monitordialog V3

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added queued phrase line in upper left corner of monitor textbox
added picture guide included

- sby


now sorts according to dialog priority and build level
has a spacer between built dialog lines and previously built lines

- sby


adds a textbox with info about what dialog lines are being built
lines that don't have any build or any build delay will be not shown after ~5 seconds

dialog in the game works by her intermittedly triggered to speak, and she will speak more often the more lines types she wants to say along with other factors.
dialog line types are 'built', and she will try to say them on her dialog trigger if their build is greater than 20.

q: queued phrase name, name only displaued if dialog has been built or prevously built
t: her next line timer, she triggers to say something at 20
p: priority, higher priority lines will be played before lower priority lines
db: delay build, a timer that prevents the line from being built to be played
bl: build level, the amount of build that a dialog line type has. higher builds mean it is capable of being spoken for a longer amount of time
mb: max build, the highest amount a dialog line can be built
rs: reduce speed, the speed that a dialog's build decreases. most speeds are 1, others are 0.1

- sby
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Interesting mod, but I very rarely use it. I should probably use it more often to QA dialogue performance or flow-path issues.
it is mostly a tool i made for myself for dev purposes. helps to determine how i should build various linetypes and what priorities might be good.


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