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Oct 19, 2015
Rainbow Mika finished stretching and jumped onto her feet, making the wrestling ring rumbled slightly. She was in an empty arena on a Saturday morning, using the place for herself. Her blonde hair was tied into two pig-tails and her blue eyes were alerted. Naked saved for her blue eye-mask and boots, her pink nipples and blonde hairy vagina were exposed. She flexed her biceps and six-packs, showing her white muscular body to the newcomer.

‘Glad you can make it Nadeshiko.’ Mika smiled at her best friend. ‘You look good.’

The brunette grinned. ‘Wouldn’t miss it for the world Mika.’

Yamato Nadeshiko had black bowl-cut and hazelnut eyes. Like Mika, she too was naked: her pink nipples and black hairy vagina exposed. Her fair muscular body featured biceps and six-packs, giving her the same built as Mika. Nadeshiko walked towards the ring and rolled into it, getting up onto her feet almost immediately. She straightened and stood before Mika, smiling.

‘Ready to rumble Nadeshiko?’ Mika asked, raising her hands in a test of strength.

The Japanese wrestler smiled and locked her fingers with Mika. ‘Let’s rumble Mika!’

Both wrestlers grunted as they pushed each other back and forth, none of them gaining the upper-hand. Sweat dripped onto the mat as they tried to bring one of them down to the mat. Their test of strength slowly turned into a lock-up as they simultaneously let go of each other fingers, wrapping their arms around each other necks. Mika was the first one to attack as she slammed her knee into Nadeshiko’s stomach and pushed her down, slamming an elbow onto her back.

The brunette wrestler howled, her stomach and back in pain, but growled as she wrapped her arms around Mika’s waist and lifted her into the air. Mika yelped and flailed her arms in the air while Nadeshiko held her up, her face rubbing into Mika’s stomach. Growling into Mika’s flesh, Nadeshiko fell forward and slammed Mika’s back into the mat.

Mika gasped in pain as Nadeshiko grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up onto her feet. Nadeshiko pulled Mika’s head under her left arm and dragged her to the middle of the ring, preparing to slam her face into the mat in a DDT. Before she could execute her move, Mika wrapped her arms around Nadeshiko’s waist. Roaring like a rhinoceros, Mika pushed Nadeshiko into one of the corners and slammed her back into the turnbuckle.

Nadeshiko gasped when her back hit the turnbuckle. She growled and began slamming her elbows onto Mika’s back, trying to either force the blonde to release her or to slump down into the mat. Mika grunted as Nadeshiko’s elbows dug into her back but she stubbornly held on to her friend. She growled back as she slowly pushed Nadeshiko up on top of the turnbuckle.

A surprised Nadeshiko found herself sitting on top of the turnbuckle but before she could get off it, Mika was before her: standing on the middle ropes. Mika yelled and slammed her elbow into Nadeshiko’s face, making the brunette wrestler gasped as she spat out saliva. Mika elbowed Nadeshiko’s face for five times before wrapping an arm around her head.

Nadeshiko was still dazed when her head was pulled under Mika’s arm so she could not push herself free as the blonde wrestler turned to face the mat. Mika grinned and jumped off the ropes with Nadeshiko too, slamming her friend’s jaws into the mat. Nadeshiko screamed in pain and rolled away from Mika, holding her jaws in pain.

Nadeshiko was still on her back when Mika pulled her up onto her feet by her arms, lifting her onto her shoulders. Grunting, the blonde wrestler slowly pushed Nadeshiko into the air. She spun around in circles but before she could even slam the brunette warrior into the mat, Nadeshiko slammed an elbow into Mika’s temple. The blonde wrestler groaned as her vision temporary blurred, forcing her to go down onto her knees. Nadeshiko growled and slammed her elbow once more into Mika’s temple, this time Mika releasing her friend.

Nadeshiko moaned as she slowly got onto her feet while Mika stayed where she was, holding her temple while trying to stay conscious. She did not have the chance. Nadeshiko straightened and raised her clamped fists into the air, slamming it down on top of Mika’s head. Mika screamed and her eyes were rolling back as Nadeshiko was relentless.

Wrapping her arms around her friend’s throat, Nadeshiko lifted Mika onto her feet and choked her in a sleeper hold. Mika gagged for air as she tried to reach for the ropes but to not avail as Nadeshiko made sure they were in the middle of the ring before applying the hold. Seeing that victory was within grasp, Nadeshiko applied more pressure onto her hold.

‘Well Mika? Wanna submit?’ Nadeshiko asked.

’N-never!’ Mika gasped.

Nadeshiko growled and tightened her hold on Mika, cutting off her air. Seeing that reaching the ropes was pointless, Mika first slammed an elbow into Nadeshiko’s stomach followed with a foot stomp. Nadeshiko screamed in surprise and let go of Mika’s throat, backing away and jumping on one foot: holding her injured one. Breathing in some air, Mika turned around and growled.

‘It’s payback time!’

Mika grabbed hold of Nadeshiko’s hand and Irish whipped her towards the ropes. The brunette wrestler gasped as her back touched the ropes, rebounding her back towards Mika. Nadeshiko growled and readied her arm for a lariat but to her surprise, Mika’s back was turned on her and the blonde wrestler leaped into the air. Nadeshiko cried out as Mika’s bottom slammed into her face, sending her flat onto her back.

Nadeshiko gasped as Mika’s bottom was shoved onto her face. Mika panted as rubbed her bottoms into her friend’s face before getting off her, pulling her up onto her feet by her armpits. Mika then lifted Nadeshiko into the air and held there for a second before slamming her back onto her knee in a backbreaker. Nadeshiko screamed in pain and then in ecstasy when Mika shoved her fist into her vagina, fisting her hard.

Nadeshiko gasped and shook her head, drooling as Mika’s fist entered her insides. The brunette tried to fight the urge to cum but weakened already, she cannot resits. She screamed as she orgasmed all over Mika’s arm, coating it with thick cum. Mika smiled and pulled her arm from Nadeshiko’s vagina, continuing to bend her friend’s back onto her knee. With her back in pain and sexually weakened, Nadeshiko began tapping on Mika’s back.

‘I give… I give up!’

Mika pushed Nadeshiko off her knee and fell next to her, lying on their backs and breathing heavily. Both Japanese wrestlers were covered in sweat and Nadeshiko’s cum. Mika took in a deep breath before turning to Nadeshiko, smiling at her.

‘Well done Nadeshiko… But you still need more training.’

Nadeshiko panted and nodded. ‘Yes… I will train harder before our next fight. That was amazing Mika.’

Mika giggled and sat up, pulling Nadeshiko up as well. ‘Now time for my reward.’

Their lips touched as they kissed deeply, their tongues having their own wrestling match. Mika pressed her pink nipples onto Nadeshiko as the brunette connected her wet vagina to Mika’s, grinding her slowly. Their sweaty muscular bodies rubbed into each other as they continued kissing and grinding, slowly increasing the pace. They moaned in each other mouths and then gasped sexually as both of them orgasmed in unison, squirting cum on their abdominal.

Panting heavily, Mika pushed Nadeshiko onto her back and kissed her deeply: lying on top of her. Nadeshiko kissed back, blushing and moaning as she had orgasmed twice. They reluctantly broke the kiss and laid there, enjoying each other company.

‘Let’s do this more often.’ Mika murmured, resting her head in between Nadeshiko’s breasts.

Nadeshiko smiled tiredly. ‘Yes… Next time it will be me on top of you.’

They sighed as they stayed where they were, slowly falling to a deep slumber.
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