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Dec 14, 2016


Follow Alpha as she changes herself and others across 4 unique routes.

The setup differs from most visual novels in that there is no common route - you simply pick the heroine of your choice from a selection screen and enjoy their self-contained story. Completing all of the heroine's endings allows you to unlock Alpha's and ??? shared route.

Project overview
I plan to launch a kickstarter so that I can finish (and if stretch goals are met, extend) this project. I'm aiming for a January 2017 launch date, which is also when I will release the demo I am currently working on. The demo will cover a portion of each heroine's route.

Links out
Alpha's Adventures
Alpha's Adventures (@officer_you) | Twitter

-4 heroine routes
-Each heroine has a good/bad ending
-1 unlockable character/route for completing every ending
-8 CG's in the demo
-For 18+ only (will contain scenes of an intimate nature and themes some may find distressing)

Main character


Side characters (stretch goal exclusive)


CG Previews

Current progress
Planning - Complete
Writing - In progress (Ara's demo script complete)
Sprites - Complete
CG art - In Progress (7/8 complete)
Promo art - In progress (3/4 complete)
Background art - Complete
Music - In Progress (1/5)

With all of that said and done, I welcome any and all feedback and questions!
*Except the kind of questions that invite spoilers, of course.
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Apr 16, 2012
Welcome to Undertow!

I like the art. Please review our site rules (link to the rules is in my siggie) on asking for money. As currently posted yuo are in compliance with site rules. :smile:
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