animtools V29


positions made in v29 or higher are now able to adjust their calf ankles full range
specifically did not have this range opened up for past positions so older positions will look the same if were made with the limit in mind

applied proxy logic changed used for a dialog actions patch to all proxies used

actually bothered looking into an automode fix, might have corrected the issue.

added a no pullback feature for positions where she doesn't move much. doesn't make sense for her to be able to pull away when she does't move (based on her tween start end distance).
will also account for if she has her hands on him, where it does make sense in that manner where she could push him away. settings controlled:
nopullbackforherstationarypositions=1 ;1=enabled, disables her ability to pull off the penis when using a position where her arms are not on him, and she moves less than nopullbackdistrequirement
nopullbackdistrequirement=225 ;0+, distance required to enable no pullback feature.

added some different scaling to her breathing volume level. she now breaths at a higher volume for mid-range mouth openess. makes use of a bugfix from autoclosemouthV7
this is to keep her sound level a little more consistant for non-oral positions where her jaw is partially closed expecting to contact the penis to then open
reupload, accidentally left in-loader editing turned on
animtoolsV28 hotfix 6

changed logic for setpenisout that was doing repeated layer placement every frame.
was causing a drastic difference in performance with non-oral positions where her arms are set when also using moreclothing.
if using hairoverlaypatch, need to update to hairoverlaypatchV2 or greater to properly apply this performance fix.
animtoolsV28 hotfix 5

changed default positions to use armpostype -1 so when loaded they do not reset arm positions
fixed bug of reset arm position on position change that prevented default positions with -1 armpos to allow charcode armposes to be applied
animtoolsV28 hotfix 4

another attempt at correcting gravity rotation for hair and strands
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animtoolsV28 hotfix 3

corrected scene rotation reversed bug for angled hair gravity and strands
animtoolsV28 hotfix 2

corrected bug with reverse screen camerax offset
animtoolsV28 reupload

bugfix for compatibility with dialog actions

added enablecharpositionsaving=1 ;1=active, enables char position saving upon loading, animtools will add the current position in character code saving. can be toggled with button on modding menu
corrected bug of strands still appearing when cumming in her
cumming in her when using positiontype vaginal,anal or other will now use the cuminside sounds
rewrote penisrange bodycontact yet again. now the usepenisrangebodycontactmask=1 simply means use a body contact mask to hide the penis as it enters her body. no longer needs penisrange mod
now uses a couple of reference points near her bottom to calc the distance for anal and vaginal, (instead of a globally mounted point), this should work much better for positions where her body moves a lot.
'other' positions still use global contact point cause will never know what people trying to put their dicks into.

In order to try to avoid needing to make a bunch of different anal and vaginal positions to look good with various body sizes, added a feature to try to auto adjust the knee mounting point based on the bodysize the position was created at.
added settings:
enablelegmountbodyscaling=1 ;1=active, postions made in v28 and later will have her body scale saved for reference and animtools will attempt to shift her knee mouting point when you use a different bodysize
legmountscalefactor=80 ;0.0+, multiplication factor of how far per percent off from authors savedbodyscale moves her knee mouting point, purely a trial and error value came up with testing various positions. default is 80

added ability to assign multiple positions same hotkey to cycle through them
i wanted to be able to use less buttons to quickload more positions, i organized my positions by position type on f5,f6,f7,f8
just assign the same key to customloadkey entries
added option to randomize position order for positions saved to same key
randomizekeybindorder=0 ;1=enabled, customloadkey positions bound to the same key for cycling are randomized. otherwise bound by customloadkey numeric order.

added ability to create hotkey pages for positions.
this is a new setting callled setpositionpagekey=115
use a , and a number after a customloadkey entry to assign its page. if missing, assumes page 0. example: customloadkey503=116,Anal/HimD/anal_bed_holding_propped4,1
by default, i have organized my positions so neutral dominance positions are on page 0, him dominant positions are on page 1, and her dominant positions are on page 2.

bugfix - fixed background not zooming out when position loaded
bugfix - cleared zooming flag before when loading position so if a position is loaded when the camera is changing the position's zoom level will still be loaded

major bugfix - reworked her arm position code to simplify things, now if her arms are placed, there is no hand angle movement based on torso or leg movement.
this will probably make a lot of older positions have messed up hand angles that people adjusted to counteract the side effect, so included a setting usebackwardscompatarms that i hope will keep older positions close to what they were.
usebackwardscompatarms=1 ;1=enabled, will use old arm position logic for older positions

bugfix - added a check so if an older position was loaded in editmode, animtools still treats the position to be the current version for editing (so positions are actually considered updated) . note that for things that used backwards capatability, things will need to be adjusted.
note that also appies to in-loader editing, so older positions loaded in loadermode with in-loader editing will then assume to be treated as current version positions.

changed up stuff for vigour and body contact. previously, was applying extra vigour to her so as to cause wincing and play vigorous dialog lines.
however, vigorous dialog lines would need to have lots of checks to determine the situation if it was from throat or body resistance or body movement.
so added some options usemovementvigourforvigorousbodyexited and disablevanillavigourdialogwhenbodycontact, and also added a new dialog line bodycontactmovementvigour.
animtools now tracks its own bodymmovementvigour, which is purely based on movement.
this way, can use bodycontactmovementvigour dialog line for lots of bodycontact movement (a mirror to vanilla vigorous)
and use bodycontactresistive for body contact resistance (a mirror to vanilla resistance)
this way, dialogs can be written a bit more specific for the situations that were previously mixed into 'vigorous'
by default, the setting disablevanillavigourdialogwhenbodycontact is set to 2, which is an auto mode that turns on this feature if the new dialog line 'bodycontactmovementvigour' or any its position variants are found in the dialog.

all animtools dialog lines now have extra potential lines they try calling first for position type to save on dialog checks.
if your dialog contains the linetype 'bodycontactloose_anal' when using an anal position, it will use that instead of the linetype 'bodycontactloose'.
so in this example for this one animtools dialog line, now there are lines bodycontactloose, bodycontactloose_oral, bodycontactloose_tit, bodycontactloose_viaginal, bodycontactloose_anal, bodycontactloose_other

prevented her tongue encourage lick flicking during non-oral positions, was a side effect of logic to allow animtools to have her past his penis x coordinate
added some setting to communicate with autoclosemouthV6+ to turn on and off autoclosemouth based on position. already wrote this by the time i corrected the tongue encourage issue, so leaving off by default

added sexual experience preset menu selector to her scene menu.
this selects between a few different body 'loose-nesses': no resistance, porn star, experienced, average, tight, virgin.
there is also a 'disabled' option. if disabled, positions loaded will use the resistance settings saved in the position. currently the position will need to be reloaded (f1) if you already changed to one of the presets, and want to load the positions settings again using 'disabled'.

added charcode saving for sexual experience preset
added 'Sex Exp. saving' checkbox on modding page to enable and disable saving sexual experience preset selection in charcode

moved character voice selection to scene menu
added 'char voice saving' checkbox on modding page to enable and disable saving animtools character voice selection in charcode
added selection of 0:None to voice selection, this uses no voice, and is allowed to save as no voice for charcode

added delaybuild settings for most animtools dialog lines (all but cuminher). these can be tweaked to increase or decrease how often a certain line will play.
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