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Hi! very big fan of your work <3 I was wondering if you could fix some small things on the lyn nude mod with boobs, there are like small dark blue pixels on both legs still prob leftover from the swimsuit and then there is a extra light pixel just hanging in front of the right leg.

Also could it be modded into a actual outfit and not just underwear? hard to beat bosses "naked" if you know what i mean haha :tongue:

Ill link the pics, so you know what I mean:

Gyazo - e4d82618369f96b1df6603cd7c7c57cd.png

Gyazo - 056c26438000258aa8214e9e812faa85.png

Gyazo - fccdea8a84850289b50feb197f6c2808.png

EDIT: I fixed it myself BNSproud
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to replace normal outfits with nude, you can use hexedit, theres a nice video tutorial on it on dojo/youtube
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Thank you for the updates Ashllay. I love your mods and hope to see more from you. Is possible for you to make the nude mod I link before work again it would be very much appreciated if you could do that and I would love to see more Yun mods especially nude or topless or bottomless or both.


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Can you raplace Juliya costume from raid with uncesored one.

Like this


Little out of topic, but can you make an invisible weapons mod? Or any advice on how to do it myself.
ps Great mods btw


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Can you take the back part off the new soha outfit? The version on bnsdojo has some visual glitches so I was hoping you could make a cleaner version.




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Can u replace Lyn nub to the other outfit ? please, i tried all the outfit but couldn't find which one that showed it :frown:
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I tried once or twice to add vag on my mods but failed miserably if you know where i can get some exeple textures tell me.
They one I attached has a very realistic vagina but the mod does not work anymore but wished it would still work. It would be awesome if you can do something with this or possibly make this mod work again I would be very much appreciated your work. Thank you :3


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Ty, why is the Gon Texture file 3mb but is low res like the normal nude without vagina?
i noticed that the color is a bit on the pink side and the color gradiands are more pronunced.
For the jin the vag is better placed then on the file i have, but the nipples are displaced, also pinkish.
the yun looks like the file ive got.


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The Julia v2 does not seem to work right when I load it. It does not look the picture you post with it. The stuff is all in the wrong place so her outfit does not look like a outfit at all when I load on the game. There is skin color where the clothes so be and clothes colors where the skin should be.


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with program's do you using for ''unpacking/packing'' upk's, or some opener what can import/extract textures ?

Terence Yang

Can you remove the top and bottom for the Summer nights outfit for yun? Even just the top is fine as well.


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