Avatar: Korra vs Asami


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Oct 19, 2015
Under the Sato’s estate was the family’s personal gym, filled with the latest gym equipments. The gym’s walls were covered by mirrors and the floors were covered in mats. In the middle of the ring was a wrestling ring where Asami practised boxing. The gym was always bright with little ventilation, making it hot and humid.

Right now the gym was being used by Asami Sato, heiress and CEO of Sato Industrial, and Korra, the Avatar. After their return from the Spirit World, Asami and Korra had spent more time together. They still hang out with their other friends but they now prefer each other company. Korra was lifting the weight of the bench press while Asami was finishing her set of push-ups.

Korra placed the weight back onto the handles and sat up, breathing heavily as sweat poured down her face. She looked up and smiled as Asami finished her push-ups, panting heavily and equally sweaty as Korra.

‘Looking good Asami.’ Korra grinned. ‘You improve from last time.’

‘Thanks for the compliment.’ Asami smiled back. ‘You’re amazing as always.’

Both women were naked and sweaty. Korra’s dark muscular body featured biceps, six-packs on her abdominal, dark brown nipples and black hairy vagina. Asami new toned body also featured biceps, six-packs, pink nipples and black hairy vagina, thanks to Korra’s coaching.

‘It thanks to you that I’m this fit now.’ Asami said as she flexed her biceps. ‘I feel I can take on the entire world. I want to test this babies out!’

Korra grinned. ‘Then let’s do a friendly wrestling match. Right now in the ring.’ Korra gestured to the ring.

Asami beamed and got onto her feet, climbing into the ring. ‘You’re on Avatar!’

Korra grinned and jumped into the ring, raising her hands for a test of strength. Asami took the hint and locked her fingers with Korra’s, starting to push Korra back. Korra grunted in surprise, not expecting Asami’s strength to increase dramatically after a month of coaching her. Korra growled and asserted her own strength in the hold, pushing Asami back into the middle of the ring. Both women were locked in the stalemate, grunting as sweat dripped onto the mat.

Asami made the first move as she lowered herself, slamming her shoulder into Korra’s stomach. The Avatar gasped in surprise as Asami slowly lifted Korra into the air, carrying her onto her shoulders. Grunting, Asami fell backwards and slammed Korra into the mat. Korra screamed in pain and arched her back but the moment Asami let her go, the Avatar quickly wrapped her arm around Asami’s head in a headlock.

Growling, Korra got onto her knees and brought Asami down onto the mat: rubbing her face into the mat. Asami moaned and tried to wiggle herself free from Korra’s hold to no avail. Korra slowly stood up, bringing Asami up onto her feet too. Asami placed her hands on Korra’s waist as she attempted to push her head out from Korra’s headlock.

Before she could escape, Korra ran towards the middle of the ring and left into the air: slamming Asami face-first into the mat in a bulldog. Asami screamed in pain and held her face, feeling Korra’s arms away from her throat. Korra got onto her feet and grabbed Asami by the head, lifting her up onto her feet. She grabbed Asami’s wrist and Irish whipped her to the ropes.

Asami yelped as her back touched the ropes and rebounded from them, running back towards Korra. The Avatar readied her arm to clothesline Asami. With a roar, Korra pulled her right arm back and swung it forward in an attempt to clothesline Asami in the throat.

To her surprise, Asami ducked Korra’s arm and ran to the other side of the ring. Asami turned around so she can rebound from the ropes again, charging towards the surprised Korra. Korra just turned around to be greeted by Asami’s feet slamming into her chest in a drop kick. The Avatar screamed in surprise as she fell onto her back, clutching her chest. Asami panted slightly as she crawled towards Korra, slamming onto her and hooking one leg up into the air for the pin. Asami began counting.

‘1… 2…’

Korra kicked out immediately, pushing Asami off her. Groaning, Korra wrapped her arms around Asami’s neck and pushed her onto her back. Asami grunted as Korra rolled on top of her, their faces a mere inch apart. Before Korra could do anything, Asami grinned wickedly and kneed Korra in between the legs. Korra yelped loudly and rolled off Asami, clutching her sore vagina.

‘Ooohhhhh… Not fair…’

Asami grinned. ‘Sorry Korra dear but I do anything to win.’

Asami grabbed Korra by the hair and pulled her up onto her feet, pushing the Avatar’s head in between her thighs. Asami pressed her breasts onto Korra’s sweaty back and wrapped her arms around the Avatar’s waist, slowly lifting Korra upside down in the air. Asami held Korra in that position for some time before pile driving Korra into the mat. Korra screamed and almost blacked out from the throw as Asami began poking her tongue into Korra’s vagina.

Korra moaned in both pain and arousal, shaking her heads Asami licked her hairy vagina. Then with a gasp, Korra orgasmed all over Asami’s face: cum flowing down her abdominal. As Korra orgasmed, Asami started the pin again.

‘1… 2…’

To her surprise, Korra kicked out from the pin and landed onto her stomach. Frustrated, Asami grabbed Korra by the head and began to pull her up onto her feet. Korra was only on her knees when she suddenly delivered a powerful uppercut into Asami’s hairy vagina. Asami screeched in pain and fell onto her back, holding her sore vagina. Korra grinned as she slowly got onto her fours, pushing her fingers into Asami’s vagina: sliding it in and out.

‘How do you like the taste of your own medicine Asami dear?’ Korra panted, smiling at Asami.

‘Ooooohhhh…’ Asami moaned loudly. ‘Damn… I’m going…. To cum…’

Korra grinned and pulled her fingers out from Asami’s vagina, pulling her up onto her feet. Korra lowered herself and lifted Asami into the air, Asami upside-down with the back of her neck resting on Korra’s shoulder. Korra roared and brought Asami down in a brain buster. Asami screamed in both pain and ecstasy as cum squirted out from her vagina. Korra dropped Asami onto her back, letting her orgasmed on the mat. Korra laid on top of Asami, pinning her.

‘1… 2… 3!’

As Korra finished the pin, she rolled off Asami: lying eagle-spread and breathing heavily.

‘Damn Asami…’ Korra gasped, looking at Asami. ‘That was awesome… You almost had me…’

Asami smiled weakly, looking back at Korra. ‘I had a good teacher… I still got a lot more to learn though…’

Korra snorted out a laugh and slowly straightened up, gently lifting Asami’s head. Korra pressed her lips on Asami’s, kissing her deeply. Asami felt Korra’s tongue entering her mouth as she kissed back, their tongues wrestling. Asami pushed Korra’s legs wide opened and connected her soaking vagina to Korra’s, rubbing them gently. Korra and Asami moaned into each other mouths as they make out and grind their vaginas hard and fast.

They gasped in unison as their vaginas exploded with cum again, making their crotch sticky and their stomach covered in thick cum. Drool flowed down their mouths as Korra fell onto her back with Asami lying on top of her. Sighing, Asami laid on top of Korra’s chest. Korra wrapped her arm around Asami’s face as they smiled at one another, still cumming on the mat.

‘Love you Asami.’ Korra said, her eyes closed in bliss.

‘Love you too Korra.’ Asami murmured, resting her head on Korra’s chest. Soon, both women laid in a pool of their cum: in bliss.
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