1. F

    Supernova 17 -Split Personality- Natasha Anastasia, Rebecca Mason

    Synopsis: Xander is determined to kill Supernova by any means necessary, even if it costs him his chance take over the world. However, his previous attempt to destroy the costumed vigilante backfired. Instead of looking over a dead superheroine, Xander is now seeing his own reflection...
  2. F

    Heroine Kombat - Kaid vs Shadowgirl - Tiffany Chase (Amanda Santella), Logan Cross

    Imagine that even if you died in mortal combat you would still live to fight again. All it takes is one mouse click! Mp4 (720p, 5 Mbps) 32:34,1.2 Gb .
  3. diamondli

    I create ryona / strangulation content

    Hello there. As the title says I create ryona / strangulation content in "anime" style. Here is my pixiv where you can watch my content: Diamond様
  4. 2

    Villainess that got defeated by choking or strangling

    Hello everyone. Do you know of any movies/cartoons/manga where a villainess gets defeated by getting choked or strangled ? I know that there is this list (Click), but I guess that there should be many more
  5. D

    Jill Valentine's fatal hook-up (Resident Evil/Terminator crossover one-shot):

    Background: In the year 2003, the biopharmeceutical corporation Umbrella has been in a losing war against the former Special Tactics and Rescue Squad operatives Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. In order to turn the tide of their war, a rogue division of Cyberdyne Systems agreed into an...
  6. D

    Kitana's Fatal Wet Dream (UMK3 story. Final sequel to "Kitana's Klimactic Kiss of Death")

    Kitana was on the run after barely escaping Outworld. She thought she was going to end up in a permanent prison sentence for killing Mileena with a lethal kiss. However, Jade had a change of heart and made the choice to help her overthrow Shao Kahn. Her only chance over overthrowing him was...
  7. Here Kitty Kitty

    Here Kitty Kitty

    B.B. Hood has been hired by a client to catch and fetch a very specific pet.
  8. S


    Just a part of a 5 part serial story I did. This was the only section that involved a female victim, so I figured I may as well throw it up here. General idea is 2 ninjas (a male and a female) are infiltrating an office tower for unknown reasons, disposing of inappropriately attired security...
  9. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World!

    Disclaimer for friends exploring after the merger: This thread was migrated from the Ryonani branch. Now I love ya, game modders and... er, super deep throat-ers, but please be aware of what you're going into. Hey everybody! A while back I saw a story I thought was really good here, but upon...

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