throatresiststretch V1_4_1

throatResistStretch V1
written for loader 5.19a, uses 5.19a settings

this mod makes it seem like you are stretching out her throat by vigourous thrusting/holding a penis in her throat.
main features are visual throat bulge and dynamic throat resistance.

mod works by increasing/decreasing a variable called "vigourthroat". vigourthroat changes depending on vigour level and penis-in-mouth-distance.

some options are included to adjust how the variable is changed, and what it can effect.

- sby
throatResistStretch V1_1
just added a setting to update the throat slider to visually see the mod changing the value
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Latest updates

  1. noticed left a debug message in there, reupping 1_4

    just a small tweak to comment out a leftover debug message
  2. bugfix, also added some persist options

    throatResistStretchV1_4 by sby bugfix, automax value was calcuated 4 times higher than...
  3. bugfix for throat increasing with animtools on non oral positions

    throatResistStretchV1_3 by sby bugfix, increase of throat stretching variable only occurs when...
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