superbreast V8

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fixed bug with breasts displacing position when game paused
added support for using t to toggle breast sizes bigger
added support with using with breastexpansionplusv3+


added slidermode setting where superbreast controlled by in game slider instead of registered key and mouse
added setting to set max breast size

added vanilla saving for superbreast size

superbreast V2

updated for loader 5.21c
now uses modsettings loader

now possible to change the x and y scale independently according to mousex and mousey.
there is an option to turn this capability off to ensure equal scaling.

the mod now also starts with the default sdt starting scales.

also fixed the bug where breasts would fly away when the game is paused

- sby

superbreast V1

a mod to allow scaling of the breast to increase her breast size beyond the different drawn sizes.

how to use:
default button to activate is ".", also referred to as key 190 in sdt.

when pressed, it activates tracking the mouse. moving the down increases the breast size, moving it down decreases the breast size.
press the "." button again to lock in that breast scale size.

the "." key may be chosen as a different key in the settings file.

note - does not support scaling for bra's or costumes.
- only looks good with the biggest sdt breast size, because of its shape. the values in the settings file are specifically tailored for making the big breasts allign correctly.
- if you wish to attempt tweaking these, they may be altered in the settings file; i doubt much benefit would come from it.


superbreast=1 //1=enable: left in for me so it matches the template, enables the mod
keytoactivate=190 //the key to activate breast scale change mode.
autosettomaxbreastsize=1 //automatically sets the sdt breast size to biggest (the size that looks good with this mod)
breastscalexmult=0.007 //x scale multiplier per unit
breastscaleymult=0.007 //y scale multiplier per unit
breastxoffsetmult=0.33 // x offset per unit
breastyoffsetmult=0.72 // y offset per unit
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Latest updates

  1. compatibility and bugfix for charcode

    superbreastV8 changed source over to use as file added some compatability fixes in charcode...
  2. added a compatability change to setbreastframe proxy if bodymodpatchV2 or newer loaded

    superbreastV7_1 added a compatability change to setbreastframe proxy if bodymodpatchV2 or newer...
  3. bugfix with breast expasion, dialog actions

    superbreastV7 added dialog action [SETSUPERBREAST_<value>] where you set the value to the...

Latest reviews


@Daedalus: Yep, you can get a nice augmented breasts look with this mod :) The current version of the mod doesn't force max breast size (shape) by default anymore. You can set breast size to ~20 % and scale them with the mod (it's a bit finicky to set the X and Y scaling exactly right). The breast physics at 20 % size are very implant-ish too.
Neat! Is it also possible for her to have had a boobjob? Something along the lines of bolt-ons?
I really love this mod. The only draw back for me is the nipple piercings doesn't scale with it. Keep up the good work!
such tiddy, very boobs.

now you gotta work your magic on the second booby slider


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