Zako Stories: Blazing Hearts


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So I've been making a few short stories following a group Henchgirl29/Ecostars and I made called Blazing Hearts and posting them to deviantart and on the discord server. I just realized I forgot to post them here.

Blazing Hearts is an organization that can be hired to take falls for you - making you look tough in front of whoever it is you like. They offer multiple packages ranging from just a simple mugging to full-on kidnappings where the client will invariably end up saving their love interest.
I've made 3 stores so far with a fourth 90% done.
Deviantart links:

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You sure work hard to remove all sense of danger, stakes, interesting action choreography, personal animosity or wicked deeds from your zako stories.


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New story, written with the help of His Eminence Shabazik and His Grace Ecostars

also I made a series of character sheets thanks to the wonderful power of Paint 3d's "Magic Select" and a bunch of art used with permission

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