dramatic pause, Juri brought the girl stomach-down onto her outstretched knee.

Not satisfied with just one go at a move that she so rarely got to use, Juri brought Misty up again. This time her struggles were weaker, and saliva from her open mouth silently dripped and splattered across the floor as well as Juri's arm. As she was impaled on Juri's knee once more she retched and heaved even harder than before, but there was simply nothing left to bring up.

Once more Juri lifted Misty into the air. But this time she had different plans. When Misty was at the height of her ascent Juri skillfully shoved upwards in such a way to rotate Misty without upsetting the balancing act; the end result being the girl now facing upwards. With that bit done Juri brought her down a final time, bending Misty's form with a grisly backbreaker.

Misty finally had enough breath to let out a scream as she landed; and her arms shot up upon impact, only to fall back to their sides. Consciousness left her, and she stared blankly at the ceiling as she hung loosely from Juri's knee.

Although Juri would normally be annoyed by her plaything passing out on her, in this particular circumstance she was not all that put off.

"You poor, poor thing," Juri cooed, petting Misty's fluttering, sweat-beaded stomach as she did so. "Big girl's had a big day. Maybe you deserve a rest."

Juri unceremoniously pushed Misty's twitching body off her as she rose, and began to scan the area for any other... inspirations. After all, she had promised that she'd go slow.


Misty came to, slowly and blearily, to a world filled with shards of glass. At least, that's what it seemed like.

Every breath was agony. Every movement was agony. Every heartbeat was agony. But still, she knew that her torment was far from over. Her torturer had left her alone for now, but she would be back, and when she did she would have new breeds of pain to inflict on her.

She knew that this was her one chance to escape, and if she couldn't take it she would die.

As quietly as she could, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood in order to muffle the cries of anguish she let out with every movement, Misty crawled towards the edge of the platform. If she could only reach the water. Misty no longer had any delusions of defeating her opponent, but she had grown up surrounded by water and could swim with the best of them. Her tormentor couldn't possibly catch up to her in there. And when she reached the pool edge she would hoist herself up and use her head start to find an escape from here.

There had to be a way out. Had to be.


Juri's examination of the surrounding area was interrupted by a splash, followed by the sounds of frantic paddling.

Juri turned to discover that her plaything had rolled into the water, and was making... surprisingly good progress, all things considered. Although the girl was fooling only herself here, Juri had to admit that at least step 1 seemed solid enough.

That is, until one remembers what she forgot to bring along.

Juri hummed a jolly tune to herself as she bent down to seize the twerp's fishing pole. Sometimes they make it all so easy.


She was making it.

With every stroke, with every kick, she was one step closer to freedom.

Her already abused lungs voiced their complaints as she denied them extra air in favor of speed, but it didn't matter. She was almost at the lip of the pool, and with such a wide lead the monster behind her couldn't possibly catch up to her now. All she had to do was finish the last few strokes, hoist herself up and--

Misty stopped in her tracks, bobbing in place, as a terrible cramp took one of her calves.

Then, as she started moving backwards, she realized that it wasn't a cramp.

Her own fishing hook, from her own Super Rod, was lodged firmly in her leg. She couldn't unhook it, as any attempt to reach it just gave the fisher slack to pull in. It wouldn't break or pull free, as she had specially designed it to be the most tenacious and resilient possible. She could only struggle in vain and despair as she was pulled in by a device designed to easily handle the strength of five hundred pound sea-dragons.

That did not stop her, of course. Mad with grief and rage, Misty flailed and pulled. She fought and thrashed and convulsed until she was being dragged through what was seemingly an ocean of her own blood; the wound from the hook growing in size and severity with each act of pointless rebellion.

When Juri hoisted her out of the water by her own line, upside-down due to how the hook hung her, she was utterly spent. It couldn't get any worse than this.

"Well well well," Juri mused, looking over her 'catch', "It looks like I've hooked a mermaid. Little on the scrawny side, though..."

Juri took hold of Misty to remove the hook, then took hold of her yielding form by the back of tank top.

"May have to release this one, actually."

Juri began to saunter down one of the walkways, Misty partially bobbing in the water beside her.

"C'mon, I know just the place."


"Y'know, it really is kind of beautiful up close like this."

Misty did not know what Juri was talking about, and to be honest she no longer cared. It was only when Juri dropped down into the shallow waters herself and turned her around that she realized that her captor was speaking of the fountains.

Well yes, they were rather pretty. She had similar ones installed in her gym back home. The artificial waterfalls, dropping a neverending stream into the pool below, really added a nice touch of symbolism to her establishment she found.

But what about them?

"I think this would be the best place for a young little mermaid, don't you think?", Juri whispered into her ear.

Well, maybe... Wait. No. No!

Misty's begs for mercy fell on deaf ears as Juri spun the tomgirl around to face her. They remained unheeded as Juri, grasping Misty firmly by the throat with both hands, carried her to the falling rapids. And as Juri extended her arms, and forced Misty under the torrent, her pleas were smothered by the unyielding downpour of water.

Juri watched with interest as Misty writhed in her grasp. The girl's arms were able to reach out of the falling water, but could do nothing more but ineffectually claw at Juri's forearms. Although it was not completely clear -- due to the nature of a waterfall -- Juri could see Misty through the water and observed her go through several stages.

First was the panic. Here she thrashed and shook and tried to pry Juri's hands away. This stage was fairly short-lived as she quickly realized that she was just using up the remnants of her air faster.

Up next was her trying to "cheat the system"; hoping that through some position or trick she could find enough consistent air to survive. She tried rotating her head in every way she could, but soon found that looking upwards only earned her a mouthful of water and the stream was too complete to create air pockets under her jaw.

Then was the waiting game. Resigned with the fact that she currently had her last breath of air inside her, she stopped moving in order to conserve energy and hold it as long as possible. Juri almost swore that Misty was staring back at her through the water here, and gave her a cheeky little nod just in case.

Of course, that couldn't last forever. Finally -- after an admittedly impressively long time -- Misty began to lose it. As she finally let the final bubbles of air leave her lungs she resumed her thrashings with newfound strength; her body giving everything it had left in a final desperate struggle. But, as her gasps for air only filled her lungs with seawater, her thrashes turned into convulsions. Then into twitches. Then into shivers.

Then, finally, into nothing.

After a little more time, just to make absolutely sure, Juri pulled back and brought Misty out of the waterfall.

She looked... shocked. That's the thing about drowning; it doesn't really have as many signs as most other forms of death sport. If it weren't for the loss of a certain gleam in her eyes, and the fact that the budding breasts outlined by her soaked tank top refused to move, she could have just merely have heard an off-color joke.

Satisfied with her work, Juri let what was formerly Misty drop and float face-down in the water.

Well. That was fun.

Now for a little exploring.


Juri stood on the elevator platform as it descended down the shaft, impatient with it's glacial speed. She briefly reconsidered climbing back up instead of waiting, but ultimately decided that if she came this far she might as well follow through.

Finally, after entirely too long, it finally reached it's destination. Amusingly enough there were no doors to walk through; the elevator platform just dropped directly into the control room.

The control room for the gym, like most of the gym itself, had a good amount of style to go along with its substance. It was located deep in the waters of the pool, and the "walls" and "roof" were made of reinforced glass, so one could actually look up through the water at what was above. She could even see the outline of Misty from here. Hi, Misty!

A more conventional observation terminal was also present -- complete with controls and a monitor hooked into whatever recording devices the screens upstairs were using -- and this was apparently where Misty had set up sho...

...There was something hugging her ankle. Why was something hugging her?

Looking down, she finally noticed two small creatures. The one actually hugging her looked like an egg come to life; the tiny, fingerless nubs it considered arms trying to wrap around her leg. The second, larger one was some kind of mallard. A mallard with hands. Looking more confused than anything, the bizarre bird was clutching it's cranium as if it had a migraine.

Juri thought she could help it with that.

She drew her one free leg back, and then...

...dropped it right back down again.

What was the point? If Misty was still alive Juri may have smashed them in front of her, but as it stood right now there was nothing to really get out of killing them. She couldn't even justify them as a threat, since she was pretty sure that if they were any possible trouble they would have been out there right alongside the water-cat.

