1. dantethedarkprince

    Muscular Her 1.0

    Clothing designed to work with the standard body (i.e. all vanilla clothing and the vast majority of modded clothing) may look weird on this body.
  2. Jade1503

    Avatar: Korra vs Kuvira 6

    Korra sighed with relief as she stretched herself while in the sauna, exposing her hairy vagina and armpits. She was in the sauna under Ba Sing Se, just finished with a match in victory. She rolled her shoulders to loosen the muscles as she thought of the match. Honestly her opponent could put...
  3. officeryou

    Alpha's Adventures [Yuri] [18+] [WIP]

    Synopsis Follow Alpha as she changes herself and others across 4 unique routes. The setup differs from most visual novels in that there is no common route - you simply pick the heroine of your choice from a selection screen and enjoy their self-contained story. Completing all of the heroine's...
  4. Jade1503

    Street Fighter: Rainbow Mika vs Yamato Nadeshiko

    Rainbow Mika finished stretching and jumped onto her feet, making the wrestling ring rumbled slightly. She was in an empty arena on a Saturday morning, using the place for herself. Her blonde hair was tied into two pig-tails and her blue eyes were alerted. Naked saved for her blue eye-mask and...
  5. Jade1503

    Avatar: Korra vs Asami

    Under the Sato’s estate was the family’s personal gym, filled with the latest gym equipments. The gym’s walls were covered by mirrors and the floors were covered in mats. In the middle of the ring was a wrestling ring where Asami practised boxing. The gym was always bright with little...
  6. Jade1503

    Dragonballz: Chi-Chi vs Bulma

    Chi-Chi panted heavily and leaned on her knees, looking at the rock she had just pounded for her training. Her husband Goku had taken their sons out for a day so she was home alone. After she was done with houseworks, Chi-Chi decided she wanted to work on her martial skills. So she dressed into...
  7. Jade1503

    Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra 5

    High up in the air, just above Republic City, was an airship hovering together with the white clouds. The engines hummed softly as the airship paraded in circles. On the balloon were the words “Sato’s Industries”, indicating that it belongs to Asami Sato: the CEO of the richest company in...
  8. J

    Requesting Female Warrior Helga from Buta No Gotoki

    Hi one of my all time favorite Hentai girls is Female Warrior Helga from the H game "Buta no Gotoki Sanzoku ni Torawarete Shojo wo Ubawareru" And its subsequent Hentai Animation. I'd really love if someone was willing to recreate her for SDT. Heres some Reference pics...
  9. Jade1503

    CWF Title Match: Sakura vs Korra

    The CWF arena was once again being filled up by spectators who enjoyed wrestling. Actually, there were more people in the arena as tonight’s match was a special one: it was CWF’s first title match for the Women’s Championship. Once every seat was taken, the lights above the seats dimmed: leaving...
  10. dantethedarkprince

    Wonder Woman - Justice League War costume 2016-06-20

    Note: does not include hair
  11. dantethedarkprince

    Ant Superhero Costume 2016-05-26

  12. dantethedarkprince

    American Dad - Morgan outfit 2016-05-26

  13. Jade1503

    Sarah/Trish (TrishKo) vs Jade (As herself)

    This is a catfight/wrestling role-play between Sarah/Trish (played by TrishKo) and Jade (played by myself). We will be duking each other out so feel free to watch and comment. Rules are: 1) No god-like power 2) Victory depends on RL people 3) Outsiders cannot participate unless we feel like...
  14. Jade1503

    CWF: Sakura Haruno vs Korra

    In the arena of Cross Wrestling Federation, CWF, wrestling fans poured into the arena and quickly took their seats. The arena was too bright but as the spectators took their seats, the lights slowly dimmed. The lights hovering above the seats turned off, leaving only the spotlights above the...
  15. Jade1503

    Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra 2

    Inside of one of the dormant volcanoes in the Fire Nation, the arena filled with people as both Kuvira and Korra stood facing each other in the cage, glaring at one another. Kuvira was nude except for the green boxing gloves and black and green boots: showing her brown nipples and black hairy...
  16. Jade1503

    Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra

    Underground Ba Sing Se, the underground arena was filled with spectators who were sitting around a cage: chattering excitedly and loudly. Inside the cage was Korra with short black hair reaching until her shoulders and she was covered in blue bikini and black and blue boots. Facing her was...
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