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HIM improvements

Discussion in 'Loader Requests' started by Slingerbult, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Slingerbult

    Slingerbult Casual Client Content Creator

    Sep 15, 2012
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    I've searched the resource manager and browsed the forums, but partly I haven't been able to find what I'm looking, and partly I've found a few things but I would like some place to collect them (such as this thread).

    What I'm looking for are mods and clothing that give the HIM model more options. And by more options, I mean regular stuff such as a pair of boxer shorts or better hand positioning - not the option to turn him into a devil or monster. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just the bare bones minimum of what immersion and realism would dictate. Some specifics on my wish list:

    1) A flaccid penis that grows to the normal penis. Just a preset animation to grow to full size would suffice, but ideally it would respond to lick triggers and RUB_CROTCH and stuff. An additional detail for such a mod would be automatic "deflation" after a time of inactivity (perhaps tying it to his pleasure percentage).

    2) Something to do with his left hand. Apart from hanging there, we have the option of grabbing her head with a mod. How about also grabbing his own cock? This would permit him "feeding" her the cock by guiding his cock with the left hand, and her head with his right hand. Also, a stroking animation for the left hand would be great. I know Dante experimented with the left hand holding a gun for instance - even just being able to "glue" it onto the base of the shaft would be nice.

    3) More clothing options. Ideally, one fully functional (rather than cut off) normal shirt and one t-shirt. Some dropped down slacks (bundled at his feet) and some underwear (boxers?) with appropriate bulge if the penis and balls are not visible. All configurable via charcodes, options menu and moreclothing just like HER clothing - not provided as individual mods.

    If you know of anything that gets close to any of the above, please post a link. Any effort towards any of the three items on the above list would be greatly appreciated by me, and I'm sure several other dialogue writers as well.