Brushing the duck aside, and with the egg still stuck to her leg, Juri made her way over to the observation terminal.


This was a pretty good setup, Juri thought to herself. No wonder the twerp was so against leaving it.

Juri sat leaning back on the terminal chair, her crossed legs propped up on the counter itself. Her clothes hung from a rack nearby; being soaked, Juri wanted to give them a little time to dry before carrying on. That egg-thing bounced up and down on one of Juri's bobbing feet as she examined the little piece of metal she held between two fingers.

Juri had gone through Misty's belongings while she was down here, and most of it was the usual stuff; extra sets of clothes, some riceba-er-donuts, a few photographs of a boy, yada yada yada. But then there was this. Or, more specifically, these.

Little teardrop-shaped pins. A whole box of 'em. Why would you ever need so many?

Maybe they meant something. Perhaps Juri would take one of them when she left.

Turning her attention back to the egg, which had dropped from her foot onto the counter, she gave it a nudge with one of her toes. It rocked back and forth, tittering.

Maybe she'd take one. Among other things.

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After thinking about that a bit, it came to me that some people may enjoy/cannot look away from twisted shit like mine but also do not want to go through creating an account which would be tied to said twisted shit. Hell, I was much the same way before I actually convinced myself to start writing this stuff. Just in case, here's a possible compromise for ya.

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AAAAAHHHHHHH! The Pukeymon Cuteness it burns!

LOL all joking aside this was not a bad chapter, not quite as sadistic or sexy as your other chapters but all in all it was a good chapter.


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Apologies for this one taking longer than usual. I had another subject ready to write about, then I found about this one and it had to leap to the front of the line. The only problem was that I had just found out about this series; so to properly "do my homework" I had to play through the story mode of a game 100%, watch an entire anime series and OVA, then look up video character guides for a couple other installments.

Here's hoping that you'll find it in your heart to forgive me after reading the result, though.

Also, I would like to remind readers again about this being hard ryona. Just in case you forgot.

Chapter 1: Bladed Cage
Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles
Chapter 3: I'm Your Boogeyman
Chapter 4: Making A Splash!
Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta (You Are Here)
Chapter 6: Suffering Sappho!
Chapter 7: Evil By Moonlight
Chapter 8: Another M
Chapter 9: Roy G. Biv Sends His Regards
Chapter 10: Rocks Fall
Chapter 11: Written By The Winners

Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta

Juri leapt from rooftop to rooftop, the ornately decorated shingles beneath her feet providing more than enough grip.

This new area was fairly mundane, but still hard to place regardless. A shrine? An academy? A military boot camp? All of the above? Up on this seemingly remote mountain range, a colossal, sprawling castle-mansion of vaguely Japanese design towered over the no man's land around it. A room with a chabudai table, circled with tatami mats, placed right next to a window for the best view of dirt laced with barbed wire. A wooden bridge, lovingly carved to seem as if the hand railings were serpentine dragons, arcing over a pond filled with broken blades and speckled with shreds of seifuku. One of those bamboo water donk-donk things -- she always forgot the name -- being fed liquid of a suspiciously coppery tinge as papers long made illegible work their way out of a torn backpack nearby and flutter about the area. Taken part-by-part it could have made sense, but everything together was a place where comprehension went to die.

Oh well. She wasn't here to figure this place out. What she wanted was... right... over... there.

That must be it. In the distance, amidst an army of sparring dummies, was a moving, white dot. It was the only sign of life Juri had seen since she entered this place. And, if all went well, it would also be the last.


As Juri drew closer she noticed a peculiarity: The motion that originally caught her eye was not actually the figure walking or practicing on one of the training dummies surrounding her. Juri's target had actually noticed her first, and was excitedly flagging her down with a two-hand wave. This was hardly the only strange thing about her, though.


To get the most obvious thing out of the way: She was dressed as some sort of saccharine ballerina angel. Juri was slightly alarmed at the prospect of facing off against an actual mythical being, but upon closer inspection it was clear that the wings were just part of her Halloween costume. Upon further thought, there was no chance of a getup like that crossing the pearly gates in the first place.

Her boots -- which somehow managed to be both platform shoes and high heels -- gave way to stockings specifically designed to draw attention to the gap between their end and the start of her skirt. And it was quite a gap; the skirt itself rigged to shoot outwards instead of cover anything below it. Continuing the theme of "Why even bother?", the angel's impressive chest bobbed and weaved a fraction of a second behind the rest of her enthusiastic bouncing; loosely confined within just enough frilly material to be considered a corset. Moving even further upward, a tiny glittery tiara sat upon her golden blonde locks. She wore a catlike smile and her mismatched eyes almost glowed in anticipation.

"It's about time!" the angel nearly shouted with glee, hopping from foot to foot as if to a tune which only she could hear. "It's been far too long since I've had a dance with someone."

"Somehow, I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into." Juri replied, sizing up her opponent.

The angel's cheeks gained a light shade of red, but her grin did not waver one bit.

"Oh, I know alright. Don't hold back!"


Juri allowed the angel to make the first move, in order to get a better handle on what she was capable of. Juri was particularly interested in her weapons of choice -- apparently a set of twin handguns fused by the handles and fired using both index and pinkie fingers -- but it was her movement that really caught her off guard. The angel did not run so much as glide, some ability of hers allowing her to slide across the muddy ground with all the grace and ease of a figure skater on clean ice. That was a pity; she was actually looking forward to her trying to do anything in those shoes.

At the end of her "charge" the angel leapt slightly off the ground, corkscrewing and firing her weapons as she did so to lay down a sphere of danger all around her. Taking the risk, Juri dove underneath the ballerina's lunge and rolled back into a ready stance behind her.

Despite how quick this all went, Juri learned a great deal of valuable information. For one: The angel's modified pistols were altered a lot more thoroughly than expected. Instead of bullets they created large, short-range bursts of red and blue energy at the muzzles; functioning more like a taser or weaponized sparkler than any type of handgun. And, as one blast grazed her foot, she realized that the energy itself was rather unique as well. Her skin was at first scorched by the explosion, as would be expected, but then the burned area was immediately turned frigid as ice crystals grew along it. The effect altogether was painful as all hell, and pretty inconvenient on top of that, but it would take a lot of effort to make it even approach lethal. That was good to keep in mind.

As the angel spun to once again meet her, Juri had already come up with the outlines of a plan. Crossing her arms in front of her for protection, Juri charged the angel head-on.

The angel opened fire, burning then freezing Juri's forearms, but Juri still advanced. Now protected by a layer of ice, Juri thrust her welded arms forward to catch her opponent's neck in the gap between her hands. She hung like that for a few more steps until they slammed into a sparring dummy, trapping the angel between it and Juri's reinforced cross choke.

Juri wasted no time to press the advantage. Although she could do nothing with her hands until they thawed enough to break out her legs were just fine, and she began a flurry of knees into the angel's stomach.

The angel, caught off guard and now lacking in air, could seemingly do little in defense. She at first attempted to reach past Juri's head -- perhaps to shoot her pistols into the sides of her skull or pull her cranium in for a headbutt -- but only managed enough energy for her arms to hang limply on Juri's shoulders as she lost grip of her weapons. Her cheeks flushed more and more crimson as her abused lungs begged for air. Her corset -- already of iffy design all by itself -- finally gave out under the blows, her breasts now open to the world as the laces unraveled and the cups fell away. But still that odd smile remained.

Starting to finally feel give in the frost, Juri changed tacks. Bringing back her arms, but entwining her legs around the angel's so she still could not escape the pin, Juri freed her forearms from each other with a strong tug. Although they were still covered in a decent amount of ice, it only helped as she began her assault on the angel's face and chest.

The angel shook and trembled as the blows rained down on her. Sweat, tears, and blood flew with every strike that snapped her skull in another direction. Her spittle, now mixed with a generous red tinge due to fists mashing lips against teeth, dripped down to add more splatters of color to the welts forming on her breasts. Finally gaining enough breath to make sound, the air was soon filled with her gasps, grunts and moans.

Wait one second.
Something was off here.

