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Jun 13, 2022
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Its the year 2043, and Yung Su bought an island off the coast of Korea, where he ended up building his own facility. After he died and got reincarnated, he ended up getting the task of bringing girls to this island where they will fight to the death and slaughter each other. They are a threat to the universe, these girls are. The one whom summoned Yung, ended up giving him some potions which will alter the girls mind and control her without her realizing it. Since Yung had control over the girls which would arrive at the end of the universe, Yung decided to have some fun and made some rules for this death game. The rules are as follows. 1) You must rip off your opponents clothes before the round ends for you to win the 1st and 2nd round. 2) You must make your opponent cum on the same round you took their clothes off for you to win that round. 3) Unless you have won a previous round on that match, you are to not kill the opponent. Doing so will result in the killer being gangraped to death by over 1000 men. 4) no waiting out a match. Doing so will result in being torn from limb to limb. 5) In the last round, you must kill your opponent.
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The first battle was now ready to launch, he kidnapped his targets Chizuru and Utaha, and gave them the serum. He placed the girls at an abandoned factory which the bottom floor had very hungry sharks swimming about, the second floor had a huge meat grinder. There were also guests around the place ready to fuck the looser if the other girl wished it be so. The second floor was mostly catwalks. Yung told Chizuru and Utaha the rules to which they would follow due to the serum. He told them that they would have to win the tournament to survive. He then placed them at different ends of the factory. He got on a loud speaker.

"THREE, TWO, ONE, FIGHT!!!!!!" Yung said.

Utaha quickly ran out to the middle to lure in Chizuru. Since they all get to learn about the other girls before they fight, she knew how to taunt her. "Chizuru, you whore! All you ever did was fuck around with other guys and act like a total slut!" Utaha screamed. She really pissed of Chizuru who ran in and tried to kick her in the face. Utaha barely dodged, being less then an inch from getting smacked by Chizuru's toes. Utaha punched Chizuru in the gut, then ripped off her bikini top exposing Chizuru's nipples. Chizuru fell back, then punched Utaha in the breast. Utaha reached out to grab Chizuru by the throat, but was too slow, and got kicked in the vagina. Utaha quickly fell back and had to sit down to recover. Chizuru saw this opening and ran to take off Utaha's bikini. Utaha reacted quickly enough and sprung down to pull off Chizuru's bikinis lower half. Now that Chizuru was naked, Utaha put her in a hold with Chizuru's pussy on full display. Utaha started fiercely rubbing Chizuru's pussy and pulling her nipples. Chizuru quickly became wet and started heavily breathing. Seeing the state that Chizuru was in, Utaha leaned down to kiss Chizuru on the lips. Chizuru blushed. Suddenly Utaha changed positions to the 69 and started licking Chizuru's wet pussy. After about 10 minutes of getting her pussy licked, Chizuru came on Utaha's face, of which Utaha then stomped her foot down on Chizuru's head, knocking her out. Utaha then went back to the starting area as round one was over.


Yung had someone bring Chizuru back to her starting spot as it was time for round two. The match started as both rushed towards the middle and Chizuru now needed to make up for getting her clothes torn off. She found Utaha and threw a solid punch to her groin which landed leading to Chizuru grabbing Utaha by the hair and kneeing her twice before Utaha got out. Utaha then grabbed Chizuru by the throat and slammed her to the ground. Utaha then Stomped on Chizuru's face and shoved her foot in her mouth. Utaha then grabbed Chizuru and slammed her into a wall, breaking her collarbone and shoulders. Utaha then grabs her leg and swings it into a pole in the middle of the room breaking the bone. She grabs Chizuru by the neck and slams her to the ground ending the round in her favor.

"FINISH HER!!!" the voice on the loud speaker said.

Chizuru defeated.jpg

Utaha grabs Chizuru by her hair and brings her to the butcher room. She finds a rope and ties it around Chizuru's neck then starts up the huge meat grinder. She then throws the rope in which starts pulling Chizuru in. Chizuru started screaming for help while trying to get the rope off her neck to no avail. The rope was pulling her in to her death of which she could not avoid. She got pulled into the meat grinder which started spewing out tons of blood and gore. her head went fully in and made some crunching sounds as it was being crushed. her neck went in fast, but the machine struggled with her breasts. It finally made it down to her waist when Utaha turned off the machine, letting her ass and legs hang out the machine. The clean up crew took care of the body.


The second match was set at a logging facility where they had a pit full of starving rats as well as a huge table saw in one of the rooms. The second set of kidnapped contestants were Ump45 who was at the south side and Megumi who was at the west side. There were items this time to make things more interesting. Ump45 bet Megumi that she would win without loosing a single match. Megumi stated that one of them were going to die today so why not bet that if Ump45 looses one match, she will have to let five of the contestants fuck her and cum inside of her however they wanted. Ump45 agreed knowing that this was going to be an easy battle for her. After the bet was placed the girls were blindfolded and placed in their rooms. They waited for the voice to announce the start of the match.

"THREE. TWO. ONE. FIGHT!!!!!!!" the loudspeaker announced. Megumi charged out to the middle immediately, trying to catch Ump before ump could react. Ump on the other hand decided to head towards the east side and see if she could find something that could help her out in the match ahead. She knew that there were at least a thousand watching what was going on and did not want to be naked in front of them, nor did she want to have sex in front of them. She looked around for a while and ended up finding an aphrodisiac lying on the ground. This was it. All she needed to do now was to find Megumi and throw it onto her and it is a match won.

While Ump was getting ready with the aphrodisiac, Megumi decided to search the middle area for any useful items that can come in handy. She ended up finding a pole that was four feet long and had really sharp ends to them. The pole was about three inches in diameter and had some very small spikes coming out the end of it. Megumi ended up spotting Ump who was looking for her. Megumi quietly hid the pole making sure Ump did not see it.

