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Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra 5

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jade1503, Aug 13, 2016.


Who should fight next?

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  1. Asami vs Korra (with hairy armpits)

  2. Sakura Haruno vs Ino Yamanaka (with hairy armpits)

  3. Hinata Hyuga vs Samui

  4. Sakura vs Kurotsuchi

  5. Mikes Ackerman vs Annie Leonhart

  6. Korra vs Kuvira (with farts)

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  7. R. Mika vs Nadeshiko Yamato

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  1. Jade1503

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    High up in the air, just above Republic City, was an airship hovering together with the white clouds. The engines hummed softly as the airship paraded in circles. On the balloon were the words “Sato’s Industries”, indicating that it belongs to Asami Sato: the CEO of the richest company in Republic City and Korra’s friend.

    Inside the airship, was a massive space with a wrestling ring built in the middle of it. Inside of the ring were Kuvira and Korra, they were all naked showing their hard nipples and black hairy vaginas. Their muscular bodies were covered in sweat, showing off their biceps and six-packs on their abdominal. They only thing they wore were boxing gloves and boots, Korra ones were blue while Kuvira was greens.

    Standing between them was Asami Sato, also naked and with muscles: although it was not as big as Korra and Kuvira’s. The black hair growing above her vagina was trimmed neatly, shaped like an arrow pointing down as the black hair growing from her head flowed down her shoulders. She wore black heels and a smile on her face.

    ‘Okay girls.’ she told Korra and Kuvira. ‘Let’s have a good fight okay?’

    Kuvira smirked. ‘As long as I get to fuck the avatar like in the waterfall, I’m happy.’

    ‘This time I will bury your face into my hairy armpit you slut!’ Korra growled.

    Asami raised her right hand, showing some hair growing under her armpit, before bringing it down. ‘Fight!’

    Kuvira roared and raised her gloved fist, slamming it down towards Korra. Korra dodged the attack and uppercut Kuvira in the jaws, catching her by surprise. Kuvira grunted as her head snapped upwards, slamming both her fists into Korra’s breasts. It was Korra’s turn to grunt and stumbled backwards, holding her breasts. Kuvira rubbed her jaws and growled, charging in for the attack.

    Kuvira slammed her right fist into Korra’s stomach and then a left cross into her face, driving the Avatar back. Korra gasped as the two punches almost send her down, trying to throw her own punches back but Kuvira was relentless. Kuvira fell down to her knees and uppercut Korra in between her legs, her gloved fist slamming into her crotch. Korra gritted her teeth, enduring the pain, and slammed her right fist into Kuvira’s face. Taken by surprise, Kuvira gasped and fell onto her sides. Asami began the count.

    ‘1… 2… 3….’

    Kuvira jumped onto her feet and Asami had to end the count. Kuvira spat on the mat and grinned savagely at Korra.

    ‘Little bitch! You improve from our last boxing match.’

    Korra grinned, raising her fists. ‘Asami had been helping me with my training. This is just the beginning.’

    Kuvira roared and swung her right fist into Korra’s face, only for the Avatar to duck under Kuvira’s arm. Korra fell down to her knees and uppercut Kuvira in the crotch, her glove driving deeply into her vagina. Kuvira gasped and moaned but slammed her right fist into Korra’s face. Korra grunted at the punch but continued her assault on Kuvira’s crotch, her glove slamming hard into her clitoris.

    Kuvira’s punches became weaker as drool flowed out from her mouth, only able to hold on to Korra’s head. She gasped suddenly as her vagina exploded with cum and urine, spraying it all over Korra. Korra smirked and stood up, licking her lips, as Kuvira held on to her leaking crotch. With her gloves getting covered in her own fluids, Kuvira snarled and sprinted forward with a fist raised. Korra managed to block Kuvira’s attack and slammed a right cross into her face, sending her falling onto her back. Kuvira groaned in pain as Asami began the count.

    ‘1… 2… 3…. 4…’

    As Asami counted, Korra stood before Kuvira: gloating. ‘Looks like first cum goes to me, Kuvira. Looks you’re no match for…’

    When Asami reach seven, Kuvira rolled onto her feet and uppercut Korra in between the legs. Korra gasped in surprise as Kuvira stood up, snarling. She slammed her fists into Korra, treating her like a punching bag. Korra had to back away as Kuvira’s fists slammed into every part of her body, making her retreat into a corner. Kuvira delivered a left cross into Korra’s face before falling onto her knee, slamming her glove into Korra’s vagina.

    Korra screamed as her vagina exploded with cum and urine, spraying it all over Kuvira. Korra could only moaned as Kuvira stood up and hold her against the turnbuckle, slamming her right fist into the Avatar’s stomach several times. The punches into her abdominal made Korra groaned, drool flowing from her mouth. Kuvira then stood back and delivered a powerful uppercut into Korra’s jaws. Korra’s head snapped back as she slid down the turnbuckle, landing onto her bottom. Asami began the count.

    ‘1… 2… 3… 4…’

    Panting heavily, Kuvira shoved her wet hairy vagina into Korra’s face: rubbing it into her. ‘You like that bitch? When I win, I’m going to fill you with my piss until you…’

    She did not get a chance to finish her threat as Korra slammed her right fist into Kuvira’s stomach, pushing her back. Asami was at eight when Korra stood up, using the ropes to help her. Furious, Kuvira sprinted forward and punched Korra in the face. Korra grunted but took the hit, slamming her right fist into Kuvira’s stomach. Kuvira jumped backwards and saliva flew from her mouth, backing away.