Shaking off the last traces of melting ice, Juri Han clutched the angel by her hair to keep her in place as she more closely examined her prey. Juri's foe positively radiated warmth; her flush skin hot enough to entertain the thought of the sweat flowing down her form just turning to steam instead. She was still panting heavily, her tongue lolling out of her mouth, long after she should have been able to regain her wind. And she still had that silly, catty grin. Noticing that the assault had stopped, the angel slowly raised her half-lidded eyes and spoke.

"Why did you stop?"


Oh. It was going to be that kind of deal.

Juri thought the situation over, as the angel shivered and squirmed in her grasp. On one hand, free meal. On the other, it was just not as fun without resistance. Where was the challenge, the rush of victories taken and spirits conquered?

Oh well. It would be a nice diversion, at least.

Juri left the angel a parting knee to her crotch before letting go, stepping back, and allowing her to slide down the training dummy.

She sat there clutching her nethers, little mewls escaping her gritted teeth. After Juri was sure that she had recovered, and had moved on to other interests in the area, she finally spoke up.

"Pretty gutsy for a girl like you to wear wings like that."

Having regained her attention, the angel focused back on Juri and smiled. Leaning forward, going down on all fours, she crept through the mud towards Juri.

"Yes, Master. I need to be punished."

She crept low to the ground, to the point that her breasts occasionally brushed against the slime below her. What remained of her frilly white dress quickly degenerated into a filthy wreck as she slithered on.

"Tease me. Call me names. Hurt me. Throw me down and beat me like the animal I am."

Stopping at Juri's feet, she placed her forehead against the wet ground as if in worship.

"Use me, Master, as hard and rough as you can. I am yours to break."

After a moment of thought, Juri placed one foot on the angel's head. With just a little push, she forced the angel's face down into the mud and watched her quiver with joy.

"Bad dog."

The angel said something, despite being muffled by the mud, but not much was really needed to recognize barks.

"Bad, bad dog."


"Is this what passes for honorable combat with you?"

Juri released her foothold from the angel and looked around for the origin of this new voice. Whoever it was must have quite a set of lungs; nothing should be so booming in an area as wide open as here.

"Or is this just for when you think no one is watching?"

Now ready to properly track the voice, Juri quickly pinpointed the source. A few yards off, standing on the "head" of one of the training dummies, was... was...

...was a main course.


She stood tall, arms crossed and resolute. Her sense of balance must have been impeccable, considering the awkwardness of her traditional wooden sandals. Her lion's mane of hair and her tattered jacket long enough to double as a cape billowed impressively, despite a lack of wind. While her lower body was apparently clothed as an afterthought -- with ratty pants and a literal rope for a "belt" -- her torso up was revealed to the world, with nothing besides her jacket and bandage wraps for coverage. Not that she had anything to hide; with muscles as well built as that, it was a marvel that she bothered with clothes at all.

She gazed down at Juri with obvious contempt, the one visible eye actually glowing red. This was it. This was it. This was a catch.

"Stay, girl", Juri managed to mumble as she left the angel behind and walked towards her new target. She could always get back to that one. Later.

"I know of your kind, whelp. You seek not challenges, but conquests. You search for victims instead of rivals."

The new woman stepped off her perch and fell to the ground, stiff-legged and unmoving. She landed perfectly on her feet, and the dirt around her caved in slightly despite how small the drop really was.

"Today you will recieve none of those. I am Daidoji, and I am here to show you the true power of a shinobi."


As usual, Juri waited for her opponent to make the first move.
And waited.
And waited.

Soon it became obvious that this Daidoji character had much the same idea. Hell, she hadn't even uncrossed her arms yet.

Alright, fair enough. Juri wasn't averse to taking the lead in a relationship.

Juri closed in and went for a straight kick to test her opponent's reaction time. Results were... inconclusive.

As the blow was about to connect Daidoji puffed out her chest, and Juri was flung back by... something. It was not wind. It was not a strike, grab, or any type of energy attack she had ever known. It was like Daidoji's sheer force of will was for one moment made tangible just to punch Juri in the teeth.

Reeling from the blow, Juri regained her footing just in time to see the follow-up coming. An incredibly exaggerated haymaker, complete with a dramatic pause on the windup, it was something Juri could dodge in her sleep.

And dodge she did.
What she didn't escape, though, was the aftermath.

As the fist sailed by her, she has only a moment to begin snarking at her foe before the sonic boom swept her off her feet. And she had not yet touched the ground before the fireball created by collapsing air pockets sent her tumbling away.

"Do you understand the errors you have made?"

Juri Han watched with morbid fascination as the shinobi burst out of the still collapsing fireball, catching hold of one of her legs.

"There is no strength gained living on carrion. There is no such thing as a mighty scavenger."

With a heave Daidoji flung Juri downwards, and the next instant she could recall she was sprawled out in the mud. The shockwave of Daidoji landing next to her popped her back up a bit, allowing the shinobi to grasp her by the chest.

"You prey on the weak, and thus only learn to fight the weak."

Knowing that she needed distance her no matter what, Juri tried to pry open Daidoji's grip with both hands while delivering what kicks she could manage with her dangling legs. Neither option showed much progress.

"I have crashed against the rocks until they crumbled before me. I have pounded my fists upon titans until there was nothing left that they could not break."

Halting for another dramatic pause, Daidoji locked her glowing eyes with Juri's.

"Including you."


Daidoji would have been dissapointed at the creature struggling in her grip, but she knew from the start that this was not a match. This was an example to be made. Parasites like these were a step below the youma she hunted, and were made all the more vile by their deliberate choice to become what they were.

Her eyes still locked with her opponent's, Daidoji drew back her one free hand in preparation for the finishing blow. As it reached the full extent of her readiness her clenched fist began to shake from the tension, creating a faint glow around it as air molecules crashed against each other at devastating speeds.

"I'll carve this into your body, so hell will know what sent you! Senran Tiger FIS-"

Daidoji paused her attack as she felt someone embrace her from behind. She was not scared for herself; it was just that an innocent so close would have no chance of survival.

Looking back, she saw that the shinobi-in-training this wretch was demeaning had wrapped her arms around Daidoji's stomach.

"Stand back and learn, child."

"Oh, I know enough," the student cooed. "and I can't let you harm my Master."

The surrounding air shimmered as a wave of heat pulsed outwards. Daidoji did not have a good enough vantage point to see for sure, but she was certain that the student behind her was now completely nude. It was a trick taught to all shinobi; a specific channeling of body energies, which maximized all offensive capabilities at the expense of any defense and all current attire. Only now did she notice that the student's hands were not empty; the barrels of her reclaimed pistols pointing inward at her senior.

"Ultimate Ninja Art...", the student began.

She knew that it was too late now, and that the following moments were going to be excruciating. But, at least, she knew that her captive could not possibly live through such an event. Happy for that much, she turned back forward for a parting word to...

...the purple top in her hand, the undone straps still swaying slightly from their master's withdrawal.



Juri was not sure how far was a safe distance. The answer, apparently, was "nowhere".

Knowing better now than to trust her footing, Juri dove to the ground the moment she felt the air begin to change. It was not the best sensation to have her now bare chest pressed against the mud, but it certainly beat possible vaporization.

She was facing away from the spectacle, but more than enough was reflected off the scenery and even sky itself to get a good enough grasp on it. The world flickered between blue and red, blotting out any other color by sheer magnitude alone. Her top, now smoldering with unusually patriotic sparks, blew past her and wrapped itself around the one of the few training dummies still standing. She'd have to remember to retrieve it later. It seemed like ages that Juri lied there, waiting for everything to stop exploding, but eventually the show fizzled to a stop. When she was absolutely sure that the moment had passed Juri rose to her feet and turned around, expecting to find a crater and nothing else.

She was half right.

There was a crater. But in the direct center of it stood two figures.

The first, Juri's new pet angel, was completely nude. Apparently spent, she had ceased giving off energy and dropped her weapons, now only clutching the second figure from behind.

The second, of course, was Daidoji. Still standing tall. Still unmarked. The only difference now being that most of her clothing having been torn away, the only survivor being her jacket-coat.

"You..." she said, glaring at Juri.

"You..." she repeated, glaring back at the angel.

"W...why..." she finished, dropping to her knees.


What a stupid question.

For fun.


As Juri made her way down the crater, she motioned for her angel pet to hoist Daidoji back to her feet. Taking more glee in the act than healthy, she cupped the fallen shinobi's breasts in each palm and used them as leverage to keep her standing.

