Dragonballz: Chi-Chi vs Bulma

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Oct 19, 2015
Chi-Chi panted heavily and leaned on her knees, looking at the rock she had just pounded for her training. Her husband Goku had taken their sons out for a day so she was home alone. After she was done with houseworks, Chi-Chi decided she wanted to work on her martial skills. So she dressed into her work-out outfits and headed into the woods. She had spent hours doing push-ups, sit-ups and even using rocks as punching bags. Now she was sweaty but in need for more training.

‘Chi-Chi, is that you?’

Chi-Chi straightened up and found Bulma behind her, her green hair cut short and also wearing workout-outfit. Her husband, Vegeta, and son, Trunk, had gone to their own training so Bulma was alone. She had decided to jog around the forest until she came upon Chi-Chi.

‘Hey Bulma, just doing some exercise. Want to join me?’

Bulma nodded. ‘Sure, the jogging isn’t helping me much so maybe something more strenuous may do the trick.’ Then she smirked. ‘How about we spar?’

Chi-Chi looked at Bulma in surprise. ‘A spar?’

Bulma nodded and began to strip off her clothes, showing her brown nipples and green hairy vagina. Surprisingly, she had six-packs showing on her abdominal and biceps. ‘Yes, my husband had taught me how to fight so I can defend myself but I haven’t got a chance to test it on someone. Maybe I can try it on you.’

Chi-Chi studied Bulma’s muscular body and smiled. Maybe this spar will be perfect for her. She too began to strip, showing her brown nipples and black hairy vagina. Her biceps were hard and six-packs were showing on her abdominal. ‘I’m game but I’m warning you, I get rough.’ she smirked as she got into fighting stance.

Bulma giggled as she too got into fighting stance. ‘I won’t have it any other way!’

With no signal, both women gave their battle-cries and charged towards each other. They collided into one another, locking their fingers in a test of strength. They growled as they brought their arms into the air, trying to push one of them down to their knees. Chi-Chi grunted in surprise as she was being pushed down to her knees with Bulma looking down at her. The brunette growled as she tried to get back on top, her hands getting sweaty.

Bulma smirked and pulled Chi-Chi towards her, slamming her knee into the other mother’s jaws. Chi-Chi gasped as her head snapped upwards, only to be pulled under Bulma’s arm. The green-haired mother held Chi-Chi in a head-lock and slammed her knee twice into Chi-Chi’s stomach before delivering a DDT, slamming Chi-Chi face-first into the ground.

Chi-Chi screamed as her face slammed into the ground, rolling onto her back. Bulma quickly rolled on top of Chi-Chi, sitting on her stomach. Bulma grinned as she began to pummel Chi-Chi’s face and breasts, with the brunette blocking most of the green-haired’s punches. Chi-Chi caught one of Bulma’s punches and fired her own punch, her fist slamming into Bulma’s face.

Bulma cried out in pain as she was knocked off Chi-Chi, landing on her bottoms. Panting heavily and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, Chi-Chi rolled onto her feet and left hooked Bulma in the face again. Bulma screeched as she fell onto her side, launching a kick into Chi-Chi’s stomach. Chi-Chi gasped as Bulma’s foot slammed into her abdominal but grabbed hold of her ankle. The brunette stood up and swung Bulma in a circle before throwing her right into a tree.

Bulma screamed in pain when she slammed into the tree, slumping onto the earth. She groaned when Chi-Ch pulled her up onto her feet by her armpits before slamming her back into the tree, pinning her arms above her head. Chi-Chi smirked as she slammed her right fist right into Bulma’s stomach, her fist sinking deeply into her body. Bulma gasped in pain as she spat out saliva, groaning at the punches.

After punching Bulma ten times in the stomach, Chi-Chi pulled the green-haired mother away from the tree. When they were quite far away from the tree, Chi-Chi stepped behind Bulma and slowly lifted her into the air. She grunted as she held Bulma over her head, spinning her around. Then with a roar, Chi-Chi slammed Bulma’s back onto her knee in a backbreaker.

Bulma screamed in pain and rolled off Chi-Chi’s knee and onto the ground, arching her back in pain. Bulma groaned when Chi-Chi grabbed her by the hair and pulled her onto her face, smiling down at her. That arrogant smile caused Bulma to growl and wrapped her arms around Chi-Chi’s waist, lifting up into the air and surprising the brunette.

Bulma roared as he slammed Chi-Chi’s hairy crotch onto her knee in an atomic drop, making the brunette screamed loudly and jumped off Bulma’s knee. Chi-Chi moaned as she clutched her sore vagina while Bulma slowly stood up. When Chi-Chi recovered, she turned back to Bulma with a glare: curling her fists. Bulma did the same before charging towards Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi waited for Bulma to come closer before delivering a powerful uppercut into Bulma’s jaws, sending her into the air. Bulma gasped at the uppercut but landed on her feet, sending two punches into Chi-Chi’s stomach and breasts. Chi-Chi gasped at the two punches before slamming her right fist into Bulma’s stomach, making the other mother gasped.

Both women continued trading blows until their bodies were bruised and covered in sweat. They stopped to take a breather, panting heavily and looking at one another with respect. Then on a silent agreement, Chi-Chi and Bulma pulled their right arms back to throw their punch. They shouted their battle-cry as their fists slammed into each other faces, sending them flying backwards.

Both mothers hit the ground with a loud thud and stayed on their sides, breathing softly and groaning. Their eyes were closed as they laid eagle-spread on the ground, their unsteadied breathing slowly becoming more regular. Ten minutes have passed when they slowly opened their eyes, moaning as they straightened up. They took in their breaths and smiled at each other.

‘That was amazing Bulma.’ Chi-Chi panted. ‘I didn’t know you can fight that well.’

Bulma smiled, breathing heavily. ‘You’re not too bad yourself, looks like we’re even. Shall we call this a draw today?’

‘Let’s.’ Chi-Ch nodded. ‘But mark my words, next time will be different.’

‘Ditto.’ Bulma winked as she helped Chi-Chi onto her feet.

Both women collected their clothes and put them on before smiling at each other.

‘Until next time Chi-Chi.’ Bulma winked before jogging back to her house.

‘Until next time.’ Chi-Ch echoed as she walked back to her home.

Thus, a friendly rivalry have formed between the wife of the strongest fighters in the galaxy.


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Aug 10, 2015
Not bad jade, it is a good set up for more *Friendly* sparing, I look forward to seeing where you take this story line.
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