1. Prime259

    Necro & Snuff Roleplay

    Would anyone be interested in an RP with these elements. Here was an idea I had for the RP, but I'm more then willing to accept suggestions if you have a better one. Story: The protagonist's home was burnt to the ground by a powerful warlord, but they were saved by forging a contract with a God...
  2. D

    Metal Gear Solid: Fallen Angel

    Background: A few hours before Solid Snake's capture by Roy Campbell, DARPA Chief Donald Anderson's secretary, Angel Adams is the first hostage to be held captive by the renegade FOXHOUND members in Shadow Moses Island. With the DARPA Chief and Armstech President Kenneth Baker in hiding...
  3. Funnybizness

    Funnybizness' creations

    Hello my name is Funnybizness and I recently started messing with source filmmaker and wanted to share my work on here. I just started 3 days ago but hey we all gotta start somewhere eh? Lol of course my biggest idols are Pestilencesfm and OP from gurochan. I will continue to create and share my...
  4. D

    Jill Valentine's fatal hook-up (Resident Evil/Terminator crossover one-shot):

    Background: In the year 2003, the biopharmeceutical corporation Umbrella has been in a losing war against the former Special Tactics and Rescue Squad operatives Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. In order to turn the tide of their war, a rogue division of Cyberdyne Systems agreed into an...
  5. D

    Kitana's Fatal Wet Dream (UMK3 story. Final sequel to "Kitana's Klimactic Kiss of Death")

    Kitana was on the run after barely escaping Outworld. She thought she was going to end up in a permanent prison sentence for killing Mileena with a lethal kiss. However, Jade had a change of heart and made the choice to help her overthrow Shao Kahn. Her only chance over overthrowing him was...
  6. D

    Kitana's Klimactic Kiss of Death (MK2 story)

    Kitana's plan to overthrow her step-father, Shao Kahn, finally came into fruition during the course of the second Mortal Kombat tournament. She would ally herself with the champion of the first Mortal Kombat tournament, Liu Kang, and attempt to facilitate his victory against Kahn. It took a...
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