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zako defeated aika delmo agent aika

  1. ArayaSouren

    Black Delmo (attempt) vs Camila

    Last night I was having fun with HS and making some new scenes for my Dance School but suddenly I thought "What about making my own delmo army?" And this came out. Just starting with it so, what do you think is going to happen??? Leave your guesses bellow, I will be updating the post...
  2. Kingtoaster

    A Tribute To Agent AIKa

    I am sure I am not the only one who loves AIKa. As such, I think we should show some love to our favourite unconscious piles of defeated Zako... The Delmos! I will post images when I can of AIKa and the Delmos. I do not claim to own any likenesses, I am just a fan paying tribute to the original!
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