Daidoji was awoken from her nap by a series of slaps across the face. Greeted by the parasite in front of her and the student behind her, memories of what had happened came flooding back.

"Why?" She asked again, her voice now lacking the thunder it once had.

"Because I can", Juri shot back, followed by a fist to the jaw.

"Not you... the other one. Why save your torturer?"

"Master hurts me because I ask for it", the angel replied from behind her. "And she's so good! I couldn't ask for someone better!"

Daidoji's mind was reeling. Not just because of what she had just been through, either. She was no stranger to pain -- it was almost an artform if training hard enough, in fact -- but to actively seek it out by itself? To be tortured, humiliated, and broken for fun?

"How could you... enjoy this?"

"Well I don't know about you, pet..." Juri butted in, tracing a finger around Daidoji's lips, "...but I think she's asking for a lesson. Care to help me teach the senior?"

"Master... I'd love to."


They worked in tandem: Juri provided the pain, and the angel provided the pleasure.

Juri at first only watched as the angel "revved her up", kneading Daidoji's breasts between her fingers. Obviously she was very resistant at first; but she was still too weak to put up any kind of fight, and attention like that can only go on for so long before the body reacts all on its own. As Daidoji's cheeks began to redden with more than rage, and her nipples hardened between tweaking fingers, Juri leaned in to wrap her hands around the shinobi's throat.

Slowly, but firmly, she began closing Daidoji's windpipe. The shinobi's original gasp upon realizing what was happening was quickly cut short into pitiful sputters, and Juri watched as her angry eyes gradually began to cloud. She made sure to let up and give her air occasionally, though. She was far from through with her new toy, and like most good things the best place to be was tottering on the edge.

For Daidoji herself, things from the point that Juri started choking her were... fuzzy. Fuzzy, but not entirely unpleasant. It was if she had floated out of her body, leaving behind every sensation but ghostly waves of pleasure that rolled over her from a source she knew but just couldn't place.

When the clouds parted she was on her knees, apparently allowed to fall by her captors. She was given little time for respite, though, since as soon as Juri could tell that Daidoji was fully "there" she kneeled down herself and began pumping fists into Daidoji's gut.

Daidoji was better suited for this than most, her amazingly toned abs being able to soak up a great deal of punishment, but they were eventually no match for Juri's enhancements and persistence. As Daijoji felt her insides churn, fingers laced through her hair and pulled her head back. It was then that the angel, leaning over her, locked her into a full kiss from above.

The angel's tongue explored her mouth and her one free hand danced across her collarbone as Juri continued to lay into her torso. Her index finger playfully made circles in the indentation at the base of her throat, further rousing aches from the strangulation she had just come out of. As Juri finished up with a series of extra hard blows, their piston-power causing bile to rise to her mouth, the angel seized her head with both hands and went as deep as she could into the kiss. As she pulled away, leaving Daidoji to sit there panting, strings of saliva fell back down onto her upturned face.

She felt the angel's breasts brush against her back as she sat down behind her. Lightly, teasingly, the angel's hands snaked around her aching midsection and plunged between her legs.

At this point Daidoji was more ready than she wanted to let on -- much more, in fact -- and reacted immediately to the probing. Her thick, muscular thighs closed upon the hands like a vice, as if trying with all their might to pull in even more. Her hips began to rise up and down, riding the pulses of pleasure shooting through her body. She even couldn't help but let a small moan escape, right before Juri clutched her by the scalp and sent a knee into her face.

Juri was not nearly as fast in this assault as the others, allowing Daidoji's vision to clear of fireworks and mostly recall what was happening before the next blow. The result was constant throbs of pleasure, punctuated by peaks of literally brain-jarring sensations that enhanced every input for a brief moment. She could feel herself getting closer, but not quite there yet. There just wasn't enough.

It was on the next blow, where her nose was broken, that finally did it. The jolt of pain finally put her over the edge, and the sickening crunch was all but drowned out by her shriek as she convulsed in agonizing bliss.

Passing out for a moment, Daidoji awoke to Juri cupping her face in her hands.

"Now..." Han cooed " you get it?"

Daidoji always prided herself in being an unrelenting tide, a force of nature which could beat on any obstruction until it crumbled and gave way. But what happens to a wave that travels so far it reaches land? Was there any shame in it falling and breaking against the shore? Was it wrong to fail against the truly impossible? Was it an issue to wring whatever good could be had out of that final, unforgiving defeat?

"Y-yes..." Daidoji replied, almost in a whisper. "...Master."


Juri let go of Daidoji, letting her fall back into the mud with a pitiful slosh. It was done. She was completely broken. This day just could not get any better.

"Did I do good, Master?" the angel asked as she hugged Juri's leg.

All of a sudden, an idea came to Juri. A wicked, awful idea.

Maybe this day could get better.

"You sure did!", Juri replied to her loyal pet. "Maybe a little too well, in fact."

"Too... good?" the angel inquired, her head tilting to the side quizzically.

"You see, I have two pets now." Juri began, shaking the angel off in order to take a few steps back. "I only ever wanted one."

The angel's eyes widened with realization, and Juri gleefully exploited her enhanced reflexes to remain a hair's breadth away from her pleading grasp.

"I'm a good pet, Master. I haven't let you down. I'll do anything you want. A-anything a-at all."

It was at this point that she began to break down, words gushing out through pauses in sobs.

"I need you, Master. You're my life, Master. Please don't leave me. Please don't leave me!"

"Whoah, hold on there." Juri finally replied. "There's an easy way to prove you're the best pet."

"T-there is?" the angel, asked, wiping her eyes of tears.

"Sure thing! What I want is the strongest, toughest pet. All you have to do is defeat your competition."

"D-didn't I already do that?"

"Noooo..." Juri chided, wagging a finger at the angel, "you did not. the fact that there is another pet still proves it."

The shoe having dropped, the angel's mismatched eyes narrowed to slits as realization dawned across her face.

"I understand now."

Dropping the four-legged act and pushing herself up, she turned to find that her "rival" Daidoji had regained consciousness and had blearily risen to her feet herself. That was not going to last long.

"I am the best pet."


Daidoji was far too busy regathering her wits to eavesdrop on the conversation, so it came as a complete surprise to her when the angel tackled her back down into the mud. The angel mounted her pelvis-to-pelvis, but whatever pleasure she could get out of the situation was quickly overidden as the angel began slashing away.

Still missing her pistols, all the angel had for weapons were what she was born with. And, in her fit of bestial rage, she took to using her "claws".

Daidoji began to scream as the angel's hands, which had just so recently lifted her into the previously-unknown peaks, now tore ragged lines across her skin. She attempted to raise her arms to protect herself, but the angel merely used them as leverage for a headbutt and Daidoji once again fell back defenseless. As the blood pooled in her coat and soaked into the ground, Daidoji's struggles began to wane. This was partially because of shock, but also --rather alarmingly -- the shinobi could feel herself begin to ascend again. With her interpretations of pain and pleasure so recently linked, the horrifying tortures of her impending murder were also feeding her an equivalent surge of bliss.

Through with tearing Daidoji to ribbons, the angel clasped the sides of the shinobi's head. Daidoji only had a moment to parse this before the angel's thumbs pressed through her eyes and deep into the sockets.

Daidoji's shrieks of simultaneous agony and ecstasy were now deafening, but did not last for long. This was because the angel lowered her head, clasped the shinobi's throat in her jaws, and bit down.

With a grisly rip the angel threw her head back, arterial blood splattering the both of them as Daidoji's throat came with her. Daidoji's whole body arched -- rising to meet her murderer as she reached climax for the last time -- then fell back, spent. Her final, unheard words -- mouthed silently as she faded -- were simply "more" over and over.

The angel finally began to calm down, mounted on the cooling body of her former "rival". She brought her blood-soaked hand up to her mouth, still filled with the meat of her victim. Furrowing her brow and closing her eyes, she forced herself to swallow. She gagged a little at first, but after it all went down she leaned back and let out a sigh of relief.



For a moment Juri didn't know what to do when the angel turned towards her, perched upon the corpse of her "opponent" and drenched in equal measures with mud and viscera. When she snapped out of the trance, she quickly realized that her pet was waiting on her input.

