moreclothing V13

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moreclothing is a loader mod that adds additional clothing to the in-game menus. (also supports backgrounds, hairs, and vanilla body mods)
its main purpose is to be able to mix and match pieces of mods that the community makes, and use them in a convenient manner
- this opens up tons more possibilities, as most mods were made to be part of a set that you couldn't mix with other mods. since it supports body mods, you can also attempt to body mods which previously would not load at the same time
the mod uses a settings file to choose what files to load, and which pieces of mods to place on what menus.

moreclothing was made to be a module in the $init folder to be loaded upon starting up,
setup steps to have the mod run at startup of the loader:

- first, change any settings you wish in the settings file 'moreclothingV3settings.txt'.

~to add more clothing mods to moreclothing:
make an entry in 'moreclothingV3settings.txt' to include your mod. follow the pattern used in the other entries.
the mod files you want to add should go into the 'moreclothingmods' folder

- move 'moreclothingV*settings.txt', 'moreclothingV*.swf', and the folder 'moreclothingmods' to the '$INIT' folder in the loader's 'Mods' folder
- update the 'Mods.txt' in the '$INIT' folder to include the 'moreclothingV*.swf' mod. do this by adding the line of text: "moreclothingV*.swf"
- IMPORTANT: make sure moreclothing is the last mod entry in the 'Mods.txt'. any mods that are loaded during its loading state may cause the morecothing to load improperly
- when you start the loader, moreclothing should load automatically. a few messages in the corner should say when the clothing has finished loading. depending on number of mods added and speed of your computer this could be multiple seconds. (loads about 20 mods a second for me)

moreclothing has an extract setting where any vanilla mods you manually load afterward are also placed on the menus
moreclothing has a setting to register mods the mods from the extract setting for loader hue shifting
also has settings to include body mods, backgrounds, and hairs when using shuffle character (shift + /)
the body mods menu works by using the arrows to choose the mod, and the middle label to toggle visibility. you can have multiple things on the body menu visible at the same time.

~suggest mods that should be included by default here: collecting 'normal' clothing for moreclothing

if you are adding your own things to moreclothing, stuntcock made a useful tool you can use to see information about mods you load to know how to tweak the settings entry for it. it is the showmodinfo:
Show Mod Info

using this, you can load the mod without using moreclothing to see its modtypes available.

old update notes:

moreclothingV6_2. by sby

bugfix for preventoverlayingmods always being enabled
added Bottoms - Strap-on.swf, Legs - Diamonds Stockings_editA.swf, Legs - Diamonds Stockings_editA.swf,Frilly_Fishnet_Overknee_Stockings.swf,Frilly_Fishnet_Overknee_StockingsB.swf,Legwear - RGB Torn Stockings.swf,Legwear - RGB Torn StockingsB.swf
added Heels_-_7in_Pumps_-_Mary_Janes_Cross_Strap_-_RGB_1_Color_[Main_Fill].swf, Heels_-_Knee_High_Latex_Boots_-_RGB_2_Color_[Main_Fill_with_Platform_Accent].swfHeels_-_Power_Girl_Boots_-_RGB_2_Color_[Main_and_Cuff_Fill].swf

moreclothingV6_1, by sby

added setting +displayallmodtypesonmod=0 ; will show all modtypes from a mod loaded from settings
added setting +preventnonbodyoverwrite=1 ; stops the overwrite feature option mods can have for non body mods (which are handled special), prevents mod loaded from deleting past mods

the display info was added because people had difficulty knowing what types there were on a mod they were loading.

the prevent overwrite was added because the overwrite option modders can set in a mod has the ability to kill mods loaded in moreclothing.
luckily, this isn't used very often, but now a setting has been added to prevent those. Body mods with overwrite are handled special, so those are not affected.

