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CWF Title Match: Sakura vs Korra

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jade1503, Jul 10, 2016.


Who would fight next?

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  1. Sakura vs Ino

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  2. Korra vs Kuvira

  3. Korra vs Asami

  4. Hinata vs Samui

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  5. Mikasa vs Annie

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  1. Jade1503

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    The CWF arena was once again being filled up by spectators who enjoyed wrestling. Actually, there were more people in the arena as tonight’s match was a special one: it was CWF’s first title match for the Women’s Championship. Once every seat was taken, the lights above the seats dimmed: leaving only the spotlights above the ring. The referee was already waiting in the ring as Kazumi Asakura’s voice boomed across the arena.


    Sakura walked out from the backstage and entered the arena, her hands in the air as she ran towards the ring. She was naked and sweaty, her pink nipples and pink hairy vagina exposed. She slapped hands with her fans and slid into the ring, jumping onto her feet. She raised her arms into the air, showing her strong biceps and six-packs already covered in sweat. The cheers died down and Sakura stood waiting in the middle of the ring.


    Korra walked out from the backstage and into the arena, flexing her strong biceps and six-packs before making her way to the ring. She beamed and pumped a fist into the air as she passed through her fans, receiving a loud welcome. Like Sakura, she was naked and sweaty with her dark brown nipples and black hairy vagina showing. As she reached the ring, she climbed over the ropes and flexed her muscles again, inciting the crowd the cheered loudly for her. She walked to the middle of the ring where she and Sakura met, smiling at each other.

    A golden belt lowered down from the ceiling into the hands of the referee. The referee raised the belt over her head, showing the crowd the championship belt before stepping away from the two wrestlers. Korra and Sakura stepped closer to one another, their noses and nipples touching one another. They moaned softly at the touch.

    ‘I can’t believe we’re competing for the Women’s Championship.’ Korra grinned. ‘We came a long way eh Sakura?’

    ‘Indeed we did.’ Sakura agreed. ‘Hey, no hard feelings if I win the title belt.’

    ‘Same here.’ Korra smiled. ‘Ready to rumble?’


    The bell rang and both Sakura and Korra threw their arms around each other, locking up into a stalemate. Both of them growled as they pushed their faces into another, theirs cheeks rubbing. Using her inner strength, Korra managed to push Sakura into the ropes. Korra then stepped away from Sakura and Irish whipped her to the other side, Sakura gasping when she hit the ropes. The pink-haired rebounded from the ropes and headed back towards Korra, Korra readying a clothesline.

    Only for Sakura to duck the attack and rebounded from the ropes again, leaping into the air. Korra cried out in pain when Sakura’s boots slammed into her face in a drop-kick, sending Korra onto her back. Despite the pain in the face, Korra jumped back onto her feet at the same time Sakura stood up. Growling, Korra grabbed Sakura by the hair and slammed her face into her knee.

    Sakura screamed in pain and stumbled backwards, holding her face in pain. She stumbled back into the ropes where Korra used it to her advantage. The Avatar rammed her knee into Sakura’s stomach before wrapping an arm around Sakura’s head. Taking a moment to point a finger into the air, Korra ran forward with Sakura under her arm and slammed her face-first into mat in a bulldog. Sakura screamed as her face met the mat, almost blacking out. She groaned in pain as Korra rolled her onto her back, pinning her with a leg hooked.

    ‘1…’ the referee counted. ‘2…’

    Sakura kicked out before the referee finished the cunt, immediately, slamming her right fist into Korra’s face. Korra gasped and fell to her side, rubbing her sore cheek. Sakura now laid on top of the Avatar, pinning her arms down to the mat. Sakura smirked as she slammed her fist into Korra’s crotch, smashing her urethra. Korra screamed in pain and then with pleasure when Sakura leaned down, burying her face into Korra’s sweaty armpit and licking the sweat off it. Korra screamed and moaned as Sakura’s tongue licked her armpits, arousing her greatly. Then the Avatar gasped as she released cum and urine, covering Sakura’s fist in her fluids. Sakura smiled and pulled her fist away from Korra’s crotch, licking it.

    ‘Delicious as always baby.’ Sakura gloated. ‘Looks like first cum goes to…’

    Sakura gasped as Korra freed her right arm and slammed it into the pink-haired girl’s stomach, making Sakura spat out saliva. Taking advantage of her surprise attack, Korra punched Sakura in the face and slammed her left fist into her stomach. Sakura yelped and fell onto her sides, moaning in pain. Korra grabbed Sakura by the hair and faced her towards the mat, slamming her face into it. Sakura screamed in pain and then her screams became louder as Korra shoved her fist into her vagina, fisting her roughly.

    Korra continued to slam Sakura’s face into the mat and shoved her fist deeper into the kunoichi’s vagina, making Sakura screamed in pain and pleasure. Korra growled and shoved deeper into Sakura’s vagina, getting a reaction. Sakura screamed sexually as her vagina exploded with orgasms, coating Korra’s arm with thick cum. Korra pulled out her cum-covered fist and pulled Sakura onto her feet, pulling her by the hair. She snarled and threw the pink-haired girl into a corner, making her slammed into the turnbuckle.

