animtools V37

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some compatibility requirements:

for animtools V34 or newer , use the latest TemplateExtensionV7 or newer found here (you will most likely need to update it unless you have grabbed a pack presetup for animtoolsV34):
It should be located in your $INIT mods folder

animtoolsV28 or newer is incompatible with penisrangeV6 or older, get the latest version here

animtoolsV28 or newer is incompatible with the original hairoverlaypatchV1, get the latest version here

if you use DialogueActions, i have made a fork to play better with animtoolsV34 or newer's arm control features, it can be found here:

for using animtoolsV34 or greater, you will want to use morclothingV11 or newer:


This mod allows users to create and load new animation positions, as seen around the sdt forums.
It creates and uses specific text files to represent these positions.
The mod can be run by itself in place of where the Loader is(called editmode), or it can be loaded as a mod (called loadermode)
These modes focus on different features of the mod~ editmode shows the keymappings and current values of the settings in an extended window, while loadermode hides the button controls on the modpage and registers convenient keys through a settings file.

read the 'setup guide' to get the correct files in place to use the mod.
read 'user guide - editmode' if you wish to create your own positions
read 'user guide - loadermode' if you wish to actually use the positions with the Loader.

also, if the version numbers are old in the documentation, it is because i am too lazy to change them for every update

share and find position files in this thread:
edit - there is still the thread, but there is a designated category on the resource manager for animtools positions, i suggest uploading them there: Animtools Positions
animtool positions
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4.72 star(s) 75 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. bugfix for editor, added voice extension capability

    animtoolsV37 added support to be able to extend animtool's vigour voice, uploaded...
  2. extramodhim arm movement support, proxy mod compatibility tweak

    animtoolsV36 added extramod him arm costume translation adjusted proxy logic so pre functions...
  3. bugfix for error thrown in background when loading positions through dialog

    animtoolsV35 hotfix4 bugfix for error thrown on some ui stuff still trying to process when not...

Latest reviews

Can SOMEONE help me!? I can't figure this out and I realllyy wanna play this. Again, PLEASE help!
I always have some fun with AnimTools, but I want to ask if it's A, possible to adjust the gravity of hair somehow (or if it's hardcoded), or B, if something like that old Camera Mod functionality could be added?
I find that with the 'inherent jank' of working with some positions (or with some backgrounds), being able to adjust the scene left or right, or up or down, has its appeal, particularly when you get into non-standard body sizes.
Works excellent! For whatever reason there's an incompatibility issue with Resize Her which moves the male model higher than he should be.
One of the greatets mods. Extends the SDT's world.
Everything's OK ;)
can't download the file. it says file incomplete. help
site was having issue at the time, here is an alternate download link
Awesome mod! Though I have a problem with the last update I can't close neither of her hands.
You are legit god himself. What would you like your shrine made of? Marble? Gold?

Despite the fact that you are god, even god isn't perfect considering that atheists exist. My criticism is that the positions don't follow the cursor well, meaning that it is hard to force her to suck dick and hard to pull her off.
sdt movement, when not on penis out face smearing mode, follows a specific path. the y coordinate varies the movements a bit, but the motions are purely determined by a percentage of the x coordinate
Would it be too much for you to just update the loader pack more often? It would definitely make things easier on peasants like me who aren't good with updating it piecemeal ourselves.
Aagh! You son of a- I literally just updated my pack! xd
there are no position version checks for v30, so you do not need to update any sort of position version numbers. if you did feel the need, you could open them all up in notepad++ and just do a find+replace in all files for posversion=29 to posversion=30
One of SDT's best mods ever. The only way it could be better is if you could also control his other arm. Keep up the good work.


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