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Harley Quinn's final mission

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by meinteil, Dec 18, 2015.

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    Nov 3, 2012
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    (Warning, this story contains sexual molestation via vines, and the story may get bloody)

    It was a late night in Gotham, and Harley was heading out to do the jokers bidding and kill Poison Ivy. Harley get's to a plant encumbered warehouse, she steps inside and says "I know you're in here Ivy, mista J wasn't happy about you taking out his shipment, so I'm gonna have to kill ya". As she looks around the old building. Harley hears a sound behind her and pulls out a gun, she yells "come out and fight bitch" when suddenly a vine swats the gun out of her hand. Another vine wraps around her leg and pulls Harley up, hanging her upside down.

    While upside down Harley starts screaming "GOD DAMN IT!! LET ME GO!!" as she struggles, suddenly Ivy steps out from the shadows and says "I thought we were friends Harley" Harley responds "mista J wants you dead, so I'm going to kill ya" Ivy smiles and says "well, I'll have to kill you then, but first I'm going to teach you a lesson". Suddenly another vine wraps around Harley's arm, the vine on her leg let's go and Harley slams against the ground hard.

    Suddenly a large vine wraps around Harley's stomach and lifts her, the vine slams Harley on the ground again and again, forcing out a scream of pain with every slam. Harley looks over at the clearly aroused Poison Ivy and says "Please, just let me go, I wont come after you again". Ivy looks at Harley and says "sorry, but you're fucked, I'm going to kill you and enjoy every second of it" as the vine starts squeezing Harley. Harley let's out a loud scream as she feels her ribs break from the pressure applied by the vine. After Harley coughs up a little blood the vine stops and releases Harley.

    But before Harley can even react two vines wrap around her ankles, then two more wrap around her wrists, Ivy slowly kneels beside Harley and slowly takes the helpless woman's top off, revealing Harley's breasts. Ivy then slowly unbuttones Harley's leather pants and pulls them down to her ankles, revealing Harleys smooth tight pussy. Ivy stands up and says "prepare for the last orgasm you'll ever have" prompting Harley to scream and struggle, making her breasts bounce.

    Another vine starts slowly sliding up Harley's thigh, making it's way to her pussy, Harley looks at Ivy and says "please... atleast let me die with dignity" but Ivy just smiles as the vine enters her. The vine is far to thick for Harley's tight pussy. Making her moan in a mox of forced pleasure and pain. The vine starts fucking Harley even harder and faster as she desperately tries to kick, but the vines round her ankles keep her from doing so.

    Soon Harley 's body tenses up as she has a orgasm, she moans loudly as juices leak onto the vine. Ivy kneels down next to Harley and says "time to die" as another vine suddenly wraps around Harley's neck. The vine pulls harder and harder as the rest of the vines keeps Harley's body in place. Ivy stands up and says "good bye Harley" as suddenly Harley's head is ripped off of her naked body. Harley's body starts violently twitching, making her tits bounce until it goes still. The vine that ripped off Harley's head brings the severed head to Ivy. The vine drops the vine in Ivy's hand, Ivy looks Harley's face and smiles, she then says "this will make a fine trophy" as she leans in and kisses Harley's head on the lips then walks away with Harley's head. The next morning Harley's headless body was found by the police. The handsy mortician had the body ready to be buried by the end of the week.