    Sakura moaned as Korra walked up to her, slamming her wet hairy pussy into Sakura’s. Sakura moaned louder as Korra bucked her wildly, grinding their wet hairy vaginas into one another. Korra opened Sakura’s arm and buried her face into her sweaty armpit, licking it deeply. Sakura’s moans became louder as Korra’s tongue run up and down her armpit, shivering as the Avatar now kissed it deeply. It was not long for Sakura to gasp as her vagina exploded with both cum and urine, making a pool under her.

    Korra grinned at her. ‘How’s that? I made you cum twice!’

    Panting heavily, Sakura pushed Korra away from her and slammed her fist into her face followed by a left punch into her stomach. Korra gasped but stood her ground, catching another punch from Sakura. Korra growled and uppercut Sakura in the jaws, sending the pink-haired stumbling backwards. Sakura leaned against the ropes but before she rebound, Korra grabbed her by the neck and slammed her down in a choke-slam. Sakura gasped in pain but palm-struck Korra in the jaws. Korra yelped and fell onto her back, holding her jaws in pain. She was aware that Sakura dropped onto her, pinning her down. The referee made the count.

    ‘1… 2…’

    Korra kicked out before the count finished, pushing Sakura off her. Sakura slammed her fist into the mat in anger before grabbing Korra by the hair, pulling the Avatar up onto her feet. The kunoichi pushed Korra down and slammed her knee onto her back. Korra grunted but growled as she punched Sakura in the stomach, making the kunoichi gasped in surprise. After a second chance, Sakura stumbled backwards and clutched her stomach. Both wrestlers leaned on their knees and looked at each other, panting heavily.

    ‘Damn it! I was so close!’ Sakura panted.

    Korra grinned. ‘Come on baby. Is that all you got?’

    Sakura smiled. ‘I still got some fight left in me.’

    Sakura roared and jumped towards Korra, the Avatar anticipating her. Both women threw their arms over each other shoulders, locking up in a stalemate. They growled as they tried to push one another back, sweat covering their faces and dripping onto the mat. Sakura growled and pulled Korra towards her, kneeing her in the stomach. Korra gasped as she felt Sakura wrapped her arm around her head, preparing to DDT her. Before the kunoichi could deliver her attack, Korra lifted her into the air and brought her down in an atomic drop: slamming Sakura’s crotch onto her knee.

    To Sakura’s disbelief, her vagina exploded with cum and urine: coating Korra’s thigh with her fluids. Sakura moaned sexually and fell onto her back, covering her leaking vagina. Korra then pulled Sakura onto her feet by her sweaty armpits and bent her forward, wrapping her arms around her waist.

    ‘Sorry Sakura dear but this might hurt a bit.’ Korra panted.

    Grunting, Korra lifted Sakura into the air and paraded her around the ring. When she reached the middle of the ring, Korra power bombed Sakura onto the mat. Sakura screamed in pain as her back slammed onto the mat, almost blacking out as the ring shuddered at the impact. As Sakura moaned, Korra pinned while licking her wet vagina. The referee began the count.

    ‘1… 2… 3!’

    The crowd roared and applauded as the bell rang, signalling the end of the match. Korra grinned and let go of Sakura, standing up and flexing to the crowd. She felt her left hand being lifted up by the referee as Asakura’s voice boomed across the arena.


    The title belt lowered down towards the ring and into Korra’s open hands. Trying not to cry with joy, Korra held the title belt in the air so that everyone can see. Korra enjoyed her victory before turning to Sakura, the kunoichi was still on her back and panting. Korra helped Sakura onto her feet and hugged her, their sweaty bodies melting into each other.

    ‘You okay baby?’ Korra asked.

    Sakura moaned. ‘I lived… Congratulations baby but must you be that rough on me?’

    Korra grinned. ‘You know I like it rough. I will make it up for you.’

    Sakura looked at Korra, smiling. ‘No need. Since you’re the champion, I should be the one entertaining you. Starting now.’

    Sakura kissed Korra on the lips, touching her tongue. Korra kissed back deeply, wrapping their arms around her and bumping her wet vagina onto Sakura’s. Sakura gasped softly but her bumped her vagina back, grinding into Korra’s. It was not long before both of them gasped as they released their cum, coating their legs with thick fluids. Sakura giggled and held Korra’s hand.

    ‘Come on baby, let’s back to our apartment. There’s a hot shower and dinner waiting for you.’

    Korra’s grin widened. ‘Now that’s what I’m talking about! Lead on Sakura!’

    Sakura and Korra left the ring and waked towards the backstage, waving farewells to their fans. As soon as they left the arena, the lights returned and the spectators made their way towards the exit. Asakura’s voice boomed again.


    After the last spectator left, the lights turned off: leaving the arena in darkness.