1. solgeth

    Solgeth Tournament 1 Complete!

    What a battle! What a mess... Check out the results of our general poll. If you're really into us, join the Council! You could win free art!
  2. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 2: Hunting Sparkles

    Chapter 2: Hunting Sparkles "YOU'RE LATE FOR CLASS!" Professor Fitzgibbon screamed to no one in particular, as Juliet brought the chainsaw down on his head. Well, technically no. Mr. Fitzgibbon was long dead, turned by zombies. This rambling, decayed form probably wasn't even what used to be...
  3. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World!

    Disclaimer for friends exploring after the merger: This thread was migrated from the Ryonani branch. Now I love ya, game modders and... er, super deep throat-ers, but please be aware of what you're going into. Hey everybody! A while back I saw a story I thought was really good here, but upon...
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