individualmodreset V1_1


individualmodresetV1 by sby

this mod attempts to track vanilla and loader mods loaded and provides a menu to individually remove them.
The menu is a popout tab on the right side of the screen.
this relies on loader mods that manually place objects in the game to properly have a reset funtion registered, so any mods that don't clear with the loader's reset all button cannot be cleared by this mod.
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  1. bugfix for scrolling

    bugfix for scrolling, items clicked to remove now have their buttons disabled and their entry on...

Latest reviews

Update works flawlessly now! Great work sby! Thanks!
excelent work and update.
but I have a question.
what is kaaeye?
some animated hypnosis eye iris, not sure where i got it
Incredible! Very good job. It's kinda wonky but gets the job done.
Absolutely essential mod! This really improves the game's overall playability!
Wow! This extremely useful, especially whenever I accidentally load a mod I didn't want. However, might I suggest adding a toggle key on the next update, or implementing some form of indication as to where the pop-out menu is on the screen, such as an arrow icon on the screen? Nonetheless, great mod.
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