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White Lotus vs. Zaeron El Volume 3: Exposure

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by pittdirk34, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. pittdirk34

    pittdirk34 Potential Patron

    May 23, 2011
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    Zaeron El was able to track White Lotus by figuring out her try identity. He plans to let his henchmen beat and humiliate her in front of the hostages.

    Z:oh i didn't say, we rounded up some more of your little followers. we wouldn't want anything happening to them now would we?
    W:No, please. Don´t hurt them
    Z:well then you better dress appropriately. pointing to your purse
    W:Yes, just a moment
    I search for a dressing room and when I find I begin to strip my normal clothes and put my White Lotus suit. Before I leave the dressing room I see myself on a mirror
    My uniform without the flower makes me feel different
    or better... incomplete
    Zaeron El, here I am
    I take my position to fight
    Z: "gentlemen, she's all yours," I sit down and watch as two of my henchmen walk at you. "oh and here's one of my guests tonight." i bring out a pretty redhead who i have sit on my lap. her eyes were raw from crying. "please...white lotus, help me.
    W: You monster, It´s who you want, let her go
    Z: i think she wants to watch.
    Without hesitation one of my henchmen throws a fish into your belly, his fist being absorbed into your soft flesh. while the other one smacked you across the face
    Just dressing my White Lotus suit is not enought to beat them, they are too strong for a normal girl as me fight. I can´t permit them take this fight easily so I try to kick one of the henchmen.
    Z:: you are able to kick one of them in the stomach as he doubles over. the other one holds her hands together and knees you in the belly again
    I try to release my hands, but, he is too strong for me, then, I try a headbutt
    Z: aaahh he snacks him in the head, blood rushing from his nose. you'll pay! the other one kicks you between the legs viciously, dropping you to the ground

    W: aaaaaahhhh
    I kneel before him.
    but, try a kick to his legs
    Z: you kick his shin as he howls in pain. HAHA i look at my henchmen. you two are pathetic. one of them grabs you by the throat and slams you onthe the pavement. yt
    The force makes me dizzy
    My vision is now distorted and a little dark
    Z: the henchmen rushed at you and unleashed a barrage of punches, kicks, knees all over your body; your head, breasts, belly, pussy. "please stop hitting her! the hostage yelled yt
    W: aaaaaaaaahhh
    some of the strokes makes me spit, other take my breath away and the one on my pussy makes me urinate a little
    Z: they throw you down and you fall before me. i lift my foot yp the tip of it lifting you chin so you looked me in the eyes. "having fun yet?"
    W: you... you... you coward
    This is not a fair fight
    Z: it doesnt have to be. the men walk you on all fours around a few of the hostages on the ground. they were making fun of you. "nice ass white lotus." "when can i get a ride", etc...
    I stand up trying to hide my ass behind my cape
    Z:you seemed to stagger a bit so the men didn't let up. they bombarded you with another round of punches to your belly and especially your pussy.


    The punches on my belly makes me bow and the one on my pussy makes me kneel once again
    Thinking to myself: This fight is becoming a real problem, I can´t fight against them and as my flower is far from me I am increasingly weakening
    Every minute that pass I become weaker

    Z: suddenly one of my henchmen uses my whip and lashes it at you, it whips around your throat, choking you.
    I try to remove the whip from my throat
    Z: the whip will not budge. as you fall to your knees trying to remove it. "what's wrong Lotus? Speechless?"
    W: As the whip is choking me I save my few air to breath
    I can´t say nothing
    Just shake my body, trying to remove the whip
    Z: The henchmen releases the whip and picks you up by the throat he then begins to punch you in the belly and pussy over and over again. "boy babe, it would suck to be you right now."
    W: oooohhh
    some of these punches makes me puke a little
    and others makes me salivate
    Z: you were standing directly in front of me and the hostage, swaying. you looked like you were ready to puke. one of my henchmen swings his foot betwen your legs crushing your pussy
    W: buuuuuuooohhhh
    I begin to puke
    and more
    I kneel and puke a little more
    cof cof cof
    I am a little choked
    Tired and weak
    Z: the woman looked terrified as you puked.
    Brava lotus. nice job. i think it's time for your favorite session...
    W: I am very dizzy and can´t even make any movement to try defend myself
    wh...a...t a...a...a...are you (my head down and I puke a little more) saying?
    Z: i grab you by the wrists and place you next to a column. directly across from you is a hostage with a noose around his neck
    now you take the beating and if you fall you kill him. got it?
    W: what? how can you do this? you are cruel
    Z: did it take you this long to figure that out?! I throw a punch landing in your midsection to test you
    My body bow my legs tremble, but, I remember that I must endure any beating or that poor boy will die
    Z: the chains that connect you rattle with each blow to your weakening body. "why don't you just give in, lotus? you want to fall down" "please lotus don't fall!" he begs of you
    trust yourself, and fall

