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Tera Restoration Project

Discussion in 'Adult Mods (Archive)' started by InnerwearBeauty, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. InnerwearBeauty

    InnerwearBeauty Potential Patron

    Jun 20, 2015
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    Hello everyone,

    I am new here and have never modded so hi. I have never really played Tera either, I played the beta but quit shortly after. I decided to get back into it after a few friends convinced me, but when I got back I noticed the game was heavily censored. So I decided to start a Tera Restoration Project after doing research on Tera censorship. I've spent the last week reading threads and posts on how to mod and going through about 300 pages of replies. I've managed to teach myself the basics and a few advanced Hex editing techniques. I also learned that the Fate of Arun patch broke many mods, so I'm attempting to fix some of them.

    The goals of this project are as follows:
    1) Decensor Elin, Human, Castanic, and High Elf. [Partial]
    2) Apply default underwear to all races [Partial]
    3) Change enchantment glow to Korean Pink
    4) Try to get blood splash back on screen. [Partial]

    Big thanks to Naduron, Kitsune, Infinity496, Royalism, Seelroy, and any others who wrote guides. Taught me a lot of information on starting out to mod Tera. Also special mention to Techdude01 for providing many of the Tera tools in one convenient package.

    What's Working:
    1) So far what I have managed to accomplish is getting my hands on the JP Tera PC files, so Elin decensor is done.

    2) Human decensor is also done, courtesy of Naduron. Since Fate of Arun did not touch human files, the Tera OBT files still should work for human.
    [NSFW]Source: http://www.gamevixenzone.net/hot-stuff-21/tera-mods-45/
    Credit to Naduron.

    3) I have also used Hex editing to swap all starting armors with the default underwear. Working for all races except Elin.

    What's Not Working:
    1) Castanic and High Elf decensor is broken due to Gunner armor being inserted into the old GPK's. I read a guide on how to swap armor and meshes across GPK's by Kitsune but I cant figure it out after 3 days of trying. I am still a novice at Hex editing. If someone could teach me how to use the Resynced Compare option in Hex Workshop to find the meshes, that would be wonderful.
    Source: http://forum.teratoday.com/topic/527-how-to-do-armor-swaping-of-different-gpk-files/#entry3965
    Credit to Kitsune.

    2) The default underwear works for every race except Elin Reaper. I have swapped the Hex data in Popori_F_L.gpk correctly but all Light armor Elin display correctly except the Reaper. I think it's because an outside source is forcing the default starting armor mesh on the Reaper class, and when it loads the texture Popori_F_L00_Body_diff (which I swapped with the default underwear) it cant correctly wrap around the mesh leading to graphical errors. Any help correcting this would be appreciated.


    3) As to changing the enchantment glow to Korean Pink, I have no clue as how to do this, if anyone could steer me in the right direction so I can get started on this, it will be of great help.

    4) I remember playing the open beta and having blood splash on my screen as I killed enemies, I have attempted to restore this effect by using the old Tera OBT blood files, which seems to help a little with the blood effects on the environment, but nothing on the screen. I think BHS might have turned off the effect in a script somewhere so the client does not load the blood gpk's. I'm not 100% positive, if anyone with more knowledge can shed light on the subject.

    So as you can see I am slowly making progress on getting these mods working. It would be nice to play Tera with as close to a definitive edition as I can get. When I have solved these problems I plan to upload all my work to mega, so anyone can download and use.

    I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this long post and look forward to working with this community to solve these mod issues.

    Thank you
  2. Naduron

    Naduron Content Creator

    Apr 23, 2012
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    Decensor Elin - Works
    Decensor Human - Works.
    Decensor Castanic - Doesnt work anymore, BHS has modified the files and cant be fixed until there is a tool for 3d models.
    Decensor High Elf - Doesnt work anymore, BHS has modified the files and cant be fixed until there is a tool for 3d models.

    2) Apply default underwear to all races - Works, except the Reaper. Need a 3d model tool to fix it.
    3) Change enchantment glow to Korean Pin - All the files are just white and black textures, need to find the color codes.. somewhere in the files..
    4) Try to get blood splash back on screen - Tried during launch but i didnt find it.
  3. InnerwearBeauty

    InnerwearBeauty Potential Patron

    Jun 20, 2015
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    Ty, for the input Naduron.
    1) Regarding the Decensor Castanic and Decensor High Elf. I read a thread (Source: how to do armor swaping of different .gpk files) and it looks like its possible to swap textures and meshes with 2 gpk's, with quite a lengthy Hex editing process, so that got me thinking that I could use the same procedure for swapping the decensor meshes. Am I wrong in thinking this? Is it not the same type of files that need to be moved over into the new .gpk's?

    2) You say it works except with Reaper, can you explain a little more as to why? I would like to get a deeper understanding as to what is going on under the hood.

    3) Which are the files that store the enchantment textures? because I have not even gotten that far [​IMG]
    And that makes sence as to the files being black and white so BHS could change the RGB value in the alpha channel on the fly if they wanted too. With this one I'm thinking that the rgb value may be hidden as #FFFFFF in the Hex data, kinda how you can pick colors in Photoshop.

    4)Yeah I read that in your massive thread Tera-Mods, so I'm looking to take a crack at it and hopefully help out [​IMG]