made a few more variables public for loadingscreenV1 mod

added some stuff to shuffle code to support regulaterandomV2

moreclothingV6, by sby

added options to prevent a mod from getting added if the menu entry of the name already exists. added for better support for including character folder. now you don't have to worry if the different characters use the same mods if doing the character folder moreclothing settings.
added a special case moreclothingbody for "none" that will clear all of the body mods even if you specify others, added for DialogActions body mod clearing through something like:
intro:"this is a dialog actions load charcode example to clear body mods [LOAD_CHARCODE2]" {"set":{"da.charcode.load":"moreclothingbody:none"}}
added option 'poptotop' that can move mods to the top of their modtype layer. useful for things that are moved to other menus and you want them to be above the other mods of the same modtype. added for better support for character folder settings. i used to just arrange the mods in the settings folder to control the layering but this setting should help
added option 'poptobottom' that works the same as poptotop, but moves them to the back instead of the front
added a constant filename 'moreclothingCharSettings.txt' as another filename you can use for character folder moreclothing settings.

fixed bug if initial settings file contained no mods to load.
fixed bug where charchodeafterload did not get applied if no mods were added in the character settings file

in settings, noticed had a testmonoglove replaced monoglove back in version 5 settings to fix something, named that entry the new monoglove.
added 'GenericCollar.swf' to default included clothing (hey look i did a clothing xD )
added 'Latex_Outfit_-_Sleeveless.swf' to default included clothing (similar to SB2BRGB Dress but without the fancy garmet at the end, from Dante)
changed 'Latex Outfit - Short Sleeve.swf' entry to not include right and left calf for better customization. i suggest to use latex thigh highs legwear and whatever shoes instead for more flexibility
added a bunch more stuff from Iago that i have been wanting to add for a while to default includes: Capri Pants.swf,Loose Pyjama Pants.swf,Low Waist Pyjama Pants.swf,Sarong.swf,Microshorts.swf,Open Skirt.swf

moreclothingV5_3, by sby

added some animtools communication to know when hand-clothing registered should be closed from positions

moreclothingV5_2, by sby

fixed bug with characterfolder loading style if no previous folder used, caused double loading
fixed bug with shufflebg setting
fixed bug with loading screen being shown while not actively loading, blocked stuff if load through title was not set
added 'charcodeafterload' setting so people with moreclothing character folder settings can have moreclothing load a charcode. probably redundant feature from loader's Code.txt
that feature was mentioned somewhere and was simple to throw it in

made a few variables public

moreclothingV5_1 tweak:
added snippet of code to sync nametracker and modsloaded just in case some weird shit screws up something
added super shady character file settings files. shady because made me realize i have 2 separate counters tracking loading being modified all over with special cases. no clue how single line settings files actually make it through the mess.
tweaked proxy registering function for support with other mods alo proxying the stuff moreclothing proxes (regulaterandom)

added them micro jeans from huit, wowzers

moreclothingV5, by sby

bug fix for allowing non-moreclothing registered body mods using the overwriting ability
bug fix to stop body mods not registered from being cleared on skin tan change
made moreclothing-loaded mods accessible to other code mods (l.moreclothing_comm.reggeddic, which is a dictionary of modtypes, holding arrays of mods)
added check on settings load to verify > modtypes were correct
tweaked skin resetting usage

new ';blockcomment' and ';endblockcomment' setting entries to specify sections of the settings file to be ignored
new setting 'fasterbutlesscoolhideloading', which may give ~5% faster loading by hiding the entire swf, but less interesting to watch
polished up settings file significantly

added leggings
added shorts, tape nipples
added lacy and thin bra
added overtops
added a modified color studded belt that uses cuffs color slider
added heart shaped glasses
added modified torn leggings

commented out a bunch of mods, and put them in a section for removed items, you can re-include them by uncommenting them
bugfix on errors causing errors xD

moreclothingV4, by sby

+reghue option, apply this tag to clothing entries to register them for loader hue shifting
+nipple option, apply this tag to bra mods to toggle her nipple visible for that clothing piece
added some costumeovertop support
updated documentation so registerforhueshift option is for the extra vanilla pieces thing (use +reghue for things loaded through settings)
added the name of the mod being loaded to the display
added secondary body menu cause things were a tad cluttered

moreclothingV3, by sby

added capability to not include specific parts of a modtype. parts documented in settings file. example included is removing the thin chest from the mermaid body mod
~this effectively allows you to choose every single piece of the mod as seen by the game you wish to include. if you only want the right breast of a mod, you can choose that

added capability to combine mods into a single menu selection. things with the same name on a menu get combined.