    Soon the henchmen let you go and begin to tie ropes around your breasts again. You wince at the pain and they hand the rope to a girl. "You must do it or die." The girl cries as she pulls the rope connected to your breasts.
    W:I am walking conducted by the girl, she is kind to me, but the rope is too tight and it hurts a lot
    I just follow her
    I talk to the hostage: please, obey them, don´t care about what can happen to me
    don´t put your life in risk
    Z: tears run down her face as she pulls you around the safehouse by your breasts.
    Finally they take her away and line everyone up. they make you spread your legs. "everyone has to kick her in the pussy or else you get shot." they all line up tears running down their face. The first guy comes up and kicks you between the legs
    W:pleeease don´t make them take part on it
    The first kick is strong and makes me sick
    Z:the next is a woman and she repeats and kicks you between the legs, equally as hard, so not to endure their wrath
    W: This time I puke
    I look at the woman and my head fall.
    I puke a little more before she leaves

    Z:The next up was a man and he came up to White Lotus. "im really sorry about this." He delivers a vicious uppercut to your pussy, smashing your genitals with his fist
    The pain is too much
    I puke again
    my body can´t take this anymore and collapes on the ground
    I start to cry
    The man looks down at you with sorrow in his eyes.
    W: my hands are now massaging my pussy
    Oh my pussy! now it´s red, wet, sore and injured
    Z:i stand you up and i punch you across the face. "you're weak, white lotus" i pick you up by the throat and show you to the hostages
    pleeease, don´t watch this
    Z:i slam you into the ground and then throw you into the wall, opposite us. your body seemed broken, you flung around like a ragdoll.
    W:I am too weakned, my body is now floppy, my mouth is opened (has saliva dripping) my head staggers from side to side
    Z:I drop you to the ground and stand on your chest. "i have defeated you again White Lotus, and this time, it was for fun. hahaha"
    W:f...fff..or fun?
    Z:I pick you up and place you in front of the hostages. I grab you by the throat and slap you across the face as your body spasms.
    W:your slaps are too strong that makes my head spun
    I spit
    some slaps makes sweat fly from my face
    I show the white of my eyes
    my mouthe is no opened
    my body don´t react anymore
    the only thing my body reacts is your slaps that makes my body swing and shake
    Z:I drop you in front of the hostages. "let her go, you've beaten her!" they cry out. I place you on your stomach with your butt sticking up in the air. "you're right I have." I stand up and let the hostages look at your destroyed body
    W: I am totally beaten
    My face is down on the ground
    the only thing I do now is moan.
    I leave you defeated and humiliated in front of the hostages. We will meet again White lotus. I storm off leaving your broken body behind me.
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  2. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    Guys you´re amazing
  3. bloodmaiden

    bloodmaiden Potential Patron

    Mar 29, 2012
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    The 3 parts are very good, I loved!!!
    Some day I will create my own character and will RP with you
  4. pittdirk34

    pittdirk34 Potential Patron

    May 23, 2011
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    thank you princeofpain and thank you bloodmaiden. I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

    please do create a character! either of us would love to RP with you
  5. marvelfan1234

    marvelfan1234 Vivacious Visitor

    May 14, 2012
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    another awesome RP for the White lotus trilogy
  6. pittdirk34

    pittdirk34 Potential Patron

    May 23, 2011
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    thank you very much!
  7. gigi

    gigi Potential Patron

    Nov 17, 2013
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    Great trilogy, when will we see another fight between White Lotus and Zaeron El