1. KeiBree

    Casting Call for Possible Story

    Hey everyone, might try and do a simple zako based story. Thinking of girls at a suburban school joining SHADO. I might make it a different zako organization if there's a big push or I change my mind. So there's a bunch of slots in the SHADO squad. I've attached a test image, featuring 9...
  2. Prime259

    Necro & Snuff Roleplay

    Would anyone be interested in an RP with these elements. Here was an idea I had for the RP, but I'm more then willing to accept suggestions if you have a better one. Story: The protagonist's home was burnt to the ground by a powerful warlord, but they were saved by forging a contract with a God...
  3. AlexBrando

    Looking for a Mixed Boxing RP

    Hi, it's my first time on this page, so i wanna know, if anyone want to do a boxing rp with me, my discord is: "AlexBrando#4627"
  4. J

    Dialogue Dump

    I am posting my collection of finished & unfinished dialogue. A LOT OF THESE ARE NOT MINE I got most of them awhile ago to use & have edited them a little bit. I apologize I am not able to give credit but like I said, I got them awhile ago. I have only made SOME of them myself from scratch...
  5. KeiBree

    The Zako Roleplay Thread

    Hopefully this isn't too similar to other threads, but I thought a Zako specific RP thread might be helpful on here. Feel free to post a profile, chat about possible RP ideas, post logs etc etc. Zako Profile: Username: Language(s): Role (Attacker or zako?): Zako Skill Level: Preferred...
  6. Baku|Haku

    Marvel Universe: Secret Wars

    First there was a bright light..... Then there was silence.... Then nothing... Then you all woke up Now you wake up again *The agent of S.H.I.E.L.D black widow had been sent to investigate rumors that a new villianess calling herself Arcade had make a base for herself in the middle of connie...
  7. Baku|Haku

    Rp Recruiting: Marvel Universe Secret Wars

    My name us Uatu, me and my race are known as the watchers. For centuries me and my people have observed over your planet in silence. I've seen what you call heroes over come the greatest obstaclus over and over again, odd stacked agaist them, impossible tasks even for those with their incredible...
  8. Weak for Aqua

    Pyrrha Vs

    I be happy to do a rp where Pyrrha is versus someone or something. I am pretty open minded . Contact me and see what we can brainstorm :)
  9. Weak for Aqua

    filming / streaming Sc 5

    I had an idea. If someone streamed / filmed live while playing sc 5 , with the character of our own pick. Making them play out ryona scenarios. I will be able to do this once i get my xbox 360 up and running again. I dont know if there are more ppl who are into this :)
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