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What is your favorite color of delmo?

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I am not the best yet, I know, but I put together something this morning for you!

Your requested fighter knocking out Rion with a vicious knee, followed by two angles of her defeat!

Niiiiice!! Can you make a topless version please? Without their skirt and uniform? Just their panties, headbands and bandages?


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Delmos! (I can't remember if I posted the Delmo pics I made on here... )
CharaStudio-2020-09-23-04-45-22-Render.png CharaStudio-2020-09-26-07-52-47-Render.png CharaStudio-2020-09-22-16-08-27-Render.png 84479990_p0.png

Delmos are kind of a big thing for me, as they were what got me into zako when the guy I was seeing at the time brought me to some anime club meeting and they lost the bag with the movies they were going to show and only had some fan sub of Agent aika...


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Great work! :)

Here, some new Aika Zero fanart of her (rather lethally) defeating those white-skirt/shirt zako girls (don't know if their organization ever had a name... they were possessed by some alien, I think?)


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Great short comic about the defeat of that blonde Blue Delmo, Catherine, who gets KOed and stripped for her clothes after trying to imprison Rion.