1. henrytaiwan69

    True Facials 3D - Inspired by Super Deepthroat! 0.37

    Inspired by SDT, True Facials let you play with our favorite girls using dynamic controls and physics. The latest version is 0.38, please check out our full Changelog, If you enjoyed this, please consider supporting my efforts on Patreon. You can also keep up with development on Twitter and...
  2. HentaiWriter

    Future Fragments (action/platformer/RPG) Public Demo Inside!

    ------------------------------------------------------------ Get the Electric Level Public Demo v027 here; MEGA It's got one full level of the game, the Electric Level; the full game will have five levels, all with different environments, mechanics, enemies, and so on...
  3. C

    German Dialogue and Voice? (SWF Modloader)

    Hi im new to this Game, Forum and i have a Question does it gave an German Dialogue or Voice for the game?
  4. Vatoon

    Yaoi req.

    I made "HER" a Boy so.. maybe someone could make "HER" (not really a "HER" anymore turned "HER" to an "HIM") xD moan like a boy ^^ i would be happy with that x3 i hope my wish can come true !
  5. Trigon

    [PC] Strip Fighter V [StudioS game] [ryona]

    Hello everyone. A couple of days ago, Studio S released their newest fighting game, Strip Fighter 5. It is available for sale on both Japanese and English DLSite. I have not played the full game yet, only the demo. I will edit this post to provide more information once I've played the full...
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