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    What exactly does Bukkake mode do? (sby loader pack)

    This is a question about @sby loader pack. In the pack, you can press 6 to activate bukkake mode. For me, I don't see any change except for the fact that the guy can't cum until I disable bukkake mode. Is there something I'm missing? Also, what mod is associated with bukkake mode? There's so...
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    Positions not working

    I downloaded sby loader pack 13 545d a few days ago and have run into a major problem. The only positions that is working are the default bj's. Any other position I load the guy just stands there even though I have it set to auto and hard. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    Scripting Showcase 1.3.Bigk

    A pair of scenarios to showcase the work of others
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    Animtools characters doing nothing

    I'm using Sby's loader pack and tickles' animations. The characters take their positions after I've selected it, but do not move. (It is set on Auto & Hard) How can I fix this? Note: some do work and others don't, the vanilla BJ works aswell.
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    Need help converting to SBY Loader pack from regular loader.

    As the title states, I am switching loaders. How do I get all my characters and mods onto the loader? If anybody would be willing to help I'd gladly appreciate it.
  6. sby loaderpack

    sby loaderpack V14 reupload2

    A packaged and configured loader + flash player + some of my mods


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