After a brief pause, Juri brought her hands up and gave the angel a golf clap.

Such a good day.


The angel shook in excitement as Master secured her down. They had relocated to a nearby road for her "victory lap", so that they had a much more solid patch of ground to freeze her limbs to. Master was so interested about her guns, she couldn't help but teach her all about them. After all, more tools to be used!

With the final binding done, Master stood over her from above. "Are you ready for some fun, pet?"

She was. Oh how much she was.

"Well tough," the Master replied, "because I'm bored now."

The angel's view jerked as Master's foot hit the side of her head at full force, twisting it unnaturally as her neck snapped from whiplash.

The angel tried to look up at her Master, but could not will her head to turn. She tried to ask what she had done wrong, but could not manage a single utterance. She tried to move something, anything, but only found numbness that was rapidly overwhelming what little she had left.

I was the perfect pet she thought to herself, with a single tear managing to squeeze out of her ducts right at the finish line. Master, I was the perfect...


Juri watched the angel from just outside her line of sight, as the pet's twitches diminished steadily into nothingness. She was quite a catch, and it was a bit sad to see her go already, but Juri knew she would not be allowed to move on until everyone else in the area was dead. And that's the trick with masochists; you had to get creative to really mess with them. She wondered if, in her last moments, the angel got the point of a sadist leaving her high and dry like that. Probably not. She didn't seem terribly sharp.

Still, Juri was going to remember this encounter quite fondly for quite some time. It would be a cold day in hell before she ever forgot about Daidoji and...


Did she ever catch the angel's name?

Hey, congrats on making it to the end of a chapter! I've noticed that these stories get a lot more readers than responses or feedback; as diligent as a couple "regulars" here are, I doubt that they have viewed this topic over three thousand times between them.

After thinking about that a bit, it came to me that some people may enjoy/cannot look away from twisted shit like mine but also do not want to go through creating an account which would be tied to said twisted shit. Hell, I was much the same way before I actually convinced myself to start writing this stuff. Just in case, here's a possible compromise for ya.

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Chapter 1: Bladed Cage
Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles
Chapter 3: I'm Your Boogeyman
Chapter 4: Making A Splash!
Chapter 5: Getting Dangerously Meta
Chapter 6: Suffering Sappho! (You Are Here)
Chapter 7: Evil By Moonlight
Chapter 8: Another M
Chapter 9: Roy G. Biv Sends His Regards
Chapter 10: Rocks Fall
Chapter 11: Written By The Winners

Chapter 6: Suffering Sappho!

As she sat on the shoreline, feeling the sun against her skin and watching the waves roll in endlessly, she couldn't help but feel at peace. This place was the definition of soothing.

She supposed that the theoretical residents would need that, to put up with all the goddamn stairs.

Craning her head away from the hypnotizing tide, Juri Han turned to look once again inland. This island -- or perhaps more accurately, set of islands -- was a spectacle all of its own. Whatever force shot this land up above sealine must have been anything but gentle, resulting in jagged peaks and sheer cliffs as far as the eye could see. There were some areas made manageable by determined hands, carving out and flattening down the landscape for pathways and cities, but they were still surrounded by rock as soon as the first step out of their boundaries.

Well, no, that was a bit disingenuous. There was plenty of rock inside the cities as well. One could argue even moreso, in fact. Whoever had colonized this home away from home were apparently big fans of the Greeks; most notably their love for marble. Every structure was made pretty much entirely from that brilliant stone, to the point that all the fancy columns and expertly sculpted statues of dead heroes eventually just turned into a blur. It was a masterwork of craftsmanship and artistry... but good luck finding a comfortable place to sit.

Sighing and rising to her feet, Juri Han set sights again on her ultimate destination. On the furthest mountain (of course), at the tip of it's highest peak (of course), with only a winding, unkempt trail littered with crumbling marble stairs (yep), was a small structure. Juri could not make out what it was from so far away, but she could see the billows of smoke rising up from it.

Where there's smoke there's fire. And where there's fire, in this colony of the least flammable buildings in existence at least, there must be someone there to tend to it.

After a quick series of stretches to get her legs ready for the trip, Juri set out to meet her new... friend.


After an entirely-too-long trek, Juri found herself at the foot of the mystery building. Apparently it was a shrine. Or, like, part of one. Either by design or just simple weathering, the structure currently standing could be best described as half of a marble dome. Held aloft by pillars of the same material, it provided a small amount of shelter for three statues and several decorative wall torches. Crouched in front of the largest, centermost statue was a person, with only her curly black hair unobscured by her cloak. There were no points for guessing what she was doing.

"Praying already?" Juri asked, stopping a few feet from her new plaything. "That usually doesn't happen for a good ten more minutes or so."

Nonplussed, and without a hint of motion, the figure replied back.

"You are privileged to set foot on such sacred ground."

Rising to full height, but still with her back to Juri, the figure gestured upwards to the statue before them. It was an enormous replica of a woman, her attire a unique blend of delicate silks draped over impressive looking armor. The statue itself was kneeling -- the only thing allowing it to fit inside the structure at all -- and its hands were put forth on top of each other palms-up as if presenting an unseen gift.

"This is Athena, goddess of wisdom and patron of the Amazons."

Moving her hand to the left, the cloaked figure now pointed to a second statue. This one was much smaller -- only slightly too large to pass as a human proper -- but this did little to diminish its stature. Clad entirely in well-worn armory, a female warrior glared from the eyeholes in its helmet as it was apparently frozen in the middle of hefting a battleaxe .

"This is Antiope, second born and first exiled of the Amazons."

Pausing only a moment to shuffle an unseen object between hands, the hooded figure brought her right hand up to point at the final statue. It was roughly the same size as the previous, this one being of a woman dressed in a flowing robe. It was much more unassuming than either of the others, merely standing there demurely with its hands clasped in front of it, but nonetheless had a warm and caring air.

"This is Hippolyta, first born and ruler of the Amazons."

Finally turning to face Juri, the figure allowed her cloak to slide off her shoulders and drift to the floor.


The woman's frame was slender but well toned, one of a person not adverse to hard work. Her red, white and blue attire was rather odd given the circumstances -- clearly an imported design from a very obvious source rather than naturally born from the culture around it -- but managed to avoid a total clash with skillful use of gold trim. The only other metal she wore was a similarly golden tiara and a pair of silvery gauntlets; their basic design blurring the line visually between armor and shackles. Attached to her waist was a looped rope; Juri had almost counted it as golden as well, but the bizarre way in which it glowed hinted at it being of something far less mundane than mere ore. But despite all this Juri's gaze couldn't help but be drawn to the woman's face; her red, pursed lips and chilling blue eyes making her determined gaze almost hypnotic in intensity.

"I am Princess Diana; daughter of Queen Hippolyta, chosen of Athena, and Themysciran emissary."

Diana shifted her stance to bring up the object she had been holding earlier, now revealed as a immaculately polished xiphos, and pointed the blade towards Juri.

"Though I somehow doubt that you are here for diplomatic reasons."


Both women stood their ground, clearly trying to gauge the confidence of the other. It was ultimately Diana who cancelled the standoff, shifting her weapon slightly to the side to point instead beyond Juri.

"Behind you."

"...Are you kidding?" Juri asked. "I can tell you're old fashioned, but that trick stopped working centuries ago."

"Tricks are for the unprepared and desperate." Diana answered, bringing her blade back down to point at the floor. "You have walked past two barrels filled with weapons, flanking either side of the entrance. They are all of Themysciran make; you will find no higher quality in the hands of man or beast. You may take whatever you need for our duel."

Juri glanced behind her. Surely enough there they were; she must have been too preoccupied with everything else to notice something as comparatively mundane.

"I appreciate the offer, princess..." Juri replied, turning back to the Amazon and assuming a combat-ready stance, "...but I've always been a hands-on type of girl."

It was for just an instant, but Juri was sure that she saw a ghost of a smile touch the Amazon's features.

"Very well."

Crouching slightly, Diana plunged her sword directly into the marbled floor. It pierced through the stone as easily as cardboard, leaving itself embedded as its owner left.

"I accept your terms.", the Amazon continued, and rapidly picked up speed as she began her opening charge.