    It was Korra’s turn to have her way with Kuvira as she slammed her gloved fists into her, punching her stomach, breasts, vagina and face. Kuvira can only gasped as Korra’s fists slammed into her, making her groggy. She too retreated into a corner as she raised her hands, trying to block Korra’s barrage of punches. Korra roared and pulled her arms back, slamming her fists into Kuvira’s breasts.

    Kuvira screamed as milk squirted out from her nipples, covering them and moaning. With her opponent defenceless, Korra pushed Kuvira into the corner and slammed her gloved fist into her vagina. Her punches intensified, making Kuvira’s crotch sore. She gasped loudly as her vagina exploded with cum and urine for the second time, wetting Korra’s glove.

    Groggy and her vagina leaking, Kuvira cannot do anything as was pulled back to the middle of the ring by Korra. Korra let Kuvira stand before her, her rival wobbly on her feet. Korra placed her right glove below her crotch, covering it with her own fluid. She raised it and smirked at Kuvira.

    ‘This is it you bitch. Good night!’

    Korra then uppercut Kuvira in the jaws, sending her head snapping backwards. Kuvira’s eyes rolled back as the uppercut was powerful enough to lift her off her feet. She flew backwards and landed on her back, lying eagle-spread on the mat. Her tongue stuck out as urine flowed out from her urethra, creating a pool before her. Asami began the count.

    ‘1… 2… 3… 4…’ Kuvira moaned as Korra looked down at her, spitting on her. ‘5… 6… 7…’ Kuvira raised her head, looking at Korra with blurred vision. ‘8… 9…’ Then Kuvira’s head fell back onto the mat. ’10!’

    Korra smiled and flexed her biceps, Asami announcing. ‘Winner: Korra!’

    Korra smiled and looked down at Kuvira who was slowly recovering. She squatted above Kuvira’s face and with a moan, she urinated all over Kuvira’s face. As her opponent gagged and choked on her urine, Korra pulled out her gloves and then Kuvira’s. After throwing the gloves aside, she shoved her hairy wet vagina into Kuvira’s mouth: urinating into her mouth.

    ‘Drink up bitch! I know you love it!’

    Kuvira gurgled as urine filled her mouth, forcing her to swallow it. Korra grinned and stood up, urine dripping from her urethra and onto Kuvira’s body. She then spread Kuvira’s legs wide opened and slammed her vagina hard onto Kuvira’s vagina, grinding her roughly. Their sticky hairy vaginas connected as Korra bucked Kuvira wildly, sweat flying everywhere.

    ‘Cum you whore! Cum!’

    Kuvira’s screams filled the airship as Korra continued to pound her vagina like a battering ram, making Kuvira tapped onto the mat. At a gasp, Kuvira’s vagina exploded with orgasms: squirting all over Korra’s stomach. Korra licked her lips as she grabbed Kuvira by the hair, lifting her head. She then shoved Kuvira’s face into her hairy musky armpit, rubbing her face deeply into it.

    ‘Lick my pit you slut!’

    Kuvira grudgingly licked Korra’s hairy armpit, taking in her smell. Korra moaned as Kuvira’s tongue ran up and down her armpit, covering it with saliva.

    ‘Make sure you kiss it too bitch!’

    Moaning, Kuvira’s lips puckered as she kissed Korra’s armpit: tasting the sourness. Aroused, Korra pushed Kuvira onto her back and sat on her face. She moaned as she orgasmed all over Kuvira’s face, covering her in thick cum. Korra grinned as she expelled her fluids, looking up at Asami.

    ‘Want to have a go with her Asami?’

    Asami smiled. ‘I’m glad you ask.’ she pulled out a strap-on from behind and wore it around her waist. Korra got off Kuvira and pulled her up, spreading her legs. Asami knelt before Kuvira and slowly inserted the strap-on into her vagina, sliding the strap-on deeper into Kuvira’s vagina. Kuvira, already exhausted from the fight and the sex, moaned and then screamed as Asami’s strap-on touched the walls of her insides.

    As Asami slid her strap-on deeper and faster into Kuvira’s insides, Korra lifted Kuvira’s arm and started licking her hairy armpit. With something inside her vagina and her armpit licked, Kuvira moaned loudly and sexually as another climax built up for impossibly the fourth time. She screamed as she orgasmed all over Asami, thick cum spraying on the brunette.

    Asami smiled evilly, her green eyes twinkling. ‘Korra, I now understand why this bitch love to fight and to be fucked by you: she cum so easily. Let’s play with her for a while.’

    Korra grinned. ‘Sounds like a plan.

    Kuvira moaned. ‘You… Bitches…’

    Her protests were cut as Korra lowered her onto the mat and sat on her face, rubbing her own wet vagina into her face. Asami’s strap-on was still inside Kuvira’s vagina as Asami leaned forward, she and Korra’s lips met. They continued to kiss deeply as they continued to fuck Kuvira, her screams muffled by Korra’s crotch as urine and cum spilled out from her vagina: covering the mat with body fluid.
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