1. L

    Cant save SWF mods anymore

    Hey so, i've recently downloaded the Loader, Amnitools, PenisRange, ans AnySizeHer (Only did it now because I found a flash player that actually works) and i've been having lots of fun, but recently for whatever reason I cant save SWF mods to my characters anymore. I can still USE them and load...
  2. sby

    penisrange V8

    This mod extends the lower and upper ranges that the penisrange slider permits. version release notes: penisrangeV5 added strap-on penis color saving to penisrange - sby /***********************************/ penisrangeV4 added smaller scale to penis added modpage to save penisrange char...
  3. lemurian-seed

    Real Horse Cock 1.01

    Loader is required for this mod. sby's loader pack is recommended (especially for the penis range ext. & animtools) { without these, you are more limited in proportions and size, } { and cannot take advantage of extended/alternative sexual positions } Instructions are in the readme file inside...
  4. Sykosa

    General questions from a new Dialogue writer

    Greetings all, I have been searching the forums for the following information items, which i have not found documentation of in the various dialogue action mod documents, etc. They are all related to my attempt to make a semi-progressive mod, based on a big rewrite of Feminizing Futa, with more...