The fight started fast but restrained, both combatants holding back in order to test the other. Juri easily danced around Diana's attempted blows, but made sure not to get careless; judging by that trick with the sword, even a glancing hit from this Amazon could be a game changer. What quickly caught Juri's attention, though was her opponent's method of repelling attacks.

Princess Diana was resolute in standing her ground during the brawl, not taking a single step back to dodge any incoming attack. What she did instead was block each strike with her arms, using the gauntlets on her wrists as mobile shields. This worked much better than expected; Juri's normally weighty kicks could not even push her back, every blow landing upon the gauntlets stopping instantly as if drained of all momentum.

It was a perplexing, but somehow impenetrable defense. At least, at first. It did not take long for Juri to spot a glaring flaw in this strategy.

Retreating a step and drawing both of her fists back, Juri made sure to telegraph the impending twin hook punches hard enough to travel by land lines. Diana predictably brought both of her arms up to meet them, one gauntlet for each fist. But when their limbs met Juri's hands were instead open and ready, instantly grasping tightly on to the Amazon's forearms to keep them in place.

Now having something to work with, Juri followed up with the counterattack. Still clutching the Amazon, Juri hopped slightly off the ground and pulled inwards; the end effect being a slingshot motion allowing her to bury both feet wherever she chose on her opponent.

Juri's finished attack landed squarely on Diana's face, the sudden force resulting in a brutal torrent of pain.

Through Juri.

The Amazon's form did not give one bit, meaning that Juri absorbed all the shock of the blow. She felt several bones in her feet crack or dislodge as they crashed against their target. Her legs thrashed involuntarily as the shockwave traveled through her bones and danced up her spine. Caught utterly by surprise by this turn of events, Juri lost grip of the Amazon and fell on her back.

The standard simile for this would probably be something like 'it was akin to kicking a brick wall,' but that would be a massive undersell. Juri, with the aid of her Feng Shui engine, could kick through brick walls without a second thought. This was on an entirely different level, one that by all means should not be possible.

"What are you made of, girl?" Juri asked between whooping breaths, clutching her back while it spasmed.

"Funny you should ask.", Diana replied, the smile hinted at previously now surfacing in full.

Diana squatted down beside the prone Juri, lowering her voice to offset their closeness.

"Clay, actually."

Diana paused a moment to take in Juri's look of puzzlement, then continued.

"Clay, Hippolyta's prayers, the soul of the first infant girl denied life by the hands of mankind, a little bit of magic..."

Diana paused again to rise back up to standing.

"Oh, and the blessings of at least six gods."

With that she drew her foot back and landed a kick in Juri's side, sending her skipping off like a rock across water.


Despite the agony shooting all across her form, Juri knew that she had to turn this around quick. Willing herself into action, Juri grabbed hold of the statue of Antiope as she tumbled by it and used it as a springboard to launch herself back into the fray.

Diana was more than ready for round two, but was confused by her opponent rolling by her instead of starting a new assault. As she turned around she quickly discovered why: Juri was now holding her discarded sword, having just pulled it from it's 'sheath'.

"Through with fisticuffs?" the Amazon asked with a slight tinge of jest. "Well..."

Diana, not breaking eye contact with Juri, unfastened her lasso and unwound it in her hands.

"These are also acceptable terms."


Juri leapt foward with a war cry, sword in hand and Feng Shui engine in full swing. The air between them whirled and spun as Juri filled it with everything she could manage, her acrobatic nature creating an unrelenting torrent of slashes into kicks into punches into knees.

But still, through it all, the Amazon remained unscathed.

As fast as Juri was, Diana was always just a little bit faster to stop every attempted advance dead with her gauntlets. The Amazon had not launched a counterattack yet, but with Juri's rising frustration it was only a matter of time until she overextended.

A few instants later, the Themysciran princess found the opening she wanted.

After a sword slash was deflected downwards, instead of falling back Juri committed even harder via a wild haymaker with her free hand. Easily dodging the swing with a slight shift to the side, Diana allowed the arm to fly through the loop of her waiting lasso.

With a practiced tug her lasso closed tightly around Juri's arm, and with an overhead swing the frenzied opponent was lifted and sent crashing down on the opposite side of Diana.

Not giving her foe enough time to regather her senses, Diana hefted the rope again and pirouetted; dragging Juri across the ground in a full circle around her before depositing her face-first into one of the marble supports.

As Diana once more advanced on her opponent, she was surprised to find that she was still conscious. More than just conscious, in fact; she had pieced what was happening together and was trying to saw through the rope with her sword.

"You might as well cut off your arm," Diana noted offhandedly. "My lasso was made by Hephaestus, god of the forge. The sun will wither and fall from the sky before the day this rope breaks."

With her piece said Diana lifted Juri up and sent her flying once more with a spinning throw, towards the entrance of the shrine and into the open air. Waiting a moment for Juri to gain enough airtime, she then yanked on her lasso to splatter her foe across the ground.

This did not happen, however.

Feeling a surprising amount of tension in the rope, Diana looked upwards to see what was wrong. Her opponent, ever the resourceful one, had plunged the sword into one of the remaining pillars which used to keep up the now missing shrine half. Having quickly spun her rope around the pillar, so Diana couldn't just pull Juri's arm off as she hung on, Juri was now seated on the ragged top of the orphaned support.

"What now, princess?" Juri asked, confidence once more leaking back into her voice. "You going to come up and play?"

The Amazon had half a mind to just pull down the whole support, to show the upstart just what she was dealing with, but ultimately decided against it. She really did not want to damage this place of worship any more than it already was.

Besides, that was not the only way this opponent had underestimated her.

Once again locking eyes with Juri, her smile now bordering on smugness, Diana lifted off the ground and began her flight upwards.


Juri was not having a good day.

As this unexpected juggernaut actually took flight, it immediately sunk down somewhere between 'wisdom tooth removal aftermath' and 'S.I.N.'s surprise birthday party' on her personal list of bad times.

She could fly? She could fly? What couldn't she do? Mind reading? Astral projection? Ventriloquism?

Juri backed away from the edge of her perch as the Amazon drew level with her, only to watch with puzzlement as she continued climbing upwards. This mystery was quickly solved, however, as the now unraveled rope was tightened and Juri was pulled up into the open air. Her sword remained embedded in the stone below her, but all things considered it wasn't exactly helping up until this point.

She was now dangling like a fish on a hook, with no purchase at all to work with, complete with her captor slowly 'reeling her in'. Great. Just great. That glorified golem was probably going to spike her like a football when she got her hands on her, and with her strength coupled with this height they'd be finding bits of Juri from Hades to Olympus.

Well, there was no use stewing about it. Gotta think up something.

Lacking in options, and running low on time, Juri began to swing her legs back and forth. Each sway went a little further as momentum was built up, and that combined with the rapidly shortening workable rope meant that gains were added fast. Right before she was up to the Amazon, Juri had attained enough to swing above Diana's grasp and...

...Wait, what was she even going to do up here? Hit her? That went so well last time.

Princess Diana was not terribly interested in what Juri was doing, having already written off her plight as hopeless, but she was nonetheless amused as the girl spun upside-down in front of her blowing a raspberry. Truly facing death with dignity.

It was so much a distraction, in fact, that both women were caught off guard as the spinning rope wrapped around the Amazon's wrists and brought her gauntlets together with an unnaturally loud CLANK


What followed next will require a bit of explanation.

To start, what is the difference between science and magic? Some have argued that magic is merely science not fully understood, or that science is properly harnessed magic, but both are merely sayings coined by people wishing to sound witty for an audience.

The real difference between science and magic is that science is consistent. Science has a set of rules that are never deviated from, and will always output the same result when given the same scenario to work with. In the world of science one plus one will always equal two, as long as the system it is done in deems it so.

Magic, however, is... fluid. Given the proper circumstances, one plus one may equal three, five, or in especially interesting scenarios violet. This is because magic in itself is alive, and open to interpretation. Any spell, hex, or wish can wildly vary in results depending not only on the materials and location, but also on the disposition of the caster, his force of will, and what he wants to get out of it. Magic can be bargained with, and if properly attuned to can be coaxed to go an extra mile or violet.

It is with this in mind that we now turn to the Bracelets of Submission.