fixed body mods being able to be placed on the other menus
fixed armframe visibility toggle on body mods
added some skin management so overwrite mods hide their overwriting pieces as well as some other small things like nails and behindback arm
added clearing sweat droplets properly when changing cloths to prevent vanilla arm glitch

added some new body mods like straitjacket and mermaid
added a bunch of hairs that i have collected over time, mostly because i decided to convert my sdt characters to purely moreclothing charcode based.

added waiting time setting to determine how long to wait before stops waiting on a mod. error messages displayed when timed out
fixed load error if a background or hair picture was last thing on settings
added support for the alternate background size of 700x600. (probably also works for other unusual backgrounds, didn't test it for long ones)

included an auto_gen batch script to create a text file that you may copy automatically generated settings from. useful to throw hairs or backgrounds in their folders and pump out the settigns for them.

requires loader 5.37, or specifically my TemplateExtensionV3_sby.swf that should come with it

moreclothingV2, by sby
a bunch of new mods added
added support for extractvanillapieces to do hairs properly ~all combined into a single hair selection
nosehook and nose bull ring moved to body menu cause they don't really fit into their modtype
added support for body mods, overwriting and such
added support for saving body mods through generate settings
things placed on the body mods menu are now individually toggle-able. press the middle button to turn on/off
new shuffle settings to choose to shuffle background, hair, and body mods as well as clothing(actually just forgot to document this last time)
~body mods shuffle by choosing only 1 of the body mods to be active

tweaked the mod ">" movement code to hopefully support more intermingling replacements
tweaked how mod instance tracking is updated when moreclothing is loaded, probably will fix a bunch of people's breaking settings files
optimized loading alg some, although probably unnoticeable
tweaked loading code so having dynamic hairs loaded before moreclothing loading does not break the mod
added a usesimlpeloadingalg setting that does things a tad simpler, probably more consistent
added loading message so people stop loading mods during it
tweaked status load errors use a bigger textfield box to display better
tweaked armwear handjob updating code to work on all armwears no matter the menu used
tweaked updatehandjobmode prox more efficient by running on arm changes and handjob mode instead of updatearms

the electra body mod test has been commented out from the settings file, but still included if someone wanted it

moreclothingV1_2, by sby

hopefully sped up mod loading time a bit by option to disable resetting the char code after each mod loaded.
fixed a typo that accidentally allowed overwriting body mods to be grabbed by moreclothing (the body mods that are usually not clothing and actual body replacements)

edit - threw in option to allow overwriting body because some wanted it, despite not properly supporting them

moreclothingV1.1, by sby

fixed '>' moving option with hair releated mods
fixed setpenisout thing from making errors
added a modified version of the pulled up top that has hue shifting to the included clothing
probably did other stuff that i forgot about

fixed settings documentation to include costumelegwear in supported modtypes

moreclothingV1, by sby

this mod adds vanilla clothing mods to the clothing menus in a convenient way.
this mod functions as the next version of extractvanillapiecesV1. due to direction of what the mod is shooting for, it has been renamed.
the extractvanilla pieces mod features are an optional setting that may be turned on in the settings file.

setup steps to have the mod run at startup of the loader:

- first, change any settings you wish in the settings file 'moreclothingV1settings.txt'.

