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sby loaderpack V13

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sby loader pack 13
A packaged and configured loader + flash player + most of my mods

This pack has:

- Standalone flash player 11, the suggested way of playing SDT (changed it from version 14 because it was stated that it runs faster)
- Windows shortcut with script to open the loader with flash player
- Windows shortcut with script to open the loader with debug flash player (only use this for seeing if there are errors with mods you are trying to use)
- Windows shortcut with script to open animtools in editmode
- Init mods, Default loader mods: TemplateExtensionV6_sby.swf,FinishesCounter.swf,VigourCounter.swf,PleasureCounter.swf,BreathCounter.swf,HeldBreathCounter.swf,CumInMouthCounter.swf,clearAllShortcut.swf
- Init mods, vanilla sdt patches: clearlastdataV1.swf,hairlayerpatchV2.swf,bodymodpatchV2.swf,vanillaarmpatchV3.swf,vanillapausedbreathpatchV1.swf,leglayermoveV1.swf,dialogpatchV6.swf
- Init mods, loader add-ons: allalphaslidersV9.swf,throatsoundcontrolV2.swf,wincecontrolV2.swf,himnotletgoV3.swf,nooptionalcharcodesV2.swf,headwearlandV2.swf,menualphatoggleV1.swf,autocloseeyeV4.swf,autoclosemouthV8.swf,breastfirmnessV5.swf,darkenpassoutV1.swf,charcodefilesavingV1.swf,cumRGBV3.swf,moremoodsV11.swf,moveearV4.swf,movebrowV1.swf,moveeyewearV1.swf,tonguelengthV1.swf,throatresiststretchV2.swf,throatcumbulgeV4.swf,superbellyV8.swf,penisrangeV8.swf,deepthroatactionsV5.swf,swallowguzzleV2.swf,ignoreherclothingpenisV3.swf,regulaterandomV5.swf
- Init mods, Dialog extension mods: SDTDialogueActionsv4.09dev10.swf,MoreTriggersv2.22.mod,DA_sbyAddonsV2_1.swf
- Init mods, animtoolsV30.swf,moreclothingV9.swf
- Mod character folders: aimpenisV1,androidbehaviorV2,autohueregV2,breastexpansionplusV3_7,cheekbulgeeditV3_1,coughhotkeyV1,DevExamples,dialogdisplayeditV6,dialogspeedV1,Example,extractloadercharsV3,femalemasturbateV1,ffbehaviorV3_1,h-Tentacles2,individualmodresetV1_1,lipstickfadeV1,monitordialogV3,morecumspurtsV5.3,morespitstrandsV3,RecordingExample,strandlimitV3,superbreastV8,swallowtiltsetV2,ToggleHim,whiteflashxlV1
- Modified loader Settings; original Settings file included as well
- Shortcuts file for loader keys, generated by 'Keys.swf', with loader keys mapped to 0-9, page up, page down, home, end
- A copy of my Character list "sby's Char List Backup.sdt" that may be imported through the modding tab

It will take a bit for all of the init mods to load on startup, last thing should be 'moreclothing loaded' message.
Don't load any other mods until these are done loading.

I also setup a few dialog extension mods that I didn't write, but are popular enough on the forums that people are always bugging me to figure out how to add them so they can use advanced dialogs.
these are MoreTriggers, by DrZombi MoreTriggers - Updates
and DialogueActions, by Pim_gd and others: Pim_gd's Mods - DialogueActions v4.08 (15 Jan 2017)

For documentation on features of any specific mod, check its mod folder and look for a 'notes.txt' file.
To change the settings of mods that support it, edit their settings text file located in the 'Settings' folder

some keys that do stuff:
f1: Reload position
f2: Load animtools position
f3: quickload default sdt position
f3: change animtools quickkey page
f4 - f9: quickload animtools position
esc: show frames per second
right arrow: clear strands

1: toggle eye
2: change look target
3: Cum gen mode
4: Keep cum mode
5: Auto hold
6: Bukkake mode
7: Add Tear
0: Tongue toggle
-: Zoom out
=: Zoom in
a: Auto mode toggle
s: Her skin type toggle
h: Him skin type toggle
j: Him Ejaculate
k: Her swallow
x: Load prev character
c: Load next character
b: Toggle background
/: Take screenshot
enter: Character screenshot
?: Shuffle
q: Toggle quality
t: toggle breast size
m: Mute volume toggle
space: Hold her down
shift: Ignore mouse
y: Scene tab
u: Custom tab
i: Modding tab
o: Options tab
p: Loader tab

numpad 7: Increase him pleasure
numpad 9: Decrease him pleasure

- sby
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4.96 star(s) 23 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. loaderpack version 13 released, Dec 2020

    updated the pack with new mods and updates
  2. loaderpack version 12 released

    see notes in overview
  3. reuploaded V11 with fix for breastexpansion, also included himnotletgoV1

    reuploaded V11 with fix for breastexpansion, also included himnotletgoV1

Latest reviews

Excellent starter pack. For more packs, go to SDT discord server, channel #packs-and-bundles.
The backbone of many people's game. Although infrequently, thank you so much for updating.
Aw hell yeah its always a good day when a loader pack update comes out!
I don't know if I'm salty or what, but I still have the problem with the SDTDialogueActions mod, it's as if my pc or the game doesn't let it load, very weird, well, good pack
It's good for people like myself who don't fully understand how some of the mods and stuff work but it now has multiple outdated ones. I hope that this pack will be updated soon
How do I make the character voices work? I cant seem to figure it out.
how can i add custom hair and clothes? or mb complete packs?
you can either do loader character folders, or use moreclothing. see the documentation on that mod
Thank you for making V12! I like the moremoods addition A LOT!
The prepackaged Flash Player 11 is reason enough for 5 stars... I never would've realized it was so much faster. Holy balls.
Fixed the issue I was facing on an older mod version.