Interesting name, eh? That is the title given to the armored wristbands of the Amazons, in truth repurposed manacles. While many know of their ability to nullify any attack, they also carry an ancient enchantment forgotten by most and often thought removed by the few who still remember. The terms of this enchantment, called Aphrodite's Law, are as follows:

"If an Amazon allows her Bracelets of Submission to be bound together by a man, she will lose her powers and become but a normal woman until freed."

Neat, right? But what does this have to do with anything here? There are no men in this fight, least of all Juri. But magic is alive, thinking, and adaptive.

As Princess Diana's bracelets were bound together by her own lasso, due to the actions of Juri Han, the ancient magic tied to their enchantments was roused to approve or deny activation.

It first verified that, yes, Juri Han was indeed a woman.

But then it analyzed what kind of woman she was; her history and intents.

It then reviewed the enchantment itself: Why it was cast in the first place, who made it, and under what circumstances.

But most importantly it asked itself this question: Why only men? What was the idea behind it; what was the intended result of only allowing males to exploit this weakness?

Finally reaching a conclusion, the magic rendered judgement: While not fitting the letter of the enchantment, Juri Han more than fulfilled the spirit. Aphrodite's Law was now in effect.


Of course, Juri had no way to know any of this.

She was, however, a fast learner; and the unusually loud sound of the Amazon's bracelets getting forced together being immediately followed by the both of them freefalling towards the earth connected quite a few dots awful quick.

Taking full advantage of this moment of opportunity, Juri used the lasso loop she was still bound by to pull herself closer to her opponent. Diana, still trying to parse this turn of events, was caught unprepared as Juri clocked her across her now much-less-resilient skull. With the few seconds they had left before impact Juri wrapped a few more lasso loops around the dazed Amazon's wrists, made sure that she was on top, and braced.

They landed back in the half-ruined shrine with a weighty thud, the major impact and minor crackles it caused echoing throughout the structure. Juri had placed herself with her knees on top of Diana's midsection and her balled fists against the Amazon's shoulders, distributing her landing energy through her 'cushion' with all the consideration of four sledgehammer blows. Juri took a moment to watch Diana... appreciate her newfound vulnerabilities before standing up, with her foe sprawled on the ground between her legs.

"So... six gods huh?" Juri asked the fallen Amazon below her. "Greek too? Flawless idea. Zeus really knows how to treat a lady."

Taking hold of the Amazon's bound hands, Juri lifted her woozy form up to a kneeling position and leaned down to meet her face.

"I think one of your oh-so-generous patrons have a thing about powerful women made humble, clay-girl. And boy, did they call the right person for this job."

Leaning further in, Juri caressed the Amazon's jaw with her unbound hand as she reeled in the slack between them.

"Now that you're all tied up and helpless, I'm going to savor every second of-"

Juri was cut off as the Amazon jerked forward, resulting in a headbutt. It was not nearly as devastating as previous blows, but the unexpectedness still caused Juri to recoil. As she steadied herself, she looked back to find that Diana had risen to her feet.

"Define 'helpless'."


Juri was not surprised to find a bit of fight still in the Amazon. To be honest, she was happy about it. Juri had a lot to pay her back for, and this was the prime time to do it.

With the unbreakable lasso wrapped around both of Diana's wrists and one of Juri's, there was no retreat or defense in this fight. The hand Juri had caught in the lasso loop also held the tail end -- she having claimed it from the dazed Amazon during the fall -- so Diana would have to force Juri's grip to slacken one way or another to have a chance.

A chance Juri was not about to let happen. With one free arm compared to Diana's zero, and the Amazon's recent demotion, the tables had definitely turned. Diana attempted to push Juri off her feet and onto her back, but only succeeded in launching herself into a knee strike. While falling back from the blow Juri reached out and flicked off Diana's tiara; the move at first seemed pointless, but then Juri clutched the back of her neck and brought her in for a headbutt of her own. Lacking the metal brace, and with the power of Juri's Feng Shui engine behind it, Diana's world grew jumbled as her knees weakened and buckled.

As Juri capitalized on her advantage, Diana felt her feet drag backwards as she was pushed up against something. Only when the clouds in her vision thinned out did she realize her position, and figure out that she must have had her back against the statue of Hippolyta. Pausing only for a smirk, Juri launched herself over and above the statue; briefly pulling Diana off her feet as she reached the top, and wrapping the Amazon's bound arms around the structure as they slid down the idol of her mother. Juri finished the move by freeing her own hand and using the slack to more firmly tie together Diana's binds, securing her in place.

Princess Diana stood there, struggling to find any way out of the bonds as Juri took her time circling back. Even with her arms raised above her head as they were, there was not nearly enough clearance to get them over the oversized statue. She could not break through the statue itself in her weakened state, and no one knew better than her the strength of the binds which held her. Anyone trapped by her lasso was forced to tell the truth, and the truth seemed to be that she was pretty boned.

"Where's the bluster now?" Juri cooed, pressing herself up against the struggling Amazon. "All that hemming and hawing about gods and titles? How does it feel, being brought so low?"

"I-" Diana began, before a punch to the throat cut her off.

"I did not give you permission to speak.", Juri shot, then turned her attention to playing with Diana's curly locks as she gagged on bile and blood.

After the spasms died down, and Juri was sure the Amazon was ready for more, Juri brought both of her hands up to cup her face like an adorable little stepchild.

"You know, I'm genuinely curious how you'll die. Not the method -- we'll find that out soon enough -- but what actually happens. If even half of what you said is true, it could be quite a show."

Moving her hands about Diana's face, her thumbs brushed against lips now painted red with more than lipstick.

"Will you turn back to clay? Will a troupe of Valkyries ride down to claim you? Will you just disappear in a flash of light?"

Juri paused a few seconds to gaze deeply into those intense, frigid blue eyes, knowing that soon she would get to see them cloud and dim.

"You can talk now, by the way."

"I am not a toy here solely for your amusement."

"Of course not," Juri purred. "This'll amuse a whole lot more than just me."

Juri suddenly perked up, apparently something coming to mind.

"Speaking of toys..."

After a quick lick of the Amazon's nose as a goodbye present, Juri stepped back and left Diana to stew in her own frustration as she wandered off on some unknown errand.


How could this have happened?

The question ran through Diana's mind over and over, demanding to be answered. How? How could she have been felled so fast, and with such force? Had the gods forsaken her? Were they really on her side to begin with? Was the madwoman right; her whole life being a buildup just for the sake of dashing it all the harder?

Was her story truly to end like this? Dominated, humiliated, and tied to a statue of her mother?


Diana opened her eyes to find that her captor had returned. She had apparently gone off to rifle through the weapon barrels, judging by the dory spear she now held.

"Didn't think you'd have one of these!" Juri exclaimed, bouncing it slightly in her grip to feel the weight. "I would have thought that Amazons would shy away from this type of stuff. Then again..."

After a couple twirls, just for the sake of doing so, Juri brought down the spear against Diana. The spearhead itself rested between her breasts, the tip digging slightly into the gold trim of her outfit.

"...I suppose a girls' club like yours would have a reason to be fascinated by... well, penetration."

Oh no. Oh no, no, no.


Juri allowed her grip to slide up the shaft of the spear, to the point that she was once again against the silently panicking Amazon. releasing her left hand from the lance, she brought it up behind Diana's head and grabbed a fistful of the princess' curly locks. Slowly, purposefully, she brought her mouth up to Diana's ear and whispered.


Although the Amazon was putting on a brave face, Juri could feel the pounding of her heart even though she had to shift to the side to make room for her spear.

"I know. You're scared. Everyone's scared the first time."

Juri spun the spear in her hand, the tip digging a small hole into the Amazon's embroidery.

"It will be painful. You will bleed. But I'll make sure to ease you into it."

Ramping up the force, Juri heard Diana begin to hold her breath as the spearhead started to sink through her "armor."

"And I promise that this will be an experience neither your girlfriends nor your gods could ever provide."


Diana let out her held breath in a hiss through her teeth as the blade finally pierced through, sinking into her skin and drawing a trickle of blood.

"Oh don't wuss out on me now," Juri breathed, her chiding barely above a pant. "That's just the tip. We haven't even got to the good part yet."

