proxied all of the automatic control functions to reenable auto modes using the simplified penisout logic introduced in v30
tweaked contact distance to use median of 6 recorded contacts instead of always using minimum value. this should make it so penis size decreases that contact her later since using a non-oral position have better distance calc'd contact depth.
adjusted left hand angle when holding/cupping tit, was inconsistent so using the same target as right's
animtoolsV30 hotfix2

corrected bug with in game menu hovering on penisout
(actually just changed it so menu could open when penisout, an annoying vanilla thing)
animtoolsV30 hotfix1

added settings to adjust default position paths
updated default position paths
corrected bug with default position loading not being able to use its character folder path
corrected bug with charposition charcode saving saving previous position used after reset

added the simple check for oral position to still allow the clench teeth movement forward prevention
tweaked penisout logic yet again
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positions made in v29 or higher are now able to adjust their calf ankles full range
specifically did not have this range opened up for past positions so older positions will look the same if were made with the limit in mind

applied proxy logic changed used for a dialog actions patch to all proxies used

actually bothered looking into an automode fix, might have corrected the issue.

added a no pullback feature for positions where she doesn't move much. doesn't make sense for her to be able to pull away when she does't move (based on her tween start end distance).
will also account for if she has her hands on him, where it does make sense in that manner where she could push him away. settings controlled:
nopullbackforherstationarypositions=1 ;1=enabled, disables her ability to pull off the penis when using a position where her arms are not on him, and she moves less than nopullbackdistrequirement
nopullbackdistrequirement=225 ;0+, distance required to enable no pullback feature.

added some different scaling to her breathing volume level. she now breaths at a higher volume for mid-range mouth openess. makes use of a bugfix from autoclosemouthV7
this is to keep her sound level a little more consistant for non-oral positions where her jaw is partially closed expecting to contact the penis to then open
reupload, accidentally left in-loader editing turned on
animtoolsV28 hotfix 6

changed logic for setpenisout that was doing repeated layer placement every frame.
was causing a drastic difference in performance with non-oral positions where her arms are set when also using moreclothing.
if using hairoverlaypatch, need to update to hairoverlaypatchV2 or greater to properly apply this performance fix.
animtoolsV28 hotfix 5

changed default positions to use armpostype -1 so when loaded they do not reset arm positions
fixed bug of reset arm position on position change that prevented default positions with -1 armpos to allow charcode armposes to be applied
animtoolsV28 hotfix 4

another attempt at correcting gravity rotation for hair and strands
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