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animtools V24 by sby

use and create custom positions in superdeepthroat

  1. sby
    This mod allows users to create and load new animation positions, as seen around the sdt forums.
    It creates and uses specific text files to represent these positions.
    The mod can be run by itself in place of where the Loader is(called editmode), or it can be loaded as a mod (called loadermode)
    These modes focus on different features of the mod~ editmode shows the keymappings and current values of the settings in an extended window, while loadermode hides the button controls on the modpage and registers convenient keys through a settings file.

    read the 'setup guide' to get the correct files in place to use the mod.
    read 'user guide - editmode' if you wish to create your own positions
    read 'user guide - loadermode' if you wish to actually use the positions with the Loader.

    also, if the version numbers are old in the documentation, it is because i am too lazy to change them for every update

    share and find position files in this thread:
    animtool positions
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Recent Reviews

  1. Smithe
    Version: V23
    Slight issue; when I load a txt file for character code e.g. Starfire or any character code it reverts hide him to normal. What I'm saying is that if you load a character code then the male character won't be hidden no matter what, and that doing 'hide him' again undoes the character code loaded
    1. sby
      Author's Response
      just a guess, but try the loader setting resetCharOnChange=0. if doesn't work post in my thread with more info and possibly files
  2. Nameless
    Version: V22
    I think I have a bug but idk if its the loader of animtools, when I load a character with an animtoolscharposition.txt with HIM set to invisible the back strap portion of the strap on is still visible but when I F2 load the same file it goes away.
  3. edgelord 3000
    edgelord 3000
    Version: V22
    If you're only going to get one mod for this game, get this mod.
  4. joeyisis
    Version: V22
    Uh it doesn't work with me and id love some help, but it looks like great mod.
    My problem is that its stuck at the "Loading assets" screen..
  5. Rudgar
    Version: V20
    Each and every piece of software has some bugs while it is growing. Having said this I dare to claim that this mod is one of the most important pieces to make SDT more than just a BJ game.

    It actually *IS* the one mod that makes SDT more than that.
    Thanks for your work, sby
  6. Anonymann55
    Version: V20
    it is a real nice mod. there are some problems here and there but i'm sure it will get better. some positions the stick goes through the back of the girl. i am also hoping to see the same kind of resistance in other positions like the original game
  7. kathsolviq
    Version: 19.3
    the mushroom head (penis head) disapears in some blowjob positions...
    but is a good beta
  8. (deleted member)
    Version: 19.3
    well, at least to me some bugs, like sometimes when i load a dialogue and open again animtools, the cum becomes invisible, also there is a glitch with the angry mood that when ejaculating the characters starts to shake around really mad, i don`t know if those where common knowledge since i started using this app 10 hours ago getting familiar, researching about some of those bugs and others stuff without success , is really enjoyable when starts to kick with it, nice job