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This mod extends the lower and upper ranges that the penisrange slider permits.

version release notes:

added strap-on penis color saving to penisrange

- sby


added smaller scale to penis
added modpage to save penisrange char settings
added ability to load special named penisrangecharfile.txt that sets penis and ball size for a character folder
added balls range
added animtoolsV8 communication ability

- sby


added option for mod to persist after reset.
the option is mainly so i can have it under the $init folder and have the mod continue after resetting

- sby


tweaked the constraint smoothing to incorporate penis width as well

added alternate 'overriding' penis tilt that swaps out speed for a dist/hiltdist relationship. with several positions i have, seemed to work well.

- sby


- x4 penis size scaling
- extensive penismask support
- constraint 'smoothing' vibration limiting option
- increased penis tilt alignment when throating option

loader version 5.18

this mod increases the range that the penis can be scaled to to 4x, and has proper penismask support.
it has useful features to limit the constraint 'smoothing' and allow more penis tilting.

was made to better support and give more use to animtool positions.
the smoothing and tilting should help make unique positions function/look better.
worked a bit on the penis mask stuff, uses point-distance and penis scale to adjust mask.

hopefully the mask works with your positions :D

- sby
First release
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4.88 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. changed some proxy logic for error reporting, should function the same as previous version

    penisrangeV8 changed sourcecode to as file changed some proxy logic for reporting conflicts
  2. reuploaded 7_1, minor tweak to maskoffset setting

    reuploaded 7_1, minor tweak to maskoffset setting
  3. added a few settings to change range increases, changed default range increase

    penisrangeV7_1 added a couple settings to adjust how much the mod increases the min and max...

Latest reviews

I would've given it a 5 star buuuut I'm having an issue where Her face becomes transparent and I can't seem to find a way to fix that. Other than that, great mod.
means you didn't put the settings file in the loader's settings folder
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