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just some minor changes.

the interval amounts now get multiplied into the amount to age the strands, and the default settings have been changed to match accordingly.
this makes it so the ages of the strands are updated less often, but they still age the same amount. shouldn't be noticeable to user as i changed them them from 0 or 1 interval to 5, so instead of 10-20 times a second, they are changing 3-4

some other minor tweaks to make it more efficient, also updated code to the newer style of how i have been doing things.
the fps polling delay setting is actually used now over the const
added persist option
source now through the alternate compiler style instead of flash project
added option to remove outside of bounds strands with 'deleteout', disabled by defualt because probably not needed

- sby


update includes new feature to limit cum/spit strands according to frames per socond.
the target fps can be manually set, or an 'automatic' option can be used to dynamically adjust the fps target

update also uses the new 5.18 loader settings style, so notes for options included in settings file

added alpha fading for spit strands

- sby

this mod has features to limit/reduce the amount of cumstrands and spitstrands exist on the screen.
it does this by looking at the amount of strands there are.
cumstrands have a bonus feature to quickly kill off 'almost' invisible strands using the alpha.
this was made mostly to preserve performance when going on an ejuculation frenzy.

note - strands have a life of 0 to 600; 600 being dead

- sby
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