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moreclothing is a loader mod that adds additional clothing to the in-game menus. (also supports backgrounds, hairs, and vanilla body mods)
its main purpose is to be able to mix and match pieces of mods that the community makes, and use them in a convenient manner
- this opens up tons more possibilities, as most mods were made to be part of a set that you couldn't mix with other mods. since it supports body mods, you can also attempt to body mods which previously would not load at the same time
the mod uses a settings file to choose what files to load, and which pieces of mods to place on what menus.

moreclothing was made to be a module in the $init folder to be loaded upon starting up,
setup steps to have the mod run at startup of the loader:

- first, change any settings you wish in the settings file 'moreclothingV*settings.txt'.

~to add more clothing mods to moreclothing:
make an entry in 'moreclothingV*settings.txt' to include your mod. follow the pattern used in the other entries.
the mod files you want to add should go into the 'moreclothingmods' folder
there is a thread that has colored formatting and pictures on how to add/remove mods to be loaded by moreclothing:

- move 'moreclothingV*settings.txt', 'moreclothingV*.swf', and the folder 'moreclothingmods' to the '$INIT' folder in the loader's 'Mods' folder
- update the 'Mods.txt' in the '$INIT' folder to include the 'moreclothingV*.swf' mod. do this by adding the line of text: "moreclothingV*.swf"
- IMPORTANT: make sure moreclothing is the last mod entry in the 'Mods.txt'. any mods that are loaded during its loading state may cause the morecothing to load improperly
- when you start the loader, moreclothing should load automatically. depending on number of mods added and speed of your computer this could be multiple seconds. (loads about 20 mods a second for me)

moreclothing has an extract setting where any vanilla mods you manually load afterward are also placed on the menus
moreclothing has a setting to register mods the mods from the extract setting for loader hue shifting
also has settings to include body mods, backgrounds, and hairs when using shuffle character (shift + /)
the body mods menu works by using the arrows to choose the mod, and the middle label to toggle visibility. you can have multiple things on the body menu visible at the same time.

~suggest mods that should be included by default here: collecting 'normal' clothing for moreclothing

if you are adding your own things to moreclothing, stuntcock made a useful tool you can use to see information about mods you load to know how to tweak the settings entry for it. it is the showmodinfo:
Show Mod Info

using this, you can load the mod without using moreclothing to see its modtypes available.

various guides and videos about using moreclothing:
edit - if you know of other guides or videos folks made that are helpful for using moreclothing, pm me and i will add a link here
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4.68 star(s) 40 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. various bugfixes for loading and queued entries

    bugfix, added check to disable extravanillapieces when processing moreclothingCharFolder entries...
  2. more autoconsolidate options, some bugfixes

    moreclothingV15 added option +autocustomconsolidate_[Modtype menu] will merge...
  3. V14 hotfix1 reupload

    moreclothingV14 hotfix1 adjusted implementation of disableanimationduringloading to pause game...

Latest reviews

Issues we talk others days seem to be fix. Good job as always !
nvm what i said before it says all swf files are not found how do i fix this?
Hello ! This looks like a great and very well done mod, I for sure wanna try it :D ! The only problem that I have with it which why I'm giving it 4 stars for now it's because it comes already with many clothing mods which makes adding new ones even more challenging ( at least for no-brainers like me ). I think if you could please add a clean version without any pre-added clothing and an updated instructions file would be way better. Maybe a lil' youtube video for the instructions, anyway the cleaner version will for sure help ! Thanks a lot for your work :D !
The game crashes after I use bussiness jacket, or at least when I try to change it's color, plus the sleeves of the shirts clip through it
mod works well, but now I don't see a penis anymore. flickering??
I don't really unders tand the "body" section. I tried adding "Rebecca Cyberpunk Edgerunners Body" in body 2 but when i load the game i get a message "Rebecca needs Body". Any idea what might be the case?
Is there anyway to make it work for clothes on him? So I can change clothes from mods that are swf files on him through the in game "scene"-tab, "him"-window?

place the "moreclothingmods" folder in the $Init$ folder, no folders deeper. Directly in the $Init$ folder. It doesn't matter where the moreclothingV*.swf file is. Also remember to place the moreclothingV*settings.txt file in the Settings folder.

This worked for me
Absolutely essential and the flexibility of the settings really lets you customize your clothing files further.
I was wondering, with the +convertbodytoarmwear function, is the vanillaarmpatchV3 still necessary?
Every time I load the mod, at least half of the clothing mods fail to load...

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