Ump found Megumi and threw a kick sideways, digging her foot into Megumi's neck. Megumi quickly recovered, turning around and throwing a punch into Ump's gut. Ump gasped at the pain of the punch which ended up sending her flying back. Ump then threw some jabs at Megumi that were futile in comparison. Megumi then sent Ump to her knees by kicking her in the pussy as hard as she could. Ump realized that she would not win without surprising Megumi so she tried to stand up to get away. Afraid of what Ump might do if she escapes, Megumi slaps Ump's ass hard enough to make Ump fall down. The fabric even tore. Megumi grabs the top half of the swimsuit and tears it off Ump, also giving her a very painful wedgy. Then Megumi tore down Ump's bottom half of the swimsuit, exposing the aphrodisiac that was hidden in between Ump's legs. Megumi grabbed it from her who was trying to cover herself up.

"Please... Stop.... WWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" Ump cried. She was covered in tears. Megumi saw what Ump was trying to do. She grabbed the pole which was lying on the ground. She shoved one end into the ground but made enough space to where Ump would not be able to touch the ground. She then picked up Ump who was balling and lifted her over her shoulders.

"Don't worry little one, everything will be over soon." Megumi said while carrying Ump over to the sharp pole. "YOU BITCH!!!!!!!" Megumi screamed as she threw Ump onto the pole, which entered her ass. Ump screamed in pain as it slid deeper into her ass, leaving cuts everywhere. Blood flowed from her ass and down to her feet. Megumi let her hang there for about thirty seconds before throwing the aphrodisiac onto Ump, putting her in constant heat and pain. The glass from the bottle shattered on her skin which further cut her. Megumi then slid her fingers into Ump's pussy, which was already wet. The aphrodisiac was one that was extremally effective but did not last very long. Megumi worked quickly on making Ump cum as fast as possible. It took under two minutes for Ump to cum. The people helped Ump off the pole which was almost piercing her intestines. They then applied some healing cream which instantly healed her.


Ump got thrown to the ground after getting healed. The aphrodisiac was no longer under effect, however she was exhausted. She seen five guys walk up to her naked, showing their hard cocks. A single tear came out of her right eye as they swarmed her. The first guy lined his dick up to her pussy while a second guy grabbed her head so she would be forced to watch as he broke her hymen. The dude rammed his dick in as hard as he could, making blood fly out of her pussy. The second guy then opened her mouth forcefully and shoved his dick in her mouth as hard as she could causing her to gag as he went to town. Two more guys grabbed her hands and used them to masturbate. The last guy then grabbed her right foot and slid his cock back and fourth on it, barely touching her toes as he does. They all switched positions after they came on her, until each person has cum inside of her throat and pussy. She ended up lying there as her pussy was gaping. If she makes it out of this tournament alive, she will have a child, that's for sure.


After recovering from the gangbang, Ump wakes up in another room. She waits for the voice to announce the fight.

"THREE. TWO. ONE. FIGHT!!!!!!!" The announcer said. Ump bolted out of the room not even caring that she was naked. It was time for payback. Ump quickly found the room where Megumi was at who hasn't even left the room yet. Megumi had her back turned towards a window and it turns out that Ump was behind that window. Ump punched the window, shattering glass over both Megumi and her. Megumi who was not even aware of what just happened was grabbed by the hair and yanked out of the building. There was blood everywhere as Megumi's breasts were cut by the glass.

"YOU BIG BOOBED BITCH!!!!! YOU THOUGHT THAT YOU WERE BETTER THEN ME BECAUSE OF YOUR BIG TITS!?!?!?!?!?!" Ump screamed, slapping Megumi's tits as hard as she could. Ump then bent her leg over her head and broke it. Ump then tore off Megumi's bikini exposing her body which she could not cover. Megumi cried in pain as she watched Ump go to find something to make Megumi cum. She returned a minute later with a thirty two inch dildo. Not only one, but three. She grabbed a strap which was on one of them and placed it around Megumi's head with the dick part inside of Megumi's mouth, making her choke. Ump then shoved one in Megumi's ass making her gag as her eyes opened wide. Ump then shoved the third one in which had some of the aphrodisiac laced on it making Megumi cum before it even could brake her hymen. Ump did not let her off the hook though as she grabbed a sledge hammer and swung it as hard as she could. It shoved the dildo in her pussy and broke through her womb. As the match ended the people applied the cream to Megumi and healed her.


They both woke up in There separate rooms as the round started instantly. Ump again rushed out but this time to meet Megumi in the middle. Megumi who was faster then her found the rat pit and figured that it would be a great place to kill Ump. She waited for Ump to show up and gave her a kick to the face. She then shoved her foot in Ump's mouth and started choking her. Ump ended up finding a shank when running towards Megumi and stabbed her ankle with it. She then took Megumi's foot out of her mouth and then shoved the foot that had cum on it down Megumi's throat. Megumi was not able to take the foot out of her mouth. She then tried to hit Ump's ankle. Ump fell over but rather then getting her foot out of Megumi's mouth like Megumi wanted, she instead shoved it down even deeper. Ump then raised up her leg and broke Megumi's spine, but not enough to kill her.

"FINISH HER!!!!" The voice said.

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Ump grabbed Megumi and held her up to the rat pit. "That's what you get for facing me. Now can you die for me?" Ump said with a smile. She then kicked Megumi down. Megumi tried to get up before she realized that she was swarmed by rats. She yelped as hundreds of rats bit down on her, and started to rip the flesh off of her. Ump watched as one of her arms appeared on the side of the pit and a leg on another. She screamed for about twenty minutes before there was silence. after the rats cleared, her head was the only thing remaining, along with her bones.

"Now, who will I face next, I wonder." Ump said.


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