moremoods V4_1

moremoodsV1 by sby

This mod adds more moods to the game that can be easily chosen with an in game menu.
it is the sucessor to both eyebrowcontrol and noclenchteeth mods.

new moods:
"Upset" - uses angry eyebrows, but does not clench teeth. similar to 'noclenchteethV1' mod
"Worried" - her eyebrows are rotated like 'eyebrowcontrol' mod to look concerned or panicked
"Aggressive" - uses angry eyebrows and Happy mouth, with intermediate drooling and eyebrow waggling
charcode saving supported.

due to breaking the dialogue editor, the mod does not chamge the vanilla 'currentMood' variable to the new mood types.
so for the vanilla 'mood' in a dialogue, the new moods will be seen as the 'Normal' mood

However, the mod does update a new variable that you may use to check her mood that does include the new moods
the new variable is 'moremoods' and can be used in checks like this:

vigorous:"normal I can't take any more* YOU*!"{"check":{"moremoods":"Normal"}}
vigorous:"happy It's soo rough!"{"check":{"moremoods":"Happy"}}
vigorous:"Angry My throat!"{"check":{"moremoods":"Angry"}}
vigorous:"Ahegao Slow down* YOU*, you might burst."{"check":{"moremoods":"Ahegao"}}
vigorous:"Upset Stop being so rough!"{"check":{"moremoods":"Upset"}}
vigorous:"Worried Wait! Slow down!"{"check":{"moremoods":"Worried"}}
vigorous:"Aggressive Ohh yes I LOVE IT!"{"check":{"moremoods":"Aggressive"}}

added dialog actions to change to the new moods, they are [WORRIED_MOOD],[UPSET_MOOD],[AGGRESSIVE_MOOD]

example lines (my examples are always the best):
intro:"test worried[WORRIED_MOOD]"
intro:"test upset[UPSET_MOOD]"
intro:"test aggressive[AGGRESSIVE_MOOD]"

was reading some bonues stuff for dialogs, can also do trigger replacements with variables in stuff like this:

intro:"test line to play a custom line type for *moremoods* [mycustomline*moremoods*]"
mycustomlineUpset:"this is a upset line"
mycustomlineAggressive:"this is a aggressive line"
mycustomlineWorried:"this is a worried line"
mycustomlineHappy:"this is a happy line"
mycustomlineAngry:"this is a angry line"
mycustomlineNormal:"this is a normal line"
mycustomlineAhegao:"this is a Ahegao line"
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Another little masterpiece! I just LOVE it! Works great!
Great job. I hope you'll continue to add more moods in the future. A sad mood would be nice and what could be better than a smug mood.
Cool idea and so far working great. I guess you could add a new mood with Worried eyebrows and smiling but I have no idea what you could call it. "Apologetic"? "Desperate"?
Really excellent mod, sby! I was wondering if it could be improved though. My idea was to add individual control of her eyebrows, eyes, mouth, teech clenching and hand happing so we could personalise our moods even further. Would such a thing be possible
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