neck snap

  1. Parasitoro

    Cammy White's snapgasm

    Leonhard was using his computer for complex chemical equations, wracking his brains in service of a nasty dictator named Bison. He was caught in a raid on his own workplace, and given the choice of a very lucrative pay, or demise. The choice was obvious. Still, even with no direct pressure on...
  2. KingChloe01

    StoryTime: The Assassin Life (Complete)

    I love reading the zako stories here from the very first one, Servi's Interactive Zako Stories, up to the now trending fall of an empire, and I want to add one of my own zako fantasies. Chapter 1 Part 1: Take the Girls out I'm Kevin, a specially trained male assassin who specializes in taking...
  3. Idoro

    Petal Pruning

    The following video arrived inside a bloodstained crate, addressed to Bai Bi of the Bai Bi Company. "........This thing on? *ahem* -ahem- Greetings ladies and gentlemen... and little girls who may be watching this. Some of you may know who I am, but I'm willing to bet most of you do not...
  4. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World!

    Disclaimer for friends exploring after the merger: This thread was migrated from the Ryonani branch. Now I love ya, game modders and... er, super deep throat-ers, but please be aware of what you're going into. Hey everybody! A while back I saw a story I thought was really good here, but upon...
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