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Korra sighed with relief as she stretched herself while in the sauna, exposing her hairy vagina and armpits. She was in the sauna under Ba Sing Se, just finished with a match in victory. She rolled her shoulders to loosen the muscles as she thought of the match. Honestly her opponent could put up more fight but Korra easily dominated after a few punches and throws. She could do with a more decent fight.

Korra was brought back to the real world when the door of the sauna opened, a figure walking in. She immediately stood up when she recognised the figure. She and Kuvira glared at each other, growling.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ Kuvira snarled. She too was naked with black hairy vagina and armpits, her tanned muscular body shining with sweat.

‘Just taking some R&R.’ Korra retorted. ‘So back off unless you want to end up like my previous opponent!’

Kuvira sneered. ‘That little girl? That wan’t a match, that was bullying! Why not pick someone your own size to pick on?’

Korra smirked and raised her fists. ‘Couldn’t say it better myself. I’ve been fantasising of kicking your ass again!’

Kuvira growled and struck Korra’s face without warning, her fist slamming into her face. ‘The only ass getting kicked around here is yours Avatar slut!’

Korra grunted at the punch as she backed away, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. ‘You bitch!’ She roared and stepped forward, kneeing Kuvira in the stomach before grabbing her by the hair. She pulled Kuvira into the middle of the sauna and slammed her face onto the bench.

Kuvira gasped when her face slammed onto the bench. She growled and slammed her elbow into Korra’s face, forcing the Avatar away from her. She spun around and got back onto her feet, assaulting Korra with her fists. She punched her nemesis in the face and in the stomach before slamming her knee in between Korra’s legs.

Korra screamed and fell onto her knees, holding her hairy crotch. She screamed again when Kuvira kneed her in the face, sending her onto her back. Korra did not get a chance to roll away as Kuvira sat on her stomach and began pummelling her face, her fists driving into her face. When she turned Korra into a moaning mess, Kuvira then pulled her onto her feet. She then lifted Korra slowly into the air before slamming her back onto her knee in a backbreaker.

Korra screamed in agony as she spat saliva, rolling off Kuvira’s knee and onto the floor. She groaned and reached for her back, rolling away as well. She managed to get onto her fours before Kuvira grabbed her by the hair, pulling her onto her feet. Kuvira grinned as Korra squirmed at the hair pull.

‘This isn’t yourself Avatar.’ Kuvira sneered. ‘What happened to the “ass-kicking” I was promised to?’

Before Korra could say or do anything, Kuvira Irish whipped her into the wooden walls. Korra gasped when she slammed into the wall, slumping onto the floor. She groaned as she tried to get up, breathing heavily and covered in sweat. Kuvira grabbed Korra by the shoulders and turned her around to face, punching her face several times.

Korra could only gasped as Kuvira’s fists slammed into her cheeks, making her spat out saliva as her head snapped sideways. After the ninth punch, Kuvira took a step back and readied her right arm: ready to deliver an uppercut into Korra’s jaws.

‘Any last words Avatar slut?’

Before Kuvira could deliver her attack, Korra growled and head-butted her in the face. Kuvira screamed in surprise and landed onto her bottoms, rubbing her face in pain. She felt herself being pulled up onto her feet by Korra. Then Kuvira felt Korra’s hand in her hair, grabbing it hard.

‘Yeah! Fuck you!’ Korra snarled.

Korra began slamming her fist into Kuvira’s stomach, her fist driving deeply into her flesh. Kuvira gasped as she felt the insides of her stomach caving in, drooling violently. After the fifth punch, Korra locked her arms under Kuvira’s armpits and began slamming her knee repeatedly into Kuvira’s hairy crotch.

Kuvira screamed in pain as she felt Korra’s knee being rammed into her vagina, feeling her urethra being smashed. She gasped when Korra’s knee hit her for the tenth time, forcing to release her bladder. Kuvira moaned as urine flowed down her thighs and onto the floor, more gushing out from her urethra.

Korra smirked as she turned Kuvira around, wrapping her arms around her waist and lifting her up into the air. She slowly carried her rival to the charcoal and lifted her above it, Kuvira’s urine falling onto the hot stones.

‘This sauna could be a bit more hotter right whore?’ Korra taunted.

She waited for Kuvira to stop urinating before slamming her into the floor in a German suplex, Kuvira’s back of her head hitting the floor. Kuvira gasped as she was slammed into the floor, trying to escape Korra’s hold. To her horror, Korra still hanged onto her and continued with the same move for two more times before letting her go.

Kuvira was on the floor, holding her head in pain. She was in so much pain that she did not notice Korra climbing on top of the bench, towering over her. Korra flexed her biceps before leaping off the bench, slamming right into Kuvira. Kuvira screamed as Korra’s body knocked the wind out of her, sending sweat flying everywhere. She could do nothing as Korra rolled her onto her stomach and sat on her back, pulling one leg towards her in a single Boston crab hold. As she applied the hold, Korra shoved her middle finger into Kuvira’s vagina: fingering her roughly.

‘Cum you bitch! Submit and cum!’ Korra commanded.

Kuvira grunted and groaned as pain was racing through her spine. She reached out or tried to pull Korra off her but Korra’s weight and fingering deterred Kuvira from breaking free. She tried to control her climax but soon she gave in to Korra’ fingers. She howled sexually as she orgasmed all over Korra’s fingers, tapping on the floor.

‘Fuck! Fuck!’ she screamed in pain. ‘I submit! I submit!’

Korra grinned and let go of Kuvira, standing up and flexing her biceps. ‘I thought so you slut!’

Korra stomped on Kuvira’s back before kicking her onto it, slamming her knee onto her wet vagina. Kuvira could only groaned as Korra slammed her hairy vagina into her wet one, grinding her roughly. Korra and Kuvira moaned sexually as their hairy vaginas collided, Kuvira getting aroused again. She gasped loudly as she orgasmed and urinated again, spraying her fluids onto Korra’s stomach and crotch. With a dominant smile, Korra climbed onto of Kuvira: shoving her hairy vagina into her face.

‘Here bitch! You must be thirsty!’

With a moan, Korra urinated into Kuvira’s mouth. Kuvira gagged and gasped as Korra’s urine filled her mouth, forcing her to swallow it. As Kuvira drank her rival’s urine, Korra stood up and continued to urinate all over Kuvira’s body. When she was done marking Kuvira, Korra pulled Kuvira onto her feet and shoved her face into her hairy sweaty armpit.

‘You know what to do whore!’ Korra said.

Kuvira moaned as she stuck her tongue out, licking Korra’s armpit clean before giving it a sloppy kiss. Korra moaned and giggled sexually as she transferred Kuvira into her other armpit, forcing her to lick and kiss it. When she felt that Kuvira had had enough, Korra pulled Kuvira out from her armpit. She smirked and kissed Kuvira roughly on the lips before delivering an uppercut into her jaws, sending Kuvira flying onto her back. Kuvira’s eyes rolled back and she fell into unconsciousness.

‘That’s for disturbing my R&R bitch.’ Korra panted. She spat on Kuvira’s face before leaving the sauna. Kuvira laid on the wooden floor, out cold in an eagle-spread position.