Diana wanted to fight back -- to thrash and struggle and bite -- but Juri's grip on her scalp kept her head facing forward, and any movement she made lower only helped the blade sink that much faster. She could already feel every breath she took betraying her, her rising chest egging on the intruder ever deeper. She could only bite her lip, attempting to suppress the gasps of pain she knew her torturer was waiting for.

Juri was in no hurry to push the blade onward, cherishing all the time she had with her quivering prey. As Diana fought to keep her composure Juri licked her way up and down the Amazon's neck, pausing occasionally to nip slightly or twirl her tongue in her ear.

She only stopped when the spear came to a complete halt, the blade scraping up against Diana's sternum.

"No worries..." Juri cooed, shifting more weight into the spear. "It's normal to have a little resistance..."

Diana could feel the pressure building up against her internal chestplate. Fresh blood poured from her mouth as her teeth bit deep into her lower lip, doing all that she could to not scream as her breastbone began to crack and bow. She had given up on surviving; her one remaining goal now to deny her captor her satisfaction and die with dignity.

"All we have to do is... force.. our way... through!"

All at once Diana's sternum gave way, and the spearhead plunged into her depths. Assaulted with searing hot agony, Diana temporarily lost control of herself and let out a yelp. Pleased with this result, Juri spun the spear handle like a valve to churn through the Amazon's insides and coax out similar moans.

"That's it. Now we're in there."

The blade paused for a fraction of a second, giving the princess the closest she could get to a respite.

"I think you can take it deeper, though."

To Diana's unending despair, the spear once again began its steady descent into her. Although, at this point, it may have been technically on its way out. Diana's cries of pain could no longer be concealed, as even if the agony had not gotten to her she had bitten a hole straight through her lip, and had thus degenerated to pleading "no" and "stop" whenever she could muster enough for real words.

Soon Juri felt the spear come to a halt for the second and final time; not against Diana, but Hippolyta. The lance had pushed straight through the Amazon, and now rested against the statue behind her.

Juri released her grip on Diana's hair, but did not draw back. Instead she petted her head and once more spoke to her.

"I hope you enjoyed that..." she cooed, as she pulled the spear back through. It was much faster coming out than going in, and in only a few seconds it exited Diana with a wet pop and left her to limply pant.

"...because I'm through with foreplay." Juri finished, and thrust the spear back in with all her might.

Losing any shed of composure left, Diana shrieked and wailed as the spear worked its way through her body. In and out, out and in, always in a slightly different spot to tear a new hole through her and add to the chorus of agony. She convulsed and jerked as her body was ravaged, tearing enough of her costume for it to fold down in front of her in rags. While her voice eventually gave -- either due to her vocal chords going ragged by the sheer volume of her screams or her lungs undoubtedly filling with ichor -- it didn't stop her from trying; her burbly, rasping cries just barely louder than the sound of her own flesh being violated.

As her spasms grew weaker and she began to fade, Juri lined the spear up for a finishing blow. With a final heft Juri plunged the spear through the indentation where Diana's throat and collarbone met, tearing through her neck and severing her spinal cord.

Wasting no time Juri once again came in at an angle to avoid the handle, leaned her forehead against the dying Amazon's, and watched intently.

Diana's mouth opened and closed in silent disbelief, like a fish pulled out of the sea. Those deep, frigid eyes had already begun to lose focus, their eerie power draining with her life. Juri did not get to see their true last moments, as they rolled up into the Amazon's head and stayed there. With a final gurgle Diana's tongue escaped her mouth and lolled pitifully as blood oozed out around it.

Juri drew back, and Diana's head limply dropped against the spear that ended her.

Princess Diana -- favored of the gods and champion of the Amazons -- was dead. And she died just like any other person would. Something could probably be made of that, but Juri was never much of a philosopher.

Still, she could see an opportunity when it presented itself.


The giant statue of Athena stood quiet and still, same as it ever was. If it had any opinion of the figure now before it, it was not voicing them.

"Hello, Athena?" Juri called to the statue.

"I'd like to make a return."

Unceremoniously, Juri lifted and dumped Diana's ravished corpse onto Athena's cupped hands. She only made it partway on, her arms drooping down and her exposed breasts shifting upwards as her upper body hung off the edge, but Juri did not move to push her further in. More fitting this way, really.

"She was okay to start with , but it only took so long to see all the terrible design flaws you made here. The soul of a murdered baby? Could that be any more of a red light? I mean, she already lost once!"

Juri took a step forward, presenting to the statue one of the gauntlets she had pried off the late princess.

"And these? Why? Sure, they're nifty, but look what happened! At the very least, why not just give her one? Can't tie one gauntlet together."

Lowering the gauntlet and tucking it away, Juri then brought forward the golden, glittering lasso.

"This, though, is top notch. Very nice work here. Actually makes me wonder why you stuck it in this mess of a project."

Juri brought it back down and draped it over her shoulder, before gazing back up to Athena and continuing.

"You're not getting it back, of course."

Turning around and making her way to the stairs to leave this shrine and it's failed experiment behind, Juri shot back a final set of parting words to the statue.

"Now when you get around to the souls of women killed by women, and pluck this one out again, feel free to send her my way. Third time's the charm!"

Hey, congrats on making it to the end of a chapter! I've noticed that these stories get a lot more readers than responses or feedback; as diligent as a couple "regulars" here are, I doubt that they have viewed this topic over three thousand times between them.

After thinking about that a bit, it came to me that some people may enjoy/cannot look away from twisted shit like mine but also do not want to go through creating an account which would be tied to said twisted shit. Hell, I was much the same way before I actually convinced myself to start writing this stuff. Just in case, here's a possible compromise for ya.

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Aug 10, 2015
Well THIS was the mismatch of the century, but leave it to our resident psycho Juri to put Wonder Woman in her place. I officially declare that Juri be our new forum's mascot. Although...... I wonder who might eventually be her match. If anyone could be her match.

I agree, she's a nasty bit or work and I wonder who will end her if there is anyone to end her.

All in all Sickerton has brought us another good match even though it was pretty much a rigged match in Juri's favour.

Say Sickerton what was your insperation for this story?


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Sep 10, 2015
For this one in particular? No single event; but I was a pretty avid comic book fan for a while, and when you dig into comic history things get... interesting. Both inside and out of the books. I didn't make up a single bit of the weaknesses, rules, or details I utilized in this story, and in fact left out or did not fully utilize a lot of other overlooked or intentionally buried tidbits I found equally worth knowing about for the sake of not crowding the narrative even more.

In fact, one of the main reasons I just started up a blog meta-supplementary to this series was so I could have an excuse to eventually sit down and share background info I find utterly fascinating; like the details behind Wonder Woman's creation, evolution, and continued development, and how she in particular has been very bizarrely linked to rather familiar interests from pretty much the word "go". I was planning on getting to that entry a while down the road, but if there's any actual genuine interest for that kind of stuff I could easily bump it up and get it out in relatively short order.
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Aug 10, 2015
For this one in particular? No single event; but I was a pretty avid comic book fan for a while, and when you dig into comic history things get... interesting. Both inside and out of the books. I didn't make up a single bit of the weaknesses, rules, or details I utilized in this story, and in fact left out or did not fully utilize a lot of other overlooked or intentionally buried tidbits I found equally worth knowing about for the sake of not crowding the narrative even more.

In fact, one of the main reasons I just started up a blog meta-supplementary to this series was so I could have an excuse to eventually sit down and share background info I find utterly fascinating; like the details behind Wonder Woman's creation, evolution, and continued development, and how she in particular has been very bizarrely linked to rather familiar interests from pretty much the word "go". I was planning on getting to that entry a while down the road, but if there's any actual genuine interest for that kind of stuff I could easily bump it up and get it out in relatively short order.

Really?, wow that is intresting, never been a really big comic book reader myself as for the blog go for it I would like to see what you come up with.

I have heard it said that the creator of WW had two wives and that he used one of his wives as the insperation for WW, not sure how true that is.

Also I would like to know what your insperation for this story arc is and why you picked Juri as the main character as well why why you picked who you did as her oponets.


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Feb 26, 2011
I was hoping there would be a Juri v. Chun Li match up in here, but after seeing Juri take down WW it's clear that it would be a fucking bloodbath! XD

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