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Feb 9, 2023
Hello everyone! We're launching our gumroad (Juicy's Death Match) site this week and are excited to bring you custom zako/fight/fantasy videos. Have you ever wanted a girl to wear a certain outfit, or act out a scene only to have them scoff and act like your joking? Have you had a short custom video idea and been quoted an extreme amount due to the "graphic content"? Or ordered a custom for it to take 3 to 4 months to complete? As a couple who has ordered custom content in the past and ran into this, we want to offer a different solution. We are just starting out so camera work and post production will be improving the more we do it so bare with us! Anyway enjoy this pictures of our first little shoot. We decided to start off light and fun with a zako relaxing at home reading only to be interrupted by a POV intruder. Feel free to contact us through our through our email at juicydeathmatch@gmail.com.

Link to our gumroad and first video.

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