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hi everyone...can someone help me find ryona videos or clips where the girl is fighting many people at the same time, but eventually she loses? i was hoping to find videos that are not one sided fights. i want her to fight back, so she has a chance to win, and you get hope for her, but she gets too tired because there are too many people to fight, and does lose

i see many videos on youtube for ryona, but i cant find anything where she starts to kick other peoples asses before they defeat her. a long time ago i saw this youtube video where this girl was too confident, so when she fights one man, she holds her hands behind her back on purpose...doesnt use her hands at all because she thinks she will win. then she kicks the man but he ducks, and then he hits her in the face and makes her dizzy, and then his friends help join the fight, and they defeats her

there was another one that was really cool, it was black scorpion fighting four girls at the same time...she was able to land some good hits, but in the end they all kick the shit out of her


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Jun 20, 2011
Yeah, videos like that can be hard to find on youtube. I don't know of a surefire way to find them. However, if I do find someone who posts such a video, I'll subscribe to their channel (and sometimes you can find similar videos by looking at who they follow or videos the like/favorite).

Some people make video game ryona videos that are not completely one-sided. A member here name Tonug used to make a few videos that are amongst my favorites. (He also made several other videos that are totally one-sided, but also high quality. I'm just saying that because maybe not all of his videos will be your cup of tea.)

Here are some examples:
Saki starts of fighting well, but then gets worn down, overwhelmed and defeated. She doesn't hold her own for long enough in this video IMO, but it's still pretty good.

Here Sheva gets overwhelmed by sheer numbers of enemies. She lands a lot of good hits but there's no way to fight off so many foes. Based on your post I think you'll like this one. (Please forgive me if I'm wrong)

This one is fun. Chun-li fights valiantly against overwhelming odds. Short video, but nice.

On a different note, in live-action ryona movies, often the early parts of the full movie will have scenes where the heroine fights well only to be eventually worn down and defeated. Unfortunately, most youtube clips only show the parts after she's essentially already defeated. Anyway, here's a movie where it seems the heroine is pretty kick ass for a while. I haven't actually seen the whole thing, but the demo is pretty good (click "Sample Movie"). (Fair warning, this is an adult Japanese ryona video, so there's a rape scene)
GIGA-WEB.com - Japanese Superheroine Sex Movie

I'll try to find some other youtube channels with similar videos. They really are quite rare. (It doesn't help that many of the channels I used to follow have been suspended :/ )

EDIT - I just found out about Ascent, a live action heroine film made by a relatively new group called Hidden Vault Entertainment.
Here the heroine fights three big thugs, and it looks like the action is pretty back and forth with the heroine kicking some ass through a good portion of the video. Apparently, the full video has two versions available for purchase: one where she wins and the other where she loses.
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