True Facials 3d

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May 2, 2019
Is this safe to download? True Facials 3d

The fact that the positive reviews were all made by fake accounts (joined same day as review, no messages, haven't been back to the site since) makes me wary. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but it's the only one I've used and the creator said True Facials 3d was inspired by Sdt.


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Mar 4, 2017
Scanned over it and detected nothing, running it also works without any issues and looks like it does in the previews.

The guy that gave the bad review was probably led to a false link by a pop-up ad so that might have been why he had a problem.


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Apr 16, 2012
Please use the site's REPORT function to report a suspicious download. That way it gets immediate moderator attention. This file was previously reported.

This has been downloaded 459 times from undertow. Several members have tested it. As with any download that contains an executable file, check with a virus scanner if in doubt, and use at your own risk. This file was initally delvelted after the maklware report and subsequently tested and seems to be safe. Undertow does not guaratee any file to be safe, but if we receive a report that a file is infected we'll remove it.
More information on this particular file is at I possibly found the next Super Deepthroat but it has Trojan inside.

I'm closing this thread. To post additional comments, please use the above linked thread.

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fleet (global moderator)
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