1. U

    Black Desert Online 2B Help

    Hi! Can somebody help me? I made some adjustments but cant normal export to dae. Ive made some cuts in default outfits mesh. So i know how work with default dae, but how create new its mistery for me. Tried copy mesh in default outfit but it was terrible. Please maybe anyone have interest 2b in...
  2. A

    black desert online bones can't use,i need help

    I brought up the models and maps from the PAZ tool, and when I imported them into BLENDER and MAMY, I found that there was no skeleton import. And the skeleton is in. PAB format. I can't use it in software. Only 3D OBJECT can be used to view them. Is there any other way to improve my work by...
  3. VenturousGamer

    Street Fighter V Modding Tips & Tutorials

    These are some clarifications for anyone playing the game including some tips. Firstly; yes, you can play online and not get banned. With that being said, I would still be wary because Capcom planned to update this unfinished abomination until at least June. By the time May rolls around, I...
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