vanillaarmpatch V4

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this mod fixes arm flickering found in the vanilla sdt game when a body mod is placed on the arms layer

old version notes:
vanillaarmpatchV2 by sby

an alternate way to do the patch that does not mess up vanilla body mods
fixes by when changing arm positions: removing body mods, then changes the arm frame, then adds them again
now also clears sweat on arm position changes so the arm glitch is not caused by the sweat droplets

essentially copied it from moreclothing and swapped out the internal mod array with the vanilla mod array

vanillaarmpatchV1 by sby (but really Modguy)

he wrote the code as a suggestion for preventing body modtypes from being hue shifted from skin
i said that it would probably fix the arm flickering thing
after testing this (as in like 1 mod i know that has a body modtype in it), seems i was right

anyway, this mod changes where the upper and lower arm 'clothing' are placed with vanilla body mods.
important note that this may cause mods to layer differently from intended, but pretty sure nobody will notice.
the thing people might notice is that if modders are using the skin hue shift capability with their mods, and only people that do actual 'body' mods use this.
so like the 300 or so dante mods that use the body modtype as an arm clothing layer, should be alright with those.

if you are lazy like me, might want to add this to the $INIT folder and add an entry in the 'Mods.txt' there
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. bugfix for mod processing

    bugfix: added checks in processing mods that could cause a null reference messing other stuff up.
  2. added some compatibility fixes in proxy logic

    vanillaarmpatchV3 changed some proxy logic for compatibility

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