~to add more clothing mods to moreclothingV1:
make an entry in 'moreclothingV1settings.txt' to include your mod. follow the pattern used in the other entries.
the mod files you want to add should go into the 'moreclothingmods' folder

- move 'moreclothingV1settings.txt', 'moreclothingV1.swf' and the folder 'moreclothingmods' to the '$INIT' folder in the loader's 'Mods' folder
- update the 'Mods.txt' in the '$INIT' folder to include the 'moreclothingV1.swf' mod. do this by adding the line of text: "moreclothingV1.swf"
- IMPORTANT: make sure moreclothing is the last mod entry in the 'Mods.txt'
- when you start the loader, moreclothingV1 should load automatically. depending on number of mods added and speed of your computer this could be multiple seconds. green text will indicate moreclothing has done loaded

you can also set up this mod to be loaded manually:

- move the entire moreclothingV1 folder into the 'Mods' folder
- run the 'Mods Folders.jar' file in the loader to update the CharacterFolders.txt, or manually update it yourself

then when you open the loader, open the characters menu and click the character folder "moreclothingV1"



extracts most costume pieces from loaded vanilla mods, and adds them to their in-game costume menu.
if a mod have multiple pieces, they are registered with the same mod id number.
all mods extracted are persistent and can't be 'unloaded'. but like the other in-game costume pieces they are hidden when not selected for that clothing menu.
body mods are placed on the 'armwear' clothing tab

the mod runs continuously, and persists; resetting does not remove the mod.
also registers pieces for hue shift similar to autohuereg mod (the mods should be compatible to use together).
resetting does revert all hueshifts back to normal.
the in-game color chooser only works for mods that implement it, but all pieces are regged for hue shift so you may change their color that way.

extracting 'overwriting' mods has been disabled due to issues with trying to get her body pieces visible again.
- sby
First release
Last update
4.68 star(s) 34 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. added autoconsolidate settings, bugfix

    moreclothingV13 added setting entry options +autoconsolidate will merge all modtypes...
  2. bugfix to clear foreground/overlay selection on reset

    moreclothingV12 hotfix2 by sby bugfix: foreground and overlay are now set to none when reset is...
  3. removed debug flags found in a few of the new clothing included

    just removed some debug flags in mods, probably not noticeable by most users

Latest reviews

I don't really unders tand the "body" section. I tried adding "Rebecca Cyberpunk Edgerunners Body" in body 2 but when i load the game i get a message "Rebecca needs Body". Any idea what might be the case?
Is there anyway to make it work for clothes on him? So I can change clothes from mods that are swf files on him through the in game "scene"-tab, "him"-window?

place the "moreclothingmods" folder in the $Init$ folder, no folders deeper. Directly in the $Init$ folder. It doesn't matter where the moreclothingV*.swf file is. Also remember to place the moreclothingV*settings.txt file in the Settings folder.

This worked for me
Absolutely essential and the flexibility of the settings really lets you customize your clothing files further.
I was wondering, with the +convertbodytoarmwear function, is the vanillaarmpatchV3 still necessary?
Every time I load the mod, at least half of the clothing mods fail to load...
Great addition to the game but every time I try to add a new piece of clothing it keeps saying .swf was not found.
Great one, easy to understand and set up.
Of course it also works when not in the init
oh man, convert top to overtop... thank you hahahha
I tried updating my mods folder to go from V7 to V8, but for some reason it doesn't load v8, even though they're both in the same directory...
when i have it as moreclothingv7... it works, but only changing the 7 to 8 makes it not work
Excuse me, I hope you can help me, I have a bug and I don't know how to solve it, all bottom garments are cut in the crotch, the garment is only loaded on the thighs, buttocks and waist.
I am sure that this mod is responsible because I copied my moreclothing and replaced it in the loader pack 11_545d sdt, and the bug was still there.
Can you help me?
does this happen with fresh copy of moreclothing? does this happen if you try to use my loaderpack?
my initial thoughts are that you added something in the settings entries of moreclothing that is hiding the costume chest layer in the